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Primary Johanna "J." Nealson

Name: Johanna "J." Nealson
Age: 24
Birthday: April 8
Gender: Female, she
Species: Human
Category: Student
Class: College
Grade: 4th year
College Major: Physics

Career: Trainer at the local Wolf's Den Gym on the weekends, also handles self-defense lessons

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Official art is by Nimble Neuron. Character is Adela Gro from the mobile game Black Survival.

Appearance Description:
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Build: On the leaner side but toned
She has white skin and dark gray eyes. Her hair is long and black, and typically but not always braided - it's all usually tied up one way or the other to avoid it getting in the way.

She typically wears either low-cut dresses or shorts and other similar movement-friendly clothing. Her shoes are always some form of hardened to aid in cases of self defense.

Posture wise, J. is always upright unless in combat stance. She gives off an air of "dignity" with the way she stands and conducts herself normally.

Personality Description: J is in a word stoic. It is not that she doesn't feel emotion - she simply isn't expressive about it. She retains this inexpressiveness throughout all of her speech, and most of her emotion is shown in little tells - the tension of her stance, the faintest of smiles on her face. Most think this is due to her background, but she was simply wired this way to begin with.

She is always ready to extend a hand to help people, but will not do so unless the person in question asks for it. Otherwise, she is content to observe.

In interactions, J's speech is blunt and dry, and since she is aware that she is physically inexpressive, she always says what's on her mind without lying. She will only ever lie about major things that need to be lied about - things concerning people's lives and safety, for instance. As such, she is a bad secret-keeper.

J's inexpressive nature belies a burning curiosity. After all, she has generations worth of catching up to do.

Active Abilities:
Back to Basics.
J has the ability to project an invisible force around herself, like an aura. Within this aura, which radiates out of her thirty meters from all directions, all abilities that are not biological or mechanical functions become harder to sustain. The closer one gets to J, the stronger the effect. Thirty meters away, people might notice it takes more energy, power or stamina to use their abilities, increasing as one gets closer up to requiring five times the effort when near but not quite within 5 meters. Within 5 meters of her, all special abilities cease to function. This field can only be sustained for ten minutes at a time and takes a full day to recover.

Armorclad. J, due to her mix of training and augmentation, can tense her muscles in such a way that they harden, drastically improving defense and striking power. This hardness reaches 7 on the Mohs scale, and allows her to, if she so desired, punch through modern materials such as ordinary steel, concrete, and rock. She can turn this on and off at will, and can do it for individual parts of her body. With this ability, her strength is amplified - doubled, in fact.

Passive Abilities:
Queen of Combat.
J is trained in combat and is proficient with most standard weaponry, be it melee or ranged. But she is most proficient in unarmed combat. She utilizes a style that takes techniques and elements from multiple martial arts and seamlessly transitions between styles and moves, creating a peerless offense and defense. She is also capable of figuring out physical techniques and utilizing them upon either experiencing or witnessing them, and with her breadth of fighting experience her reflexes allow her to react instantaneously to any threat. This ability is a mix of intense training and the presence of the other Js allowing her to instantly add any new fighting techniques to her own arsenal with at least 80% mastery.

Nanosystem. J is imbued with a system of nanomachines that augment her bodily functions. Most of the available functions have been deactivated following her entering the free world, but a few remain. Functions of the system that still work include:

Regeneration. The system can take vital nutrients and assign it to bodily repair. While it wouldn't be able to grow entire limbs, it causes her to heal up to ten times as fast as a normal human from normal injuries, and can reattach severed limbs as long as they are brought back before either the body dies from bleeding out or the limb experiences cellular death. This ability requires the consumption of nutrients through large amounts of food.

Sense. The nanosystem allows J's eyes to see through darkness and her ears to pick up audio input more effectively. While her vision is still decreased, instead of simply being unable to see in pitch black, she can see half as far as normal. Her hearing is enough to pinpoint faint noises up to thirty meters away.

The Ego is Fragile.
J's unique form of brainwashing, while mostly dealt with, has some side effects. When subjected to an effect that would disrupt her thoughts or mind, she recovers at half the speed due to the leftover influence of her brainwashing and the blank spots in her memories. She is also more susceptible to psychic attacks than most people.

Biography: Unit J was once a nameless orphan girl, who were far from uncommon in her illegally-occupied district in an alternate Earth. She struggled day to day to live, and would go steal and run to live what could barely be called a life.

It didn't get much better. She caught the eye of someone who would eventually become her "handler," who trained her in martial arts of all sorts. Being a quick learner, she took to the lessons quickly and had become good enough to defeat those who would have once killed her on the spot by the time she hit the age of ten.

At the age of ten, she was put through a grueling test where she was sealed underground and forced to fight with other potential agents to the death over meager supplies, barely enough to last until the chamber was to be opened months later.

Having overcome the trial, she was then subjected to a strange form of brainwashing alongside physical augmentations to become an ideal operative for subterfuge. Her nanosystem was put in place, and she was brainwashed into assuming the identity of her predecessor, Agent J. Her predecessors were also put through the same process over decades and decades, and there were multiple generations of Js in her head.

This would be the status quo for a few years. She would kill, and kill, and over and over again she would handle dirty deeds for her "handler."

It all came to a head when she was sixteen, when she was captured, and against all odds - treated well. For two years, her captor had slowly become a family figure, who had invested resources into helping her regain her humanity, and her mind. At the age of eighteen, she took on a job at her new family's request - a mission of vengeance to wipe out her previous masters, which took a full year. At the end of that job, she was officially adopted into the Nealson family, and took up the name of Johanna, and yet she kept the nickname of J.

At the age of twenty, her captor-turned-family willed her to leave their company - at least for a while. She was sent to Manta Carlos presumably to take up an education, but the true reason has been the hope that in the island where the lost go to be free, she would find who she was, and show the world outside to all of the Js that came before her.

Resources: J has a fairly hefty retainer from the wealthy Nealson family but stays at the dorms. She has few possessions of value, including a cane sword, and a collection of odd trinkets from the island.
First release
Last update
April 8
She / Her
4th year
Field of Study
Gym trainer / self-defense trainer

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