Primary Kalo

Name: Kalo

Age: 16

Birthday: August 3rd

Gender: Female, she/her

Species: Reptilian

Category: Student

Class: High School

Grade: Sophomore


Appearance Description: Kalo stands at 5’ 4” with a skinny build, flat chest, and a tail that is just about as long as she is tall. She typically has green scales and orange hair, which is cut in a long fauxhawk. She is able to change her scale, hair, and eye colors so it’s not unusual to see her with different colors on occasion.

Her hands and feet are typically clawed, but she can also shift them into gecko-like pads. Her tongue can also shift between a normal one or a chameleon-like one. She has sharp teeth.

Kalo has a piercing on her right eyebrow. She likes easy clothing, usually jeans and a t-shirt.


Personality Description:

As a reptilian, Kalo is about as intelligent as a human but lacks the emotional range of humans. As a result, she can come off as blunt and insensitive. She can like people as friends or just curiosities but does not form close relationships easily.

Kalo has a short attention span and struggles in school. She would much rather be basking in the sun than learning. People tend to assume she is lazy, but when something actually catches her interest she can turn right around and become hyper fixated instead.

Interestingly, she has an interest in art, even if she cannot fully understand some of the emotions behind ‘human art’. She is more interested in drawing or painting interesting places or things that she comes across on the island.

Active Abilities:

Reptilian Shapeshifter: From the tiny Jaragua lizard to the massive saltwater crocodile, Kalo is able to shift into any species of reptile that exists on Earth.

When shifting, Kalo takes on all properties of the reptile. For example, if she shifts into a rattlesnake, she will have the venom of a rattlesnake while in that form.

In her humanoid form, Kalo is able to switch her hands between claws or pads like a gecko so she can climb up walls. She can also change her colors and her tongue in her humanoid form, but she cannot use poison unless she fully shifts into a venomous reptile.

Color change: Kalo has the ability to change colors like a chameleon. She can change her scales, hair, and eye color at will.

Sometimes her colors can change based on how she feels. If she is angry, she may turn red. If she is startled, she may change colors to camouflage into her surroundings.

Lizard Tongue: Kalo can shift between a ‘normal’ tongue or a very long chameleon tongue in their humanoid form. She can use the longer tongue to catch bugs, but it also makes her ability to speak more restrictive.

Lizard Claws: Kalo is able to switch between hands/feet that have long fingers and sharp claws, or she can have padded hands/feet similar to a gecko. She is able to crawl up walls with ease, but the padded hands make it a lot harder to hold things.

Tail: Like many reptiles, Kalo can drop her tail if she feels threatened for a quick escape. On the one hand, it can heal over time. The downside is that she becomes very sick and weak during the time it takes to grow back. It can take only a month or so if a small part is taken off, and up to a year if her whole tail falls off.

Temperature Bracelet: Kalo is coldblooded and sensitive to colder temperatures, so she has to wear a bracelet that maintains her body temperature. Without it, she would go into brumation (aka reptile hibernation) during the fall and winter months.

Passive Abilities:

Night Vision: Kalo’s pupils are slit in the light and widen in the dark, so she can see perfectly well during night or day.


Short lifespan: Kalo’s kind typically only live to be about 50-60 years old.

Restricted diet: Kalo’s diet consists of insects, fruit, meat (raw or cooked without seasoning), and eggs. Processed food will make her very sick.

Biography: Kalo’s mother came from another dimension where the dominant species evolved from reptiles instead of mammals.

Kalo was born on Manta Carlos and has lived her whole life there. Her life has been relatively normal.

When she was 15, Kalo got in a fight with a classmate and ended up almost biting the human’s fingers off. Both she and the classmate were sent to The Islets as a result. Kalo remains bitter about this, as the classmate is the one who started the fight and Kalo insists she was only defending herself.

Kalo was released from the behavioral correction facility after a few months. She is now back at Starlight Academy as a Sophomore.

Resources: Lives with her mom, who makes a modest income.

Additional Info:
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August 3rd
They/Them or She/Her
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Picture made with picrew by alohasushicore

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