Konpeitō Hatsu

Primary Konpeitō Hatsu

  • Full-body (Best Reference) Fullbody
  • Cattaur Cattaur
  • Height: 6'
  • Body: Masculine musclechub build. Light brown skin with vitiligo. Has fur on his arms and digitigrade legs like a cat's.
  • Face: Androgynous. Oval face. Thick square eyebrows. The bottom ends are pointed, giving off the appearance of an upside-down cat head. Multi-colored freckles. Japanese and black.
  • Eyes: Purple with slit pupils. Monolid, downturned shape.
  • Hair: Naturally dark purple, light purple, hot pink, blue, and yellow. Curly with lots of accessories. Keeps it short.
  • Voice: Casual and androgynous. Mitsuki Saiga
  • Clothing: Menhera, pastel goth, and sweet goth. Creepy cute aesthetic: skulls with heart eyes, a rib-cage with a bleeding heart, etc.
  • Accesories: Often wears a black and multi-colored collar with a heart-shape dangling from it that says "Kon." Lots of accessories: multiple hair clippings, fake and colorful bandages, fingerless gloves, etc.

Old Habits Die Hard: Kon was mostly designed after the "manic pixie dream girl" archetype. He's hyperactive, sociable, and when he speaks, it's full of emotion with dramatic gestures. He'll relentlessly tease people, play games, and do whatever to keep a conversation rolling and interesting. If someone offends him, he's more likely to shrug it off and forgive but not forget. Kon may come off ignorant to some social aspects (specifically parts of life that needs to be lived through, not seen through a computer), but the way he was raised has made him adapt to society more easily than most other NEK0S.

The longer he stays on the island, the harder it is for him to keep up that role. Playing a part for one person or through the internet on an anonymous account is vastly different compared to keeping up a persona for every person he meets in real life. Each day makes him miss the simplicity of his old life more, back when the only thing he wanted was to entertain one man. Nowadays, he feels incomplete without someone to dedicate himself to.

Jack-of-All-Trades: Kon has all the makings of a good servant: he's a great cook, singer, cleaner, and is skilled in many other things. All of which he's immensely proud of. Not having a master has been both a gift and curse to him. Because he doesn't have any direction in life, he's on a constant search to find new things ( and people) to define himself with. Paired with his ambition, anything that can give him a purpose is something he'll grasp at. Unfortunately, his attempts to catch up on everything in life he missed out on has made him unable to be satisfied with what he has. Being told to slow down and take a break is a good way to rile him up and make him self-conscious.

Made for Fun: Kon isn't completely obedient despite his NEK0 dispositions. His father wanted someone who would be spontaneous, adventurous, and easily controlled. The impression of a wild card without being one. The result is that he's less inclined to follow commands or be persuaded to change his mind on something he's certain on. However, he is wired to fall in love easily and desire constant affection. Whenever he follows the command of someone he's affectionate or servile towards, he feels an immense surge of happiness and dedication towards them.

Content Warnings: Incest, Dub-con, Abuse, Slavery

Konpeitō lived a good life.

He had a lover, a father, and a master. All in one package. Everything he needed to be whole. His master was an eccentric businessman named Tanaka Hideyoshi. Not uncommon for those with a lot of money and a lot of time to waste. He enjoyed girls who dressed up as boys and boys who dressed up as girls, but most of all, he liked people and creatures that weren't common in Japan. The dark-skinned, those with spots on their body, those who towered over all others. And when he heard about NEK0s, a product where you could have your own cute catboy or catgirl, he was quick to get himself his own. But not just any. He wanted his custom made to his desires.

Hideyoshi sketched up what he wanted without care for how his NEK0 would look. Who would be there to judge if his NEK0 would be hidden away anyway? After practically going into debt and waiting a while for the customizations to be perfected, Konpeitō was made and sent to him as a baby, then quickly aging until he stopped at around nineteen. Born and raised as a girl named Sprinkles, he fulfilled the roles of being his daughter, eventual lover, and always his servant.

Not that Kon minded. That was all there was to his life, and he was good at it. Once in a while, there were arguments. Kon wanting too much and getting severely punished. Him getting back at Tanaka by ripping up his furniture. And then after both of them calmed down things were good before things escalated once more. Overall, it was better to just be happy with what he had. So he accepted anything asked of him with (little) questioning or argument.

So when Kon was eventually taken away from such a lovely life, he was understandably distraught. He lost everything that made him what he was, and with that, he lost his identity. If he could never go back to the one he was made for, he needed to be a new person. But at the same time, he still never forgot how well he lived before and tried to remake what he once had.

After making a deal with a demon-fae, he gave up his bond to his father. All the memories he had linked to his father had their emotions stripped away, created to become a mask sold by Facade. Most likely, some fae now uses that mask to feel a mixture of obsessive love and hatred, all directed towards Kon' dad. Now no longer possessing any emotional link to his old life, Kon wants to remake himself into a stronger, more independent person.

Active Abilities
Copycat: Konpeitō can shape-shift into any form between 1' and 10' tall, those these changes are strictly cosmetic. Cosmetic shape-shifts take around a minute to perform. He can also change his natural scent, voice, blood type, and will read as the species he is most closely mimicking to any powers. Kon can choose a default form to revert to when regenerating and reviving.

He is also capable of making up to 3 functional shifts at a time. Ingesting the DNA of a creature related to the shift and being aware of the mechanics of the desired function will make the change more reliable.

By default, it takes 5 minutes for him to fully manifest a functional change. If he has recently ingested DNA with that attribute, it drops down to 3. When under stress, these adaptations are more rapid, dropping his shift down to a minute.

These changes are limited to naturally occurring, physiological changes. He couldn't gain magic or elemental breath, but could enhance his muscles (up to a threshold of 1 ton), gain flight (with wings), or give himself enhanced durability (via alligator hide).

Kon is not in complete control of his shifting, and his cosmetic changes can and will shift based on his mindset. If upset, his colors dull; when angry, he looks monstrous.

Not So Common Senses: Konpeitō has control over his senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch, pain, balance, and proprioception. They can be dimmed to no longer existing or strengthened to be twice as strong as peak human ability. He can see in the dark and his hearing, in particular, can be as strong as a cat's.

Weight Off My Mind: Konpeitō has a necklace with a skull on it that makes him immune to mental abilities, such as auras and telepathy.

Passive Abilities
Life is Cheap: In most cases, Konpeitō heals from wounds and illnesses faster than a human. The rate of healing depends on the severity of the wound suffered. For minor injuries, such as minor bruising and lacerations, he heals at a rate comparable to a human. He heals more quickly as the injury becomes more severe: up to taking several minutes to regenerate lost major organs or limbs. If Kon is kept on some kind of life support while he heals, he can even survive injuries that would normally be fatal. Death results in Konpeitō reviving several hours to a day later, depending on the extent of the damage. Total bodily destruction has him resurrect in his home. Konpeitō can slow down and stop his healing. He cannot die from old age.

Live and Learn: Once Konpeitō is exposed to something he catches on quickly. He learns roughly 5 times quicker than the average human. For example, it would only take him a month or so to fully understand how to read a language. Something simple such as how to clean a house would take a day or 2 to learn.

Polyglot: Konpeitō understands and can speak all human languages known in the narrow reality.

Wide Awake: Konpeitō does not need sleep but can if he wants to.

Lust for Life: Konpeitō is attracted to DNA and views most living things as prey to understand and consume. At his worst, it can be hard for him to see people as anything more than food, practically removing his ability to empathize. After eating from the same species around 3 times, he takes no pleasure from eating them. The longer he does not consume new DNA, the more unfocused, fidgety, and feral he becomes. Enhancing his sense of smell makes this effect work faster as he becomes more aware of the DNA surrounding him.

Vulnerable to Persuasion: Konpeitō has been engineered for obedience. As such, it is very easy to persuade him to do something. Even if he actively doesn't want to do something, he will find it difficult to resist the compulsion to obey almost any command issued to him, or any kind of strong suggestion for how he should behave.

Roommates with Natalie Kurono (Lotharingia's character) in a apartment. Is a co-owner of The Welcome and Integration Soceity and works at the hospital as a professional organ donor. Occasionally gets extra money doing information broker work under alter egos.

Additional Information
Was NEK02.12

Sexuality: Gay; Is unsure if he likes the idea of a poly relationship

Groups: NEK0s, Bleedr, The Welcome and Integration Society
First release
Last update
19–23 mentally/physically; Chronologically 4
March 23rd
Field of Study
Business Major
Co-owner of The Welcome and Integration Society. Professional organ donor.
Image Credits
Art by me.

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