Julune K'Kuniet

Primary Julune K'Kuniet

  • Fullbody
  • Height: 13'3" (Normal); 2'3" (Small)
  • Body: Swimmer's build. Dark skin with many scars all over. Lower body is of a pink, crystalline cat with its long tail turning into a fish's tail. Sometimes has dragonfly-like wings on his back.
  • Face: Scars here and there. Two rows of sharp teeth.
  • Eyes: Big, round, double-lidded. Dark circles underneath. Crystalline, blueish-purple eyes.
  • Hair: Pink and crystalline. Very long dreadlocks held up into a tight bun so they won't get into his face.
  • Voice: Soft-spoken. Sometimes cracks when he gets flustered, which is often.
  • Clothing: Waterproof sleeveless shirts, dresses, and/or jackets. Usually nothing when underwater.

Nervous Wreck: Julune has obvious self-esteem problems. He moves with a jitteriness and can often be seen holding himself and avoiding eye contact. Most of the time he looks terrified of everything around him, when really he's more scared of how he'll present himself to people. He would rather people not want to interact with him because he looks like he'll burst into tears at any given moment than the alternative.

Aggressive: Julune can be... erratic at times. His self-consciousness and harsh opinion of himself stems from his aggressive nature. His soft, luring appearance does not help, and only makes people more unsettled when he shows his "true" colors. He has a bit of a temper and can have sudden outbursts, resulting in him apologizing profusely and sometimes leaving the area altogether.

Julune wasn't originally born in Mertown, yet he doesn't have any memories of his original parentage. He was taken in by a mermaid family that found him stranded out in the ocean as a young child. They were surprised to find a child so beautiful be semi-feral with no memory of his origins. Taking pity on him, they brought him back to their home.

From there, Julune was raised with a family regarded him more for his appearance than his personality. They weren't sure how to take care of a child that enjoyed fighting and hunting for his own food. Even when he learned how to play the part of a civilized citizen, he still preferred to hunt and fight. The family suspected that his species were similar to sirens. All beauty and no mercy.

Frustrated with not being able to make Julune into the proper, beautiful child they saw him to be, they changed focused and let him indulge in his predatory instincts. He was allowed to hunt with other hunters, which worked out well for the most part. Quite a few times he returned without anything due to his brutal fighting style, but his teammates taught him how to better control himself. It often felt like the people he hunted with were more like family than his own family, if only because they knew how to tackle his needs.

Mertown being brought into the Veil was a heavy hitter to Julune's status quo. His team didn't go out hunting as much anymore, and with tensions rising against Manta Carlos, he prepared himself in case there was a war. In the end, there was no such thing, and Mertown became an extension of Manta Carlos City.

Seeking a change of pace and a new start where people wouldn't know him as that "crazy kid that hunts like a monster," he changed his schooling to Starlight Academy and moved to the dorms.

Active Abilities
Shape-shifting: Julune's can slide his height between the 1'3" and 20'3". He can harden, soften, sharpen (enough to cut steel), and smooth the crystalline parts of his body without effecting his weight or movements. His wings can be removed if he's willing to give up his ability to fly (30 mph top speed), as can his hind legs for easier swimming.

Magic Absorption: Julune can regenerate the damaged crystalline parts of himself by absorbing magic. Magic aimed at his crystalline body will not harm him but instead heal him. Once he is fully healed, he can be harmed again.

The Pack: When Julune hunts with another person, he can telepathically connect to them so they can communicate silently and quickly. If he's hunting with multiple people, he can create individual channels to speak through or host a group chat for everyone to communicate in. This connection ends once Julune has decided that the hunt has ended.

Passive Abilities
Crystalline: The crystalline parts of Julune's body are extremely durable. The fleshy parts of himself are slightly better than a sturdy human with only slightly faster regeneration. His tail isn't prehensile, but he can move it and use it as a weapon.

Apex Predator: Julune's innate instincts as a hunter makes it easy for him to adapt to fights and hunts. It's easy for him to pick up new skills, improvise weapons, and make highly accurate predictions of his prey's movements.

Catfish? Cat-like senses. Electroreception. Underwater breathing. Transitioning from water to air and vice versa causes Julune to choke for a few seconds until his body can adapt. Adaption to ocean pressure. Enhanced agility (supernatural when swimming). Supernatural flexibility. Peak-human strength. Tongue is long, flat, and barbed like a cat's. A lick from him can be very painful. Has two rows of teeth that can bite through steel. Can run at 45 mph and swim at 60 mph or 65 mph if he removes his hind legs.

Goes to school and lives at Starlight Academy.
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