Ganymede Lind
Sometimes called "Gany"
Also known as NEK02.06.09
Male | Genetically Engineered Catboy (NEK02)
6 | Naturally looks 10-12 | Born June 13 2014
  • Height: 4'4 (132cm) / 5'3 in his older form
  • Black hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Instead of human ears, has 2 fuzzy black cat ears and a cat tail.
  • Impeccable grooming and personal hygiene. He even wears subtle makeup.
  • Dresses sharp when he can
  • Occasional cross-dressing
  • Has the number 020609 marked on the inside of his arm.

  • Weirdly formal in how he speaks and likes to dress
  • Considerate and helpful, sometimes to the point of self-sacrifice
  • Obedient
  • Troubling beliefs about himself and his place in the world
  • Wants everyone to like him
  • Likes to show off
  • Has difficulty relating to other people

Active Abilities
Ghost mode Ganymede can enter a state where he is incorporeal, undetectable by nonmagical means, and capable of flying at speeds up to 250kph / 155mph. While he's like this, his vision is blurry and colorless, and his hearing is somewhat distorted. He cannot interact with the material world while in this state, even through his magic.

He bring up to two other people with him when he does this. They can stay in this form with him as long as they stay in direct contact with him, and for up to five seconds after losing contact. He can only bring those who are willing or unconscious.
Domestic Magic Ganymede knows several simple spells that make him more useful at home. Some of these spells allow him to clean things like spills, stains, and other messes more quickly and thoroughly than a human could. He can only use these spells when he's holding a bag or container to carry the residue of the mess. For example, if someone spills wine on themself, he can grab a plastic bag or empty glass and cast a spell that make the stains disappear. All the wine would reappear in the bag/glass.

He has other spells which allow him to make food and drinks more pleasant by adding flavor, warming or cooling the food/drinks, or adding carbonation to drinks. These latter kinds of spells can only work on things he sees as food or drink. Flavoring spells do not change the chemical makeup of food or drinks he enchants.
Fire Magic Ganymede can create fireballs, each up to the size of a fist. He can make these fireballs float near him, or he can fling them, exerting the force of a heavyweight boxer's punch on impact and potentially burning things. He can also change the shape and color of his fireballs, allowing him to write words draw short-lived fiery pictures in the air.
Scrying Ganymede can make a reflective surface (such as a mirror) display visions of people, places, and things that are far away. However, the clarity of these visions and how long they last is dependent on the strength of Ganymede's connection to what he's trying to see (or "the subject" of his scrying). This strength, in turn, is related to several factors (in order of importance):
  • Ganymede's own familiarity with the subject
  • Whether or not he has an item / items connected to the subject, and how strong the connection is between the item(s) and the subject
  • Ganymede's ability to meditate on the subject of his scrying
An item by itself, for example, would do him little good without understanding anything about the owner he's trying to scry on.
Age Changing Charm Ganymede owns a bracelet that, when worn, changes his body's physical maturity to the human equivalent of 16 years old.

Passive Abilities
Polyglot He can speak all known narrow-reality languages.
Quick Learner He can learn anything 5 times faster than a natural human could.
Enhanced Endurance It is very difficult to tire him out with any activity. He has 3 times the endurance and stamina of a physically fit human. He can also stay awake indefinitely, and he needs very little food, though he may sleep or eat more than he has to, if he feels like it.
Unaging Ganymede does not age. He is also theoretically immortal; though he can be killed, he will never die of mere old age.
Magic Senses Ganymede can detect the presence of magical energies, be they magical, spiritual, divine, or demonic. This sense only tells him vague things, such as the general category of the power, how intense it is, and a ballpark for how close it is to him.

Additionally, Ganymede can see and hear certain kinds of spirits, and other entities, that most humans cannot. This is intensified when he enters ghost mode, allowing him to clearly observe an even broader array of strange, and sometimes terrifying-looking beings that almost nobody else can.
Vulnerable to Persuasion Ganymede has been engineered for obedience. As such, it is very easy to persuade him to do something. Even if he actively does not want to do something, he will find it difficult to resist the compulsion to obey almost any command issued to him, or any kind of strong suggestion for how he should behave.
Feline Diet Ganymede's diet is about as limited as a cat's would be. Caffeine, chocolate, and many types of spices can make him very sick, as can most processed foods.
Feeble He's as physically strong as a 10-year-old human child, and no amount of strength training can change that.

As a NEK02, Ganymede was genetically engineered and created to be sold into slavery. His first owner was a warlock, a rich man far older than he looked (if he still could be called a man.) Ganymede never learned his true name, only referring to him as 'Master,' or 'my Master,' and very occasionally "Master Lind," which may not even have been his real last name. He was involved in some type of supernatural organized crime, and he lived in a remote part of Russia. Magical transportation enabled him to conduct his business from there. Ganymede was to keep this mansion clean and do various chores for the master. He was also abused, by both Master Lind and even his depraved colleagues. This was the only life Ganymede knew, and Master Lind could be gentle and loving to him just enough that Ganymede believed they loved each other.

Ganymede was not to leave Master Lind's mansion without his supervision, and he was not to use the computer, but he did have access to a library. Seeing Ganymede's appetite for knowledge and learning gave Master Lind the idea of granting Ganymede some limited magical power. This process involved a ritual which Ganymede does not want to discuss.

Master Lind had many valuable and interesting possessions aside from Ganymede. One of these was an old record player with a spirit or demon bound to it, which the master would sometimes speak to, and other times command to play music for him and his friends. One night, as Ganymede cleaned that room while the master slept, the record player began to speak to Ganymede. The being in the record player found it surprisingly easy to convince Ganymede to break the seals binding it into service.

The first thing this being did with its newfound freedom was to give Ganymede a gift of power, which it believed gave Gany the ability to free himself from slavery. The second thing it did was kill Ganymede's beloved master. Gany was inconsolable. He was raised to believe that serving the master was his sole purpose in life, and now he could not. Though he could now easily escape, he allowed himself to be taken back by the people who made him.

His makers rented him out periodically, for about two or three months. Though some of his renters gave him new and painful sorts of abuse, in his mind the worst thing they did to him was send him back. He was not wanted, not loved; in his mind he was a failure.

The scouts then rescued him and a few dozen other NEK0s from a trading post. Now he is beginning classes at Starlight Academy and is being fostered by a man known as Monday.

Lives with Monday, who provides for his shelter and other needs.

additional info
He is an exceptional pianist, thanks to his quick learning and the tutelage his old master could acquire for him.

First release
Last update
11 (physical) / 6 (chronological)
13 June
Image Credits
Art from this pircrew by @miwasiba
or this one by トロロ
or this one by @HELLomurice

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