Primary Liliana

Name: Liliana
Apparent Age: 18
Gender: she, her
Species: psychopomp
Height: about 5'4
Build: Skinny side, but with a nice figure

Notable Features: Redhair, blue eyes, casual clothes, short dresses, jeans, t-shirts, sandals

Physical Quirks: Welsh accent, mixed with an MC accent

Abilities Summary: Spirit guide, moves the dead to the underworld, can see talk to spirits, ghosts.

Reputation: Has been on the island since she was a young girl. Only child. Reputation is good, fairly popular - was School Council President a few terms ago.

Misc Information: She is dating KirMir. Like archery and is studying to become a social worker who helps the recently deceased. She is also on the school newspaper.

Private commission Bintang Pasca
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