Lottie Brightburn

Primary Lottie Brightburn

Name: Lottie Brightburn

Age: 16

Birthday: February 2nd, 2003

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Category: Student

Class: High School

Grade: 10th

College Major: Magic and stuff

Appearance Description:

Offical character art of Lillet Blan from GrimGrimoire

Lottie is a thin framed lass with sun-kissed skin and waist-long blonde hair that cascades from the top of her head like large mop. Accentuating her already dainty features are her small upturned nose, freckles dotting her cheeks, thin lips and tiny ears. Her large, round, violet eyes makes her seem younger than her years let on and her flat chest only reinforces her childish appearance, much to her frustration.

For attire she wears the garbs one would associate with the witches. A dark coat dress with with thick metal buckles fastening the piece along her waist. Around her neck a frilly white collar piece that drapes over her shoulders and hangs off her back like a small cape. A lavender skirt expands outwards like a ballet skirt with white baggy bloomers covering the area below her waistline. She wears long black socks that go all the way up to her thighs while she wears brown leather-bound boots that reach up to her calves. To top everything off she wears a cone shaped hat that is almost half as tall a herself. Unlike the standard witches hat-wear, Lottie’s hat lacks a brim and is adorned with lavender ribbons wrapped around it.

Personality Description:

Carefree: Doesn’t let things like responsibility or hardship put a damper on her spirit. What she lacks in caution she makes up for in confidence! And maybe a bit of carelessness.

Peppy: Full of life and brimming with spunk, her positive energy is something people find either infectious or exhausting.

Jovial: Likes to laugh… a lot… and obnoxiously loud too.

Go-Getter: When Lottie puts her mind on something, she will aggressively seek out to perform the task or complete the quest with 110% effort. Whether escapades result in her success or failure, one can appreciate her gung-ho attitude she carries through thick and thin.

Inquisitive: A boundless love of learning new things and uncovering secrets drives her insatiable drive for knowledge. While a bit nosy at times, she never means any harm when trying to press people for answers.

Impatient: Not really the sort of person content to just wait around. Lottie is a girl of action and tends to take a more direct approach when solving problems.

Chatty: If there is ever an excuse to spout useless trivia or blurt out important information, Lottie will happily let her mouth run. This girl will run your ears off if you allow her to speak for long enough.

Active Abilities:

Arcane Missile:
Standard but useful spell, Lottie with a flick of her wand she can unleash a purplish-blue bolt of pure concentrated magic about the size baseball. These bolts are able to strike 150 feet (45 meters) away and can gently home in on their intended target at a modest speed of 33 mph (15 m/s). Upon impact the burst with a concussive force that is similar to being struck by a fastball in baseball, leaving nasty bruises and maybe cracking a bone. Lottie can also charge her arcane missile for 10 seconds to unleash a more powerful variant of her arcane missile and will grow to the size of basketball upon release. While it lacks the homing ability, it still travels at 33 mph (15 m/s) and upon contact explodes with magical burst of energy with a force capable throwing a man hard onto the ground or shattering rock upon impact. This ability requires access to her wand to use and is unable to use her Arcane Missile without her wand.

Bubble Barrier:
A powerful protective spell, Lottie can envelope a single target in an unbreakable and immobile bubble of shimmering magic. The bubble only exists for 2 minutes and cannot be dismissed early. Whatever is inside will be stuck during the duration of the spell. But whomever is inside can at least take comfort in knowing no conceivable power can break this bubble, whether on the outside nor on within. The size of the bubble scales on the size of the intended target, shirking to being just large enough to barely fir a mouse or expanding to size to contain an entire dragon. This ability must have an intended target (any biological, construct, mechanical, energy, or spiritual entity capable of motion) and cannot be used to make barriers willy-nilly, except in convenient cases where the target would happen to block a doorway for example. This ability can be used on both friends and foes alike, or even on Lottie herself if she so chooses. She is limited to how many times per day she can use this ability, able to only use this ability 5 times between a 2 - 3 hours rest.

Positional Swap:
The good old swicheroo spell. To some, being able to swap positions sounds like a novel magical ability. While being able to switch places to with any two entities (any biological, construct, mechanical, energy, or spiritual entity capable of motion) for some amusing gags but Lottie likes to be creative with this neat trick. So long as she has vision of the target(s) being switched within 200 feet of herself and that there is enough space for both entities to fit upon swapping positions. One the targets while switching can be herself and is able to use this ability up to 10 times before requiring a 2 - 3 hours rest to use again.

Why waste time walking over to grab something when you can just it think about picking it up? Any object within 200 feet of her that she is able to see she is able to magically pick up so long as it is under a 500 pounds (225 kilograms). Objects that are lifted up by her telekinesis have blue-purple shimmer around them. Lottie is able to toss these objects at will with smaller objects being thrown faster while heavier objects are slower.

Passive Abilities:

As Lottie is originates from dream realm manifested to Lyica Corus, she has become inexplicably tied to Lyica and her dreams. Each night, regardless of where she sleeps, instead of a normal dream Lottie will re-enter Lycia’s Dream world. Lottie will remain in this dream world until she or Lycia wakes up. Lottie also can't help but feel an innate draw towards Lycia. Less of a compulsion though, and more of gut feeling that Lycia is important to them.

Enchanted Grimoire:
A mystical grimoire capable storing vast amount of knowledge. The pages never seem to run out as whenever Lottie needs fresh page there magically be new page! Any text that Lottie reads, any map she looks at, or any diagram is reproduced in her grimoire automatically. Should Lottie need to review some notes she wrote the previous day or consult with a map she had seen, she only needs to think of that particular page and open to the next page which will magically be just the page she was looking for. Very useful for note taking or trying to recall some important detail for quest.

Feather Fall Boot:
Those boots are not just for a fashion statement! They are especially enchanted so that Lottie can float down safely no matter what tall height she may fall from. It as almost like gravity has had time keeping this girl down! Due to this effect Lottie would appear quite graceful as she skips around, as she often does when getting around.


Light Build:
Even by human standards, Lottie’s diminutive frame is lacking in both strength and endurance. She struggles to carry anything half her weight and is quickly exhausted by physical labor.

Mana Imbued:
Lottie boast of great magical potential like flower yet to bloom, its beauty not yet fully realized. To creatures able to sense or detect magic, Lottie reeks of magic and her overwhelming aura has proven impossible for her to hide. Thus she is often a target of those whom recognize her potential danger while also drawing the ire of envious eyes. Maybe given a few decades he will become one of the most powerful magicians ever known but for now she is just a young girl still learning how to use her own magical gifts.

Common Magical Items:

Simple Language Charm (Zulyran)


Born to prestige of the legendary lineage of magicians, the Brightburns, Lottie's lot in life seemed bound to follow the footsteps of her ancestors in learning the ways of magic. In their noble estate, she was tutored by her wizened and strict grandfather while her parents were often busy with their wizard stuff or advising the king magical business. While her family could afford comfortable life on their accrued riches, their strict regime and high expectations meant Lottie has never known the easy life.

Every day was the same, wake up early in the morning, lessons in some magical theory, chastised for not paying enough attention, begin her rote training regime, be told that she did everything wrong and it would recycle over again and again without any end. No matter what she does she just never seems to compare the rest of her elder siblings nor to expectations placed upon her by her elders. To the outside she lived luxurious life like nobility but in reality, Lottie felt like canary in glided cage. Trapped by marble walls with only windows out to the expansive rolling dunes telling her of the promises of freedom she could have. Of the adventures yet to be had.

It was only with the opportunity to join the Lionesses that Lottie found her true calling along with a means of escaping the prison that was her homestead. It was a blur as to how it was they even found each other but together they found themselves on many a great and grand adventures. Some where small like an errand to drive out some mean jackals harassing some townsfolk. Others more notable like their quest to defeat goblin king Snort, whom Lottie sort thought was sort of cute. Cute in the way you would find bulldog or pug cute. For the next two years she lent her magic in the service of her newfound friends, friends whom felt more like a family to her than her actual family ever was to her.

One day some wrinkled old man whom reminded her a bit of her grandfather came to them, offering riches and lofty promises if they could save the Princess of Light and Wonder from the evil clutches of Boron Kara Hakan within the Obsidian Spire. Lottie was immediately on board with the rescue mission, not giving much thought of the reward as saving the princess was enough of reward to her personally. The group leapt onto their next adventure and trudge through the deserts sands to where the spire was said to be poking out. As they drifted off to sleep, taking quite comfort knowing that they had each other, Lottie was surprised to open her eyes and finding herself… in classroom? By means not entirely known, she had somehow popped into seat of an advance college course in magical theory while the class was still in session. The professor teaching the case was looking away when Lottie popped in and it was large enough class that her sudden appearance was largely unnoticed. The few students that did notice her sudden entry paid little mind as they assumed her to have been a fellow student.

Looking around she was confused where the heck she was when the lecturer called out to answer some question after saying something about how “Nice it was for her finally wake up and join us for the lesson”. The roundish man asked some question about the application of mana to which… she did just that. The answer seemed to satisfy the professor and looked to continue on some lesson. A kid next to her quietly congratulated her on getting the answer right and all Lottie could do was nod. Everything too surreal for her to really comprehend what she was going though.

Then she asked if this was dream to which the kid laughed and said no. The kid then asked her about how it was she popped into the classroom, asking her about what power she had to suddenly pop up next to him in the empty seat next him… to which she honestly had no answer. Then there were more questions, more people suddenly looking to her as everyone slowly realized that wasn’t suppose to here. Soon the professor had started catch on, pausing the lesson to ask for her name. Then she gave her name, this time he didn’t seem to quite like her answer.

The professor had told her to wait but Lottie would have none of it, thinking that this was all some trap concocted by Baron Kara Hakan and whipped out her wand. Lottie threatened the entire class to tell her what was going on and demanded that they tell her what they had done to her friends. Their explanations did not convince Lottie, whom still believed this all to be trap still and tried to escape but was restrained by several of the other students. Class was dismissed early, academy staff was brought in to intervene. The staff had managed to explained to Lottie where she was and reassured her that none of this was trap nor some dream.

Now understanding her predicament, she cried for her best friends whom she thought out of her reach, thinking her magic somehow teleported her to some far-off land.. She then resolved herself to find her friends no matter the cost... which was apparently a good night's sleep as when she went to bed she woke up to find herself at the campsite. While at first they all had laugh at their crazy weird dreams and went about their adventure as normal, the next night they find themselves back at that strange place called Manta Carlos. While Lottie had came back, armed with the knowledge that her friends were also here, she quickly reunited with her friends in this strange dream that may not be dream. Now the question was what figuring which was reality, which was try, and how the heck were going to save the princess now that they have homework!


Enjoys the basic amenities of being a student at Starlight Academy for the time being. Things such as dorm to stay in and a basic allowance.

Additional Information:

Her actual name is Charlotte but rarely introduces herself as such.

Always hated being the youngest, having always been in the shadow of her siblings whom her family saw as more accomplished while she was always berated like child.
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February 2nd, 2003
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Official character art of Lillet Blan from GrimGrimoire

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