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Primary Hakon Atreo

Name: Hakon Atreo
Age: Nineteen
Birthday: October First
Gender: Male
Species: Asgardian/Olympian Hybrid
Category: Student
Class: Remedial
Employment: Arena Fighter (secretly)

He stands 5'9, with mid length black hair, relatively pale skin and bright blue eyes. His clothes are simple, Jean's and t-shirts with a simple jacket. His wolf ad raven forms are average size for each species with black fur and feathers.

•His armor is mostly black and grey with a bit of purple and gold, as well as a horned helmet, and a few spikes.

Hakon is an odd one, a lost soul who struggles to find balanced. He can be cool and collect, charming and snarky, angry and destructive. At his base he's quite cool and a bit aloof, hard to read, yet he's capable of random acts of kindness that seem surprising coming from hum. While it's rare for him to get truly angry he's not one to hide when annoyed or even mildly upset, he'll speak his mind, even getting in someone's face if he seems it necessary. When truly angry it can be quite scary, his eyes go cold as does his voice and he's not above fighting someone. He's slow to trust, slow to open up to be people, he can be friendly but it might be a while before someone is able to get to know him, once he's given his trust it's very difficult to break.

•Animal Shifting: He has two animal forms that he's able to shift into at will, a wolf and a raven. While in these forms he has all the natural abilities of the animal. He's also still able to speak while in these forms.
•Enchanted Weapons:
-Blades: He has a pair of enchanted swords and can combine at the hilt to form a double bladed sword, or be be combined into a single two handed greatsword. These blades are indestructible and can be summoned when needed.
-Shield: He has an enchanted shield, it's indestructible and can be summoned as needed. It can also be thrown at enemies as a projectile weapon.
•Enchanted Armor: A set of magical armor. It's very durable, it is indestructible, and halves any physical damage dealt to him. The armor does not compromise the users agility and speed, allowing them to operate at peak performance. The helmets face mask is retractable, and can modify the person's voice to hide their identity. The user can summon and dismiss it as needed, with it returning to his home location when not in use.

•Immortality: He'll stop aging sometime in his twenties. If killed he'll spend twenty four hours in either Asgard or Olympus before reforming.
•Enhanced Physicality: While in his human form he's twice as fast, and as agile as the best human athletes, and can lift 1500 pounds. He can see in the dark, with his sense of smell being on the level of wolves. He's immune to diseases and poisons unless they are of magical origin.
•Combat Eye: Upon seeing a person he will immediately learn one weakness that said person has. If the person has multiple he'll learn the one that's most easily exploited in combat.

•Lighting: He's vulnerable to electricity. It hurts him twice as much as a human and damage caused by it takes twice as long to heal.
•Achilles' Mirror: When fighting someone he'll gain one of that person's weaknesses until the fight is over. If fighting multiple opponents one of the opponents will be randomly chosen and he'll get a weakness from them.

•Loki, famous god of mischief within the Norse pantheon. He's known for harassing and generally being a nuisance to Odin and his son Thor. However, as the gods pulled away from Earth and he no longer could openly toy with mortals he began looking at other pantheons, as they were not familiar with his tricks.
•The trickster god would annoy and irritate many of the other gods as he attempted to fix his growing boredom. In one incident he seduced an Olympian goddess, a daughter of Ares, resulting in the birth of a son. Needless to say such a child was controversial and the question of which pantheon had claim to such a god was brought up.
•What followed was a strange custody battle among gods. Loki wishing to claim the child to raise on his own, as he believed it would give him access to the Olympian hierarchy. The child's mother wanting to keep the child, more to annoy Loki, and in an attempt to lure him in so she could kill him.
•Several smallish conflicts were caused by the custody battle as different members of each pantheon got involved at different points. Loki eventually manipulated Thor into fighting Ares on his behalf. While the trickster did this mostly to amuse himself he also hoped Thor would kill the Olympian. The battle ended in draw, in which both gods turned on Loki, forcing him to flee.
•After the Thor and Ares incident, Odin and Zeus decided they'd had enough of it. They met atop a neutral area in the sky and discussed how to best deal with the situation. Ultimately the two sky fathers decided neither parents, or their respective pantheons would be given custody.
•Instead the child was sent down to Earth, to be raised by mortals, with the two sky fathers watching his progress. With them believing that being raised among mortals was the most neutral upbringing he could have.
•The boy, now four years old, would appear on Earth, besides a road, a passing human finding him. The child was found with only two items, a leather pouch attached to a cord, and a coin inside, on ons side of it read Hakon, a Norwegian name, the other Atreo, a Greek name.
•He'd grow up with Hakon as his main name, being bounced about orphanages and various foster homes. He was a troubled child, playing pranks, getting into fights.
•At age thirteen he was placed with a foster parent who was abusive, beatings were common in the household. It was during as especially bad beating that he discovered his ability to shift. Changing into a wolf he badly injured his foster parent and ran into the forest. His foster parent died, and he vanished into the night.
•The boy never wished to be harmed like that again, so that mixed with his confusion made him keep running. Soon he'd discover his ability to shift into a raven, with his two forms he survived, avoided capture. He'd wander Europe, hunt when in the forest, when in towns he'd steal food and things he needed.
•Time passed, him still on the run, aimless and without purpose. He eventually settled into a large and troubled city, one where another person running around wouldn't really be noticed. He'd live in an abandoned warehouse, stealing food and supplies both for him and the homeless on the area.
•Over time his stealing and helping the homeless started to get noticed by others. The local criminals took a particular notice and began wondering if the odd boy could be a recruit, or perhaps someone they'd eventually have to get rid of.
•Ultimately they tried to recruit him, he said no, so they decided to get rid of him. He defended himself, but he was shot and his warehouse burnt down with him inside, along with several homeless people.
•He died, his soul taken to Valhalla by a valkyrie, and over the course of a day he was told who his parents were and the basics on the events leading to him ending up on Earth.
•Then something unexpected happened he came back, after that first day he reformed on Earth. The boy wanted revenge and while Odin was annoyed that he left Valhalla he supposed he deserved that much. So Odin sent a weapon down to him, enchanted blades, and Zeues sent him an enchanted shield.
•So he got his revenge, killing the criminals, leaving quite the mess for the police to find. Odin, realizing it was quite the mess, arranged for two things, first he arranged for the valkyrie who had collected his soul to accompany him and he arranged MC scouts to be told their location.
•So the pair was collected and taken to MC, to ensure the boy didn't cause any more problems.

•He resides at the dorms, supported by a school scholarship, while receiving money via arena fights as the masked fighter Einar.

•Main image is a common from @Ballerina
•Armor is official art of a Dark Knight from Finally Fantasy 15.
•Wears the coin that was found on him as a necklace.
First release
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Asgardian/Olympian Hybrid
October First
Arena Fighter (secretly)
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•Armor is official art of a Dark Knight from Finally Fantasy 15.

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