Primary Liliana

Name: Liliana
Age: 18
Birthday: April 6
Gender: she/her
Species: psychopomp
Category: student
Class: College
Grade: 1st year

Appearance Description:
- Medium height
- On the thin side, but not too thin either
- Long red hair
- blue eyes
- Dresses casually jeans, t-shirt, short dresses

Artbreeder image: Joel Simon

Personality Description:
- Smart
- Can be impulsive
- Somewhat on the quiet side
- Can seem distracted at times
- Patient with others
- Is musically inclined
- Very tolerant of others
- Not big on crowds
- Somewhat of a loner

Active Abilities:

- Housing Beings

Regalia Power: Bestows the ability to house other living beings within oneself.

This would allow Liliana to hide one living creature/human inside her body/soul - no matter size or species. She basically would fuse herself around the living object for a short time period. No longer than an hour. During this time Liliana can do normal daily activities. She can also communicate with the creature/being inside of her. The living being would essentially adapt itself to Liliana with no aparent risk. They would feel just a warm cocoon-like feeling, they would also be able to see/hear what Liliana sees and hears.

- Constructs
Liliana can transform radio waves into objects like weapons which are in themselves made up of radiation/like energy. These items have varying degrees of duration.

At the moment, she is using it mainly for archery items like crossbows, composite bows, arrows, etc.

The radius of control of the waves is 250 feet. However, her arrows can only comfortably hit any object within half that radius before they start to loose their solid nature and effectivity.

- Soul Transferal
Liliana can also transfer the soul of a dying individual into another vessel - inanimate or animate. If the soul is transferred to another living being, it will share the space with its host, aware of everything, feeling, seeing - and even reacting when the active host is sleeping or allows the "guest" to do so.

(The move cannot be undone by Liliana, however, another psychopomp, reaper or qualified being could remove the soul or liberate it from its new body/vessel).

If the soul is transferred to an inanimate object. The soul becomes trapped and bound to the item until it is released by a psychopomp (Liliana can actually liberate a soul she has put in an inanimate object), reaper or similar. The soul would be aware of what goes on around it. It can feel heat, cold, and basic emotions like love, hate, happiness and sadness.

- Ice Constructs / Mainpulation

Liliana can manipulate frozen water, snow too, or other frozen liquids or substances. She can change their forms - twist, shape, mold the ice into whatever she wants or needs. For example, she can take a snowball and change it into a hard snow or ice arrow. She can also make more ice from ice or make a small piece of ice bigger, but not infinitely - at most 20x the size of the original piece of ice.

She cannot make create or melt ice, Liliana also has to be touching or very near (within five feet) for the power to work.

Passive Abilities:

- Guides spirits to the underworld.
When this happens Lilliana goes into a trance-like state for a few seconds to at most a minute - it just seems like she's lost in thought for a moment. During this time, her soul has actually left her body and is escorting the newly departed to the afterlife. Liliana does not know when this will happen, she only has an inkling a few moments beforehand - but only if she is quiet or paying attention. It's not something she can control.

- For a person, who is magically inclined/has powers of some sort, when they pass on, Liliana has to move their powers onwards to another person, usually, the powers are contained within her and then passed on to the next soul that is being brought into the world in the next few minutes. Though sometimes, she can move them to another non-magical human if she chooses to if, for some reason she can't, pass them on to another newborn soul before the powers expire.

- Because of who she is she can see and speak to spirits, the undead, ghosts, etc.

- Can speak and understand any language on Earth that has ever been spoken. Dead languages included. This is an ability all psychopomps have. They have escorted souls across time and continents, and this knowledge is therefore passed down to each new psychopomp.

- Cannot die in a normal way. Her soul must be taken by another psychopomp when her time is up. That could be in a thousand years from now or tomorrow.

- Ages slowly - her time on Earth is dependant on ... something unknown. Only psychopomps know when other psychopomps are going to die, and that is usually only a few days before it happens.

- Liliana can see a being's soul (or if an object contains one). She can also tell if somebody is possessed too, or if a being contains more than one soul and if they are fighting for possession or dominance.

If Liliana eats meat that is undercooked/raw/recently killed and it contains any part of the being's soul or life force it can make her extremely ill.

Common Magical Items: None.

Liliana was born into a normal Welsh family in the coastal village/town of Aberystwyth in the north of Wales. She was a normal happy child at first, but as time progressed there was a certain oddness about her. She was somehow different from other children around her.

She wasn't overly talkative or interested in things a normal child would be interested in like playing house, games with other children, or playing in the park. She could often be found just staring blankly into space, quietly watching things that were not there, etc. She could also sometimes be found talking in strange languages (or languages she should know like French, Spanish, Russian or Japanese) to people or things that weren't there - or seemly weren't there.

With time, she started talking about people who had died very recently. People, who she could never have known about or met even, all of which her parents found very disconcerting. They began to think that perhaps, their daughter was a soothsayer or clairvoyant.

When Liliana turned seven, her family was approached by a group of psychopomps. They explained to her parents what she really was and about the island of Manta Carlos, and how it was the best place for their daughter, Liliana, to live and grow up, and develop her powers and abilities.

After much consideration, her both her parents moved to the island, both taking up various jobs on Mana Carlos so that they could be near their daughter while she went to school.

Resources: Liliana lives in the dorms. She receives a weekly allowance as well as money to buy clothes and whatever else she needs.

Additional Information: Is there anything else to take note of?
Liliana is a very skilled archer. She is equally as good with a crossbow as she is with a bow and arrow. She is an active member of the Hereafter club.

*Note - Liliana will be taking extra classes to help her accelerate through to her career choice as a grief counselor. She will also be signing up as a student peer counselor when she begins college.

She is in a relationship with "KirMir" Preidats
First release
Last update
April 6
She, her
College, 1st Year
Field of Study
Social Worker
Image Credits
Artbreeder image: Joel Simon

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