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Name: Hugo Rainer
Age: 16
Birthday: June 8
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Category: Student
Class: High School
Grade: 10
College Major: N/A
Career: Restaurant server

Appearance Description: Hugo describes himself as looking like an extra from season 1 of RWBY. Or in non-nerd speak a silhouette, a shadow. He wears clothes, usually bright preppy outfits. He appears to have short well kept hair. His standard height is about 5’9” and appears to be pretty fit. The only other discernible features are his expressive white eyes and eyebrows.He does seem to have a mouth though it’s not visible.

Personality Description: He’s the type who’s shy and quiet initially, but once he opens up he’s a cheery dweeb. In some ways he speaks more when he’s not talking, letting his facial expressions, and body language convey how he’s feeling.

Like many residents on the island, Hugo does have a rather unpleasant past. This comes out more during times of stress and danger. Hugo won’t hesitate to do whatever needs doing, carrying it out with great efficiency.

Hugo at his core is simply trying to enjoy life after living through some hellish ordeals. He prefers to focus on the current moments rather than the past.

Active Abilities:
Shapeshifting: Hugo is encased in extra-dimensional shadow energy. He’s capable of stretching, hardening, sharpening, and splitting his body. While his humanoid shape is what he’s most used to, he doesn’t necessarily have a truly defined shape. He can harden himself past steel levels, and attain a similarly fine sharpness as well. As such, Hugo can freely stretch, and morph his body in direct proportion to his current mass. At night and in dark areas he is capable of doubling his mass.

Full Body Storage: Hugo’s body can also double as a portal to dimensional storage space. He is capable of storing the equivalent of his total body mass within the space. Objects stored in this manner are preserved in the original state that they entered in, and when expelled continue on as they were when they were initially put in. If an object such as a ball thrown at him enters the space, it will travel at the same speed when he does release it. Taking on even a small amount more than his maximum capacity will cause it all to explode out of him in a painfully violent manner. At night or in darkn places he is capable of storing twice as many objects.

Wall Shadow: Hugo can meld himself into walls and other surfaces, like an ordinary shadow. Being 2d, Hugo loses the ability to access his pocket space, and shapeshifting abilities. From there he can travel along the walls and floors, unaffected by others. Large cracks act as barriers to him in this state, breaking the area where he’s standing directly can severely injure or kill him. When outside at night or in an a dark area, he effectively becomes invisible.

Omni-Surface movement: Hugo can walk on air, and water as if it was dry ground. He can only maintain this for around fifteen seconds before having to release.

Passive Abilities:
Speed: Hugo is capable of moving up to 60 mph.

Distant mind: Hugo’s mind is unaffected by mental based abilities due to his mind always being just out of reach.

Tough Shadow: In its most innate state, Hugo’s shadows are about as tough as light leather armor. He is resistant to physical blows, and ice based magic.

Sneaky: Hugo doesn’t make noise when he moves. Even actions from him such as clapping produce no sound.

Air Breather: Hugo is able to breathe no matter where he is.

Light: Light based magic, and items used on him offensively such as flash bangs will temporarily strip away the shadows that surround his body, leaving him in a pure human state. Solid light can pin him when he is in his wall shadow state, or be used to pull him out of it. Weapons made from light, and constructs formed with light interact with him as if he wasn’t veiled in darkness at all.

Fire and lightning: In a similar fashion to light, fire, and lightning easily rip through his layer of shadow as well as doing the regular damage that they would do to an ordinary person. He is able to be injured in any state with these elements.

Biography: Hugo is from an alternate earth where magic isn’t hidden. Children with any sliver of supernatural potential are taken, and made to participate in a brutal vetting process. The “winners” of said contest are then selected by sorcerers and made into apprentices. Hugo was one of these children, having his strong affinity for shadow magic awakened within him at age 13. From there he was put into several rounds of death games pitting him against other magically charged children. He managed to make it through two years of this grueling process, making it to the final round where there were only 30 of them left. It was during this game that Hugo wound up getting hit with a combined attack that ripped open a hole in space and time, and dropped him onto the Manta Carlos beach. He was taken in by the authorities, given some much needed therapy, and enrolled at Starlight Academy. Where he now resides.

Resources: Lives at the school receiving a living stipend. Works part time as a restaurant server.
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