Konpeitō Hatsu

Primary Konpeitō Hatsu

Moved Konpeitō to Supporting Characters.
Kon is leaving Acinaces Arena in a week to start his business degree at Starlight Academy as a first year student. He is also now a co-owner of TWIS as an actual business.
Is now a year younger.
I replaced his full body art reference and removed his work form.
Updated his code.
Added in his extra jobs in Resources.
Kon's polyglot ability, ability to sleep, and compulsion weakness have returned due to glitches in his powers after trying to adjust them again since he originally lost those abilities when he was also trying to adjust his powers.
Added some stuff to his backstory.
Should've done this when I unarchived him: Kon's appearance has been lightly retconned. His vitiligo patterns are different, his freckles match the colors of his hair, and his tail is much longer now and splits off into two.

His birthday was also legally changed to March 23rd.
Konpeitō Hatsu has been promoted from assistant commentator to full commentator for the arena.
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