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Name: Kadasha Chandra
Age: 7 8 9
Birthday: March 25
Gender: Female
Species: Half Human, other half is still unknown
Category: Citizen
Class: Elementary
Grade: 2
College Major: —

Appearance Description:

[Shaymin (Humanized) from Pokemon. Art by PuddingPudding]​

Kadasha has a long, flowing, green hair that's up to the back of her knees with bangs that cover her forehead at the front, however she sometimes pulls over her longer strands of hair to hide some of her face. Her eyes are also green and are rounded. She stands at 3'5" tall and is slightly thin. She always has her Shaymin plush with her at all times and protects it with her life, rarely letting anyone take it from her. They can look and touch it, but she will put up a fight if someone tried to take it from her.

Personality Description: She is not the happiest child in the world and has since taken to keeping herself quiet because of how she was treated. She doesn't need much to be happy though. The smallest of things can make her smile, and she is used to playing by herself and even going out on her own. Although she doesn't think that since she has always thought of her toy as a friend. Some might say that it would be her only friend. And so, while other kids might pick on her and make her cry, she will start fighting back if her toy is taken away from her.

Species Abilities: Undiscovered

Powers: Gift of Creation — Kadasha is able to bring objects and creatures of her imagination to life, either by manifesting on something that already exists or out of thin air temporarily. If this power is used on an object, she brings that object to life, giving it a form of sentience that allows it to follow her will without question. Take for example a doll. Depending on what she needs, the doll will either simply be able to move on its own (with some direction from Kadasha), or transform into something more organic, like a real-life version of the same doll, sizing up to what her imagination dictates. These transformed dolls will be able to speak and even have warm skin that feels like the real thing. Of course, if the doll supposedly has fur, it will get fur.

Interestingly, these dolls sometimes get personalities manifesting in them as if something had possessed them. However, even if this were the case, they remain responsive to Kadasha's mood and wishes.

Normally, these constructs can last a while, up to three days at most, but at the cost of making them fragile. One solid hit will reverse the process and renders Kadasha unable to use this power again at the same magnitude temporarily, usually about 10 minutes at the lowest, limiting her to only making the toys become sentient until she exhausts her energy. The constructs, whether simply brought to life or transformed, can't last long when separated from Kadasha. They need to be within 30 feet of her to be maintained, otherwise the magic slowly fades away, with the ones with weaker infusions going out first. Ones with stronger infusions last longer and may 'shrink' down to their toy versions (if they have one) to lengthen their time of existence.

In situations where she feels threatened, these toys become much more dangerous, protecting the girl from anything that might cause her harm. Even in their plush or stuffed forms, they are infused with magic that will allow them to seriously injure people, usually manifesting into weapons like swords or claws, but it's not limited to those only. Transformed constructs are also capable of being infused with magic like this.

Naturally, transformed constructs take a whole lot more energy to maintain than the stuffed toys. Even when infused, they are still more fragile compared to the simple stuffed toy versions, but the size advantage does help.

Additionally, the constructs remain even when she's asleep to guard her.

Biography: Kadasha was a child that was conceived by an affair that her mother had tried to hide from her father, who spent most of his time working. While they were happy for the first three years of Kadasha's life, everything changed so suddenly for her. Her mother and father would start shouting at each other and after a few fights they just refused to talk to each other.

While they were ignoring each other, Kadasha herself had begun to be ignored as well. Her father took longer to come home from work so she hardly got to spend time with him anymore, and her mother would be talking to someone on the phone almost all day. Sometimes she would just tell Kadasha to play by herself for a little bit, and although she would normally play with her after a few minutes, she eventually just stopped and kept talking on the phone until the night rolled in. The little Shaymin toy she has was given to her in hopes that she would stop bothering her mother.

One day, she decided to go outside and see if her mother noticed. She went to the playground and while there were often kids there, she would just sit on the swing and have private conversations with her Shaymin. The sound of other children laughing brought smiles to her face. She wanted to play with them, but shyness got in the way. She liked being in the park, but it started to hurt when she saw the kids with their family. When she got home, her mother was on the computer, seemingly oblivious to the fact that she was gone.

This went on for a year before she decided that she was an unwanted child. No one paid her any attention, and everyone just seemed to not care about her. So she left, only taking her doll, to the beach and letting the waves take her away.

Additional Information:
First release
Last update
Half-Human (Unknown second half)
March 25
She, her
Image Credits
FC - Shaymin (Humanized) from Pokemon. Art by PuddingPudding

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