Levina Cromwell

Primary Levina Cromwell

Name: Levina Cromwell

Age: 21 (physical) 27 (chronologically)

Birthday: Jan 17

Gender: female (she/her)

Species: Human

Category: Citizen

Career: Maid/Floor Girl at The Blank Slate

Photo credit: Comission by Sayutb

Blue eyes (brighten when using abilities)
Aqua blue hair with left side shaved to skin
Smooth flawless skin
Thinner dancer's body
110 lbs

(Credit to Sayutb )

Blunt and to the point. Most people consider her rude. Speaks her mind about any subject regardless of who it might hurt or offend. Obsessive of those in power. Attaches to one person and remains loyal to a fault to them.

Can control electricity around her. The larger the source of electricity the farther away she can control it, but the harder it is for her to do so. Currents in a cell phone need to be within 5ft while a hospital's backup generator can be 50ft

Levina is able to create electricity from her body. This can come in many forms. From shooting pure lightning from her hands, to causing shifting magnetic fields within 10 ft around her.

Levina has had her reactions heightened by the electricity coursing through her body. She is able to respond to, and move out of the way of, a gunshot from 5ft away.

By forcing more electricity to her muscles, Levina can force them to respond at fantastic speeds. She can sustain a running speed of 40 mph.

Levina can recover from wounds faster than a human thanks to her turbo charged body. Minor knicks and scraps are gone in minutes, stab gunshot and broken bones only take a day or so. This also has made it to where she doesn't physically age anymore

Due to her turbo charged nature, Levina tires quickly. By the end of the day she can hardly stay on her feet. Using more of her abilities for longer or more strenuous tasks take an even greater toll on her. Being around large sources of electricity (generators or electrical storms) helps her sustain longer but makes her recovery even longer.

To say Levina grew up in a rough household would be an understatement. Her mother died in childbirth, and her father was an abusive alcoholic. Eventually child services took her away from him and into a foster family. Unfortunately, the foster family wasn't much better and eventually Levina ran away at the age of 8.

She didn't make it long on the street before she was picked up and taken away by a notorious human trafficking circle. Raised for several years doing forced labor with plans for sexual exploitation, she was eventually picked by a scientist for illegal experimentation. Thankful to the scientist for "saving" her, Levina vowed to do whatever the scientist asked of her.

Her loyalty to him grew even as the experiments got worse. Anything was better than where she came and she only wanted to gain his attention and affection. Day in and day out she was filled with pain. But everyday he would smile at her, tell her that he loved her, and was proud. She was to be his triumph

The final experiment was supposed to make her perfect. Unfortunately a power failure and surge made sure that was never to happen. Fusing her body with the electricity, the scientist saw her as effectively useless. He told his security to dispose of her.

Taken out back to be shot, scouts stepped in and saved her life. Bringing her to Manta Carlos to escape the life she had been trapped in. Levina has spent the last 6 years working as a personal assistant on Manta Carlos. She had met and attached to Tomas Del Bosque before his untimely demise. Though he didn't seem to notice her, she did what she could to get his attention.

Shortly after his re-appearance as Mathos Sandoval, Levina was contacted by him to be his personal assistant. Jumping at the opportunity to be closer to him, one day she told her old boss off, getting fired in the process.

Levina lives in a small well furnished apartment. Her phone is the latest and greatest to keep up with planning and schedules.

Additional Information:​
First release
Last update
21 (physical) 27 (Chronological)
Jan 17
Maid/Floor girl at The Blank Slate
Image Credits
Comission by Sayutb

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