Name: Lucas Surcadre
Age: 16
Birthday:May 7th
Species: Reaper/Werewolf
Category: Student
Class: High School
Grade: 10th

Appearance Description:
There’s a certain princely quality to Lucas. He stands at around 5’7 and has an athletic build. Lucas has hazel eyes with dark eye bags underneath, when he’s not smiling his resting face looks tired and a bit sad. When he uses any of his active powers, the sclera of his eyes will occasionally turn black. His skin is a deep olive with a small scar on his chest. He has dark brown wavy hair that reaches near the middle of his back, often worn up in a ponytail. At school he wears a green jacket with faux fur lining over his uniform, the insides filled with an ungodly amount of pockets. Out of uniform, Lucas mostly dresses for practicality and comfort, wearing muted darker colors. He usually carries around a backpack large enough to hold a chicken and several notebooks.

Lucas’ werewolf form leans more towards canine than human, closer an oversized dog than a monster from a creature feature. He takes after an African Wild Dog, with slightly rounded ears and brown spotted fur. In his human form he still has the same pair of ears and a tail.

Personality Description:
Lucas is the grade’s golden student; popular, friendly, hardworking, and smart enough to keep his nose clean. He’s a pretty chill guy with a pet chicken, a few dorky hobbies, a love of puns, and an intense commitment becoming the grim reaper.

Even if it sabotages his own interests, it’s impossible for him to say no to someone in need; he can always be counted on for a favor. Both the nature of his powers and his personality make him a highly empathetic person, but his abilities are overwhelming and take an emotional toll on him. After heavy use, his attitude changes from upbeat to easily agitated and exhausted.

His down to earth personality and mellow demeanor mask an immense amount of anxiety and enough self imposed pressure to give the bathypelagic zone a run for its money. He believes the death of his mother to be his fault and in turn must take her place as a reaper. While Lucas’ strong sense of responsibility is admirable, his absurd amount of self discipline and meticulousness are more or less his way of coping with the little control he has over his life. Rules have a great importance, he believes in maintaining an equilibrium rather than stirring up trouble, even if it goes against what he inwardley wants.

Memory trading: Lucas is able to experience snippets of the memories of others by trading one of his own of equal length or importance. This power has the range of four feet and targets a specific person. While experiencing a memory, he is in a trancelike, completely vulnerable state unable to perceive threats, though he can perform a repetitive movement such as flipping the page of a book to avoid suspicion. This ability also applies to viewing the memories of the dead when there is a scent pertaining to a memory of the deceased on a personal belonging. In this case he must give up twice the length of his own memory to compensate.

Scythe: Lucas’ pet chicken, Cluckers, doubles as his scythe. Cluckers can transform into a scythe that takes the shape of a scalpel. The weapon itself is unable to actually cause any physical damage of any sort, it actually rips through space to create a portal into his ‘limbo’, a dimension the size of a small closet. If a portal was to be created on the surface of a living creature, it would be mildly uncomfortable, but not anything debilitating. A total of two portals can exist at the same time, which anything can enter or exit freely as long as they are unsealed. The length of the portal must be longer than whatever goes through it. To seal a portal he can telekinetically stitch up anything that could constitute as a string that is long enough to seal up the size of the portal (a hair, yarn from a sweater, etc). This process takes anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute depending on size, but frees up the opportunity to create another portal.

Penance Stare: Lucas can induce his target to feel the physical pain they inflicted onto others through eye contact at the cost of him experiencing the same pain as well. The amount of pain they feel will depend on the duration he can keep eye contact with them, the second it is broken the pain will disappear. He is unable to control the specific instance of pain from the past they will feel, but the longer he stares the further back in time the moment can span. For instance, a second could get them to experience a moment of pain from a minute ago, while thirty seconds could dig up a moment from a month ago. Since Lucas has a normal pain tolerance, it is extremely difficult for him to surpass ten seconds let alone a minute. The level of pain and how far back in the past it was affects the duration that he passes out afterwards.

Shifting: As part werewolf, Lucas is able to take the form of an African wild dog. Fully shifted, he has the same abilities of both the animal and his usual form, minus anything that involves opposable thumbs. However, his shifting is a little spotty, at times Lucas enters the uncanny valley with blunt squared off teeth or having a human face when the rest of him is shifting, there’s a lot of variation with the unusual forms he can take, but stays within the same size and capabilities.

Soul Storage: This pocket dimension that his portals create is meant to store souls. Anything that lacks a physical form can remain for up to several months there. Past 1 minute of its creation, the dimension will push out everything through the opposite portal. If both portals are sewn up, the portal will reduce or ‘delete’ the physical form, leaving only the soul. The process takes around a minute after the limit of his portals and is relatively painless. The souls are unable to be manipulated or physically harmed while in his limbo nor can they move on their own, but he can communicate with them. These souls can be held by anyone with a physical form and transported out of his dimension, but also can be sent into the afterlife by a reaper or someone with a similar ability. Non-living objects will disintegrate as well, Lucas can preserve anything that he can conceal with his hands, but when he releases his hands and exposes the object to the room it will disintegrate at a faster rate.

Guilt Detection: Lucas can smell sins… In other words, he can detect the amount of guilt in others to determine whether or not they are lying. This ability has a long range, but is weakened in crowded places where he is only aware that one person is lying, but is unable tell who, unless the liar is within one to five feet. Guilt, white lies, and secrets can be mixed up without context. This ability is useless against those who are apathetic or do not feel guilt towards what they have done. Unbeknownst to Lucas, this power is subconsciously blocked around those he already trusts.

Silver: Lucas is vulnerable to silver or any substance that contains it. Touching it will cause his skin to burn, and even being in a five foot vicinity of it causes him to have a mild allergic reaction that makes it difficult for him to breath. However, if he is struck by silver with extreme force such as a knife or a bullet the outcome will be fatal.

Healing Magic: Any wound that Lucas receives is unable to be healed through supernatural means. Modern medicine and advanced technology are still applicable, but if magic that's specifically meant to heal others was used on him, his wounds would substantially worsen.

Reaper Instincts: Lucas is inclined to fulfill his job even if it goes against his will. If the cycle of life and death is disturbed within his vicinity, for instance necromancy or cheating death, he has a strong urge to stop the action from happening using any means possible. If someone was to die his immediate action would be to take them into the afterlife. The only way for him to get rid of the intrusive thoughts is to remove himself from the situation promptly.

Son of a professor and a scout and the youngest of three triplets, Lucas was the type of kid who the teacher trusted to take home the class pet over break. His relatively normal childhood came to a halt after getting diagnosed with cancer. He was pulled out of school to receive treatment as well as several surgeries that would take over the next two years. Lucas’ condition worsened, only eleven years old with less than a year left to live.

Lucas was supposed to die, but as the son of a reaper, his mother had other plans. She made endless attempts to save him, keeping his soul from passing on and placing it back into his bodies. Lucas spent his time alternating between reality and limbo as these procedures went on. At first the latter, a black void, terrified the young child, but it was under these conditions Lucas discovered that he had a strange dominion over places of limbo. While his mother’s intentions were pure, she was controlling the process of life and death personal gain, breaking an oath she made when she first became a reaper. Another reaper intervened at the hospital and she died in front of her son. Lucas was left with no other choice than to make an oath himself, it’s unclear what exactly he signed up for. Following her death, Lucas recovered from his illness at a supernaturally rapid rate.

He enrolled back in Starlight Academy in the seventh grade. While witnessing and being partially responsible for the death of his mother took a big toll on his mental health, he excelled in school and made plenty of friends. Several years later Lucas had several issues with the introduction of his father’s new girlfriend and another kid in the family, but eventually bonded with his step sibling, Riley.

Around November he got a cryptic email from an aunt on his mother’s side, asking him to handle some family matters in the Narrow Reality. After discussing with his family and the school how he would continue his studies while away, he left Manta Carlos. Lucas spent the next couple months traveling with his aunt and a handful of cousins. He rarely talks about this trip because he is unable to remember a big portion of what went down, but describes it as a mix between a mentorship and a stressful family vacation. While Lucas has only come home for one or two holidays, in the middle of May he decided to return to Manta Carlos and resume attending Starlight Academy.

Lives off campus near the forest with his family, relatively well off.

Additional Information:
Has a pet chicken named Cluckers who he brings along most places, this bird doubles as his scythe.
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May 7th
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