Leo's starting to see results on the magic research he's been doing, and as such will be getting two new actives.

Minor Magicks:
  • Leo has been performing magic studies in between his classes. He can now be considered something of a novice, and is capable of casting minor spells.
  • Spells he can perform at will are all relatively small. Things like small short-lived visual and audio effects, being able to levitate and move objects the size and weight of a glass of water, or producing flame the size of a basic lighter.
  • Anything more elaborate than that will, at minimum, require some combination of more powerful magic foci, some kind of spell tome or other reference material, or another more experienced spellcaster.
Manifested Guardian:
  • Leo is currently learning to create a magical construct that he can control at will to defend himself.
  • Currently, this is limited to a pair of large, spectral arms with claw-like hands.
  • Leo is able to form these arms anywhere within 2 meters of his body, and can dismiss them at will. He can control them with all the precision of his own limbs
  • The arms themselves are significantly stronger and more durable than a human.
  • Any damage inflicted on them will reflect proportionately on Leo. Meaning if an attack strong enough to cause a crack in the arms hits them, they will damage Leo's arms too. Inversely, if Leo were to hurt of break his own arms, the Guardian arms would lose functionality to match.
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