Izumi Yashima

Primary Izumi Yashima

Name: Izumi Yashima (or Yashima no Izumi)

Age: 332 (appears as middle age)

Birthday: 08/08/1688

Gender: Female

Species: Bake-Danuki / Tanuki (Yokai)

Category: Staff

Class: High School

Subject/Work: Japanese / Creative Writing

Appearance Description:

Image of the character Mamizou Futatsuiwa from Touhou Project series (Official Art from installment 14.5 Urban Legend in Limbo)

Though her species can take on many different forms, she prefers to take on a humanoid shape. In this form they take on slender, middle Japanese woman standing 5 ft 2 inches. Izumi’s nut-brown hair comes to messy, shoulder length bob while her large brown eyes hide behind a pair of glasses. Her face and cheeks are round in shape with pouty lips and button nose to boot. Though she appears humans, her large brown raccoon-like tail and round tufted ears on her head betray her tanuki heritage. While she looks good for her age, its effects can be seen as wrinkles form under her eyes and sparse grey hairs can be picked out.

In her true form however, she would appear as rather plump raccoon dog wearing glasses.

Personality Description:

Philosophical – Tends to be in deep thought over the nature of things. She enjoys debate and often brings up questions to try to provoke some inner meaning or divine a perspective of truth.

Whimsical – To her students and peers, it may seem aloof and without plan. In reality however, she finds regimented lesson plans dull and unconducive to actual learning, preferring instead make exercises that foster creativity and critical thought in her students work. Though she will still teach the rules and fundamentals of her craft, its only so that she can teach her students to break them.

Jovial – Izumi is good-natured and friendly creature with a love of festivities, tobacco, conversation, and sake.

Frisky – Can be at times… playful and full of energy. She enjoys getting close to people to show her affections

Mischievous – Like many of her kind, she is fond of mischief and will employ harmless pranks on friends and strangers alike.

Active Abilities:

Shapeshift – Tanuki are famous for their shape-shifting abilities and Izumi is no exception. In puff of smoke Izumi can take on the form of any object from as small as fork to as big as house so long as there is enough space around her to transform. She is capable of moving around as an inanimate object by hopping around though the larger/heavier the object she takes the form of the more difficult it would be for her to do so.If she is stuck with strong blow or somehow harmed, she will revert to her true tanuki form for the next 10 minutes. While disguises she is still capable of speaking normally as disembodied voice, being able to smell, and sense when they are being touched.

Copycoon - Aside from inanimate objects, Izumi is also capable of copying on the appearance of animals, robots and people of various sizes. While able to take on the appearance of everyone and mimics their voices perfectly, whatever form she puts one will always be spout the ears and tail of raccoon dog. She is also unable to access the abilities or powers of the person or creature whom’s form she is currently copying. If she is stuck with strong blow or somehow harmed, she will revert to her true tanuki form for the next 10 minutes.

Smoke Pipe – Carries with her a pipe that produces magical smoke. This smoke can be commanded to take on elaborate shapes and designs made entirely of smoke by the whims of the one whom blows on it. Can also be used to make a smoky shroud 4.5-meter (15 foot) radius around themselves to hide in. While transformed Izumi would have no access to her pipe.

Passive Abilities:

Fluffy Tail – A thick fluffy tail. Useful as portable blanket or as comfy seat.

Low-Light Vison – Can see well in low light conditions.

Superior Smell – Compared to normal humans, Izumi has superior sense of smell which is about as good as dogs.



Common Magical Items:



A descendant of Yashima no Hage, a legendary tanuki, they spent much of their young life among her secretive community of fellow tanuki. Like many of her kind, she long enjoys playing mischief on the silly humans within the nearby villages. But as ages passed Izumi took a keener interest in humans and their poetic ways. Izumi eventually left her community behind to live among the humans to learn and enjoy their ways. While she initially bumbled her with a clumsy human disguise and was quickly found out, the villagers invited her in to live among them. Izumi was eventually accepted as local protective deity whom scared away the bandits and evil yokai as well as teacher to villages children. In exchange she was given humble offerings at small shire erected in her honor.

During the chaos that was World War 2, so many of the young men sent off to war had died and village was abandoned within a decade. Without the townsfolk she guarded over for so long, her power waned and she sought out her community of fellow Tanuki she left so long ago. When she tried to find them however, she could find no trace of them. So, she took one the role of traveler for few years before eventually learning of secret island known as Mantra Carlos from a fellow yokai and sought entry. Izumi was eventually invited to the island and has been living there ever since.

During her time in Mantra Carlos she once again took on the mantle of teacher at the Starlight academy. Her reputation as teacher is bit mix, either beloved by her students by her free-sprirted ways or disliked for her unconventual ways. While she isn’t known to fail anyone, at least who puts effort in her classes, it’s also rare for her pass out A’s to her students. She was married for a short time but the marriage fell into shambles after their birth of her child. She and her husband divorced and has sense been responsible for raising her child alone. Though she loves her kid dearly, life as single mom is a difficult challenge and part of her fells that had somehow failed their kid as role model.


Able to enjoy middle-class housing and accommodations on her salary as teacher.

Additional Information:

Naturally wary of Kitsune due to historical rivalries between these species.

May later consider opening up a wanted ad for Izumi's child in the future.
First release
Last update
332 (appear middle age)
August 8th, 1688
High School
Field of Study
Japanese / Creative Writing
Image Credits
Image of the character Mamizou Futatsuiwa from Touhou Project series (Official Art from installment 14.5 Urban Legend in Limbo)

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