Primary Flicker

Made changes to her passive power as follows. Also changed the name to be more fitting.
In practice, this means she is more attuned to most characters who, for reasons related to anything from power to demeanor, may register as “predatory” or “dangerous.” Flicker also has a faster reaction time than normal humans, and may gain a stronger feeling of “not right”-ness than a human when something is wrong in her area. Additionally, this sense can function the opposite way as well: if a character has a power set, species, or other quality that is particularly close to her own (such as fae, druids, or some other shifters, for example), she may naturally feel at ease around them. Finally, she can always identify another woodland selkie near her, and feels a slight pull to selkies in general. This power extends as far as her senses can detect, growing stronger with proximity and/or threat level."
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