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Name: Flutterpip.
Age: Chronologically 5 months old, physically25 years old, and mentally preteen.
Birthday: May 13.
Gender: Female.
Species: Nightmare.
Category: Student.
Class: Remedial.
Grade: Remedial.

Appearance Description:
Hair Color: Black fur with silver blond mane and tail.
Eye Color: Brown.
Weight: About 10 oz.
Height: About 6".
Skin Tone: Black.

Her form is a humanoid female with horse legs and hooves instead of human legs and feet. She, also, keeps her tail. Her body, arms, and legs are covered in a very short, very fine black fur. Her head breaks from the human look having a shortened horse like muzzle and horse ears sprouting up through her hair. She has two pairs of six-inch-long silver-blue dragonfly wings sprouting out of her back.

Personality Description:
As her name says, she is quite a bit flighty, excitable, and immature. She loves picture books and music. She has a strong loyalty to Naisiskhrea (since she was the one that created her). She is very sympathetic and trusting, maybe too much so. She is quite inquisitive, poking her nose in places she should not be (as the boy's locker room in the Subliminal). Since she was from Naisiskhrea, most of her personality traits came from her (such as, she can be quite arrogant when she wants). But, now that she is real, she has been forming some of her own, such as having a pretty nasty temper. She really dislikes cats.

Active Abilities:
When not in daylight, she can:
* conjure up simple things (her favorite is popcorn).
* change her form and size. When she is shape-shifting, she is engulfed in a thick silver-gray fog. After the fog dissipates, she has her new form.
In daylight, she is forced back into her original form without any powers (which is not that bad of a thing).

Her magic is in her black blood. If not given, It can be toxic (from indigestion and vomiting to lethal depending on the amount ingested) and caustic (capable of generating first to third-degree burns) to anyone that is not an Anicorn. When given, it becomes non-toxic and non-caustic and capable of satisfying the thirst of a blood-feeder twice as long as normal blood. It can be used to seal a Blood-oath, a binding contract between two people (the ones making the Blood-oath are the only ones bound to it. If they are not an Anicorn, they can ask one for the black blood needed to seal it. If the Blood-oath is violated, the violators have to answer to Avax Set for the violation). It can be used to control her like a puppet if one knows how.

Passive Abilities:
* Flight, magically enhanced.
* The ability to read Nasiskhrea's mind (since she was once part of her).

If they have her true name, they can create anything she can create with the same limitations she has, against her will.

Created by Naisiskhrea during her darkest hour, a prisoner of Azure (a night demon-dragon whose plans she had defeated earlier), Flutterpip served as her friend and confidant. She started (as all dream constructs are) as a puppet. But, the more Naisiskhrea brought her into existence, the more of an individual she became, (also true of dream constructs). During one bad night for Naisiskhrea, Flutterpip escaped their prison and helped freed her friend.

Since that time, she has been with Naisiskhrea, getting them both into and out of trouble. She went on different missions with Naisiskhrea, sometimes, as a spy for her, other times, just for the fun of it.

All the time becoming more and more an individual until, one day, Avax Set (the Lord of the Subliminal (a realm composed of dreams)) offered to perform the Rite of Oneness. That ritual would make her an independent person complete with a soul (a rare opportunity for a dream construct). Both Naisiskhrea and Flutterpip agreed (since both were involved in the ritual).

Once the ritual was done, it was time for Flutterpip to start her new life which meant going to school. Most of the time Avax Set arranged for them to go to the real world to learn, but, this time he had a better option - a place called Manta Carlos Island. They had an interesting cross-section of mundane and magical creatures there, so, Flutterpip should fit in well. But, to make sure, he sent Naisiskhrea along to keep an eye on her.

She now lives on a two-acre plot with a cottage and stables on the salary given to her mother by Avax Set.

Additional Information:
The Subliminal is a sealed off dimension/domain of perpetual twilight beyond the edge of a Dream Realm. The occupants of this Dream Realm seem to be constantly changing, which affects the landscape of the Subliminal. As such, it is ever-changing and easy to get lost if you do not have a night-stone (an apache-tear like crystal). To enter the Dream Realm, you must first find where the dream you are interested in is in the Subliminal and go there then go to sleep and dream (just like in Reality). To travel to and from there to Reality, you need a portal. It populated by a vast amount of dream creatures of all kinds, as well as some from Reality that migrated there, but, the dominant species are the Anicorns (Avax Sets children). The subliminal is section off into several domains ruled by different Anicorn clans. In the center is Nighthome where Avax Set resides. Nighthome is unique in that it does not have the chaotic nature of the Subliminal, so visitors do not have to deal with it. It is, also, where all the outside portals end up.
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Chronologically 5 month old, physically 25 years old, mentally preteen.
May 13.

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    Fixing the miswording that implies her magic and shifting works in the daylight. They do not.
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