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Name: Koralia Katsoufis
Age: 18
Birthday: November 11th
Gender: Female
Species: Demigoddess
Category: Student, Supporting
Class: College
Grade: 1st Year
College Major: Nursing

Appearance Description:

Made with Artbreeder (Artist: Joel Simon)

Koralia is a petite woman, short, just curvy enough that she's not often mistaken for a child. Often bruised. She has Greek features and long, dark, tousled hair. When she cries, she looks gorgeous, otherwise she's still a pretty young woman who knows how to use makeup.

Koralia has one style that she mostly sticks to when she's not out for a run - black crop tops or fishnet shirts and tight blue jeans. She will usually wear high heels as well.

Personality Description:
Manipulative and controlling for her own protection, Koralia finds happiness where she can, to the point where she can be a gold digger. She figures if she's going to be used anyway, she might as well get something out of it. She has been a victim so long it's become part of her identity and she's jealous, possessive, slow to trust that anyone isn't just out for themselves.

Koralia has lingering empathy for other people. She kind of hates herself for feeding on misery and for her sadistic tendencies, but she has a justification for everything. She tells herself that she's a good person for volunteering at soup kitchens and homeless shelters, that she's not just doing it because those places make her feel good.

When she just needs to get away for a bit, Koralia enjoys running, which also helps her stay in shape.

Active Abilities:
Golden Apple of Discord - People become possessive of any object that she has bought or made with the intent for it to be a gift and that she gives as a gift. It is hard for them to give away because they will become jealous of anyone else they see touching it. This does not apply to money or gift cards used to buy something else.

Beauty from Tears - Crying makes her appear supernaturally beautiful.

Healing with a Price - Heals in minutes via touch. Takes on injuries herself but drains life force from target. Damages target's immune system and leaves them depressed for as long as it would take them to heal normally. Can only heal physical injuries, not including disease or poison, and only if the target is alive and would be able to heal on their own with time. She cannot regenerate body parts.

Passive Abilities:
Schadenfreude - Senses physical pain of sapient beings within 10'. Feels like a sugar rush. The stronger the pain, the more intense the feeling.

I Know You're Upset - Can sense negative emotions (sadness, anger, strife) in the people around her, within 10'.

Coming Back For More - Immortality (Stops aging in her 20s and won't die from old age). Heals internal injuries and broken bones 3x as fast as a regular human. Does not scar. Body will not go into shock or pass out from pain.

It's Me or You - If she's not around people feeling negative emotions for at least 30 minutes a day, she becomes physically weaker, achy, especially headaches. If she causes the negative emotions, she only needs half that time.

Delicate - Bruises easily. Shallow external injuries such as cuts, scrapes, and bruises take twice as long to heal.

Insomniac - Can't fall asleep naturally. Needs some sort of sleeping aid.

Raised by her drunken, abusive father and her distant step-mother in a small town in Ontario. Koralia's real mother was the goddess Eris who only stayed with her father long enough to give birth then abandoned them both without revealing who she really was. Her father was also left unaware that he was a demigod of pain & sorrow, though Eris had known this.

Koralia's family was poor with her father often out of work and/or drinking all their money. Her step mother barely managing to keep them afloat with her steadier minimum wage job.

School was difficult for her, beset by bullies, but she scraped by. She did very well in cross-country racing and between that and her volunteering managed to get a scholarship that allowed her to afford a decent nursing college, though she still lived at home.

Things finally changed for Koralia when she was in a car accident that should have been fatal. Her supernaturally quick healing and some odd test results at the hospital caught the attention of the scouts. When things were explained to her, Koralia was very willing to be taken to a magic island where she could both continue her education and escape her father.

Resources: Living in dorms and receiving school stipend.

Additional Information:
Fulfilling want ad - girlfriend for Xera, @Saber
First release
Last update
November 11th
1st Year
Field of Study
Image Credits
Made with Artbreeder (Artist: Joel Simon)

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