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La-La's Land : Jao's body is a portal into an infinite dimension where Sela reigns supreme. People and objects can be transported to and fro this dimension. What she summons from the dimension can be specified with a thought, and objects that did not get permission to enter will pass through her. Jao must be asleep or meditating to access the dimension.
Lots of rewording and moving around. Added humanoid forms and new credits. Changed how her voice sounds.

Part of a Whole: Sela, Jao, and Myst are all connected but distinct individuals. As such, some of their abilities are either similar or the same. Some things they share in particular are:
  • They are mentally connected, allowing them to share memories and telepathically communicate.
  • Senses and bodies can be shared.
  • When Jao and Myst sleep, they return to Sela's dimension. They must leave through Sela to reenter the awake world.
Connected: When Jao, Myst, or Sela suffers, they all do. If one's form is destabilized from their emotion, the same will happen to the others. If Sela is forcibly put to sleep by having their horn touched or is trapped in a container, Jao and Myst will fall asleep and return to Sela's world. Sela causes the most effects on the two, while Jao and Myst's effects will be more subtle.
Constellation: Sela is the head of a body they subconsciously split. Jao and Myst are akin to their limbs. It's hard to say they're distinct individuals, but they're not the same either. This comes with some benefits:
  • They are mentally connected, allowing them to share memories and telepathically communicate.
  • When someone in the Constellation suffers, they all do. Sela's damage directly translates to Jao/Myst. Jao/Myst's suffering does not affect Sela as much, but is still noticeable.
  • When Jao/Myst sleep, they return to Sela's dimension. They must leave through Sela to reenter the awake world.

Mathematical Manipulation had all neutral pronouns changed to feminine pronouns.

Change it Up: Jao can take on any form between the sizes of 1' and 12' but will always retain her colors and patterns. Her shape-shifting is only cosmetic.

Keep it Together:
Jao is hard gas with no internal structure and no need for most bodily functions. Putting enough pressure on her body where you might push skin near a person's organ will make you slip through her. She reforms around anything inside of her.

Jao cannot die but can be stunned. When something goes straight through her body, she "destabilizes" as she reforms to fill the gap. Reforming doesn't take more than a couple of seconds based on how big the hole is, but during those seconds, most of her focus goes to fixing her body, leaving her immobilized. If more holes are made, she'll be stunned for longer.

Dream Physiology:
  • Can fly up to 60 miles-per-hour.
  • Supernatural agility and hearing as strong as a wolf's. Night vision.
  • Voice sounds distant and close as if it's coming from multiple places at once. It also sounds like multiple adult women speaking the same thing at slightly different times.
  • Needs no basic necessities, only sleeping when injured.
  • The stars on Jao's body sparkle and glow in proportion to her mood. Positivity makes them shine, negativity makes them dim. They can shine brightly enough to light up a small radius around them in a dark room.
Defunct Senses: Jao's senses, other than hearing and eyesight, are defunct. She can't taste or smell. She only experiences a numb sensation when touched. She can only gain those senses in Sela's dream world.
Unknown Physiology: Jao is a being of hardened cosmic gas, lacking any sort if internal structure. She is not truly solid, and can be pushed through with enough force, or cut by sharp objects. If cut, her essence will leak, causing her size to shrink and allowing her to be trapped, requiring her to sleep to recover.

Being made of gas, Jao is naturally buoyant, floating just off the ground naturally. She does not walk, instead flying everywhere, and are capable of reaching 60 mph. She cannot submerge herself in water without bobbing to the surface, and any more than a light breeze can blow them away.

Jao's body is ever-changing, capable of taking any shape between 1' and 12' in size. These changes are purely cosmetic: no matter how Jao changes herself, she always has the same general look. Her voice is harmonious and sounds as if it is coming from multiple places at once. Her body also matches her mood: when happy, the stars on her body will shine brightly enough to light up a small room.

Jao's senses are significantly difference from that of a human. While she has excellent hearing, on the level of a predator, and night vision, she has no sense of taste, smell, or touch, except when in a dream world.
Cluster: Reading Jao's species gives no answer or many alien species. . Soul-detecting magic will note that Jao has dozens of souls of varying spaces, acquired from Sela's period of eating people. Locating Jao through her soul(s) will also bring up Sela and Myst (if outside of Sela's dimension) as locations.

Weak Mind. Weak Body: 50% more vulnerable to mental magic. Jao can't lift past 50 pounds and she is so light that moderate wind can make it difficult for her to stay in place. Moving on her feet is clumsy and slow.
Dreamy: 50% more vulnerable to mental magic. Can't lift past 50 pounds. Is so light a moderate wind make it difficult for him to stay in place. Moving on the ground is clumsy and slow.
Added in art by Feravyre depicting Jao's larger, more detailed form.
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