Everett Ryusaki

Everett Ryusaki


He has the build of a runner, 5’11 and lanky with a decent muscle tone. His father is Japanese and his mother is Scandonavian. Everett has a youthful face with a sly, fox-like appearance. His eyes have always had a particularly sharp quality to them. Originally hazel, the ritual gave him heterochromia with one eye being red and the left being blue. He wears rectangular glasses, and a pair that wraps around when running. His hair is strawberry blonde and unfortunately a mullet that reaches a few inches past his shoulders.

When he’s not wearing the starlight academy uniform Roy is pretty much fashion disaster. On top of being on the verge of legally blind, Roy is also red green color blind so his clothing choices tend to clash against each other. It doesn’t help that all other aspects of his style are also horrific: sweatbands, socks with sandals, and glasses with straps.

The ritual resulted in him losing both of his legs below the knee. In their place is one of two types of prosthetics. One pair is for everyday purposes, other than it’s red and blue decorations, subtle enough to pass as normal legs when he wears long pants. The other type is a pair of running blades, they are two curved pieces, one red and one blue, made with speed in mind. The coma left him with trouble regaining full motor controls so for the time being he moves in a wheelchair. Mostly covered by his hair, part of his forehead is bandaged with gauze from where the debris hit him.

Out of all the kids, Rhett appears to be the least emotionally scarred by the ritual. Despite having encountered an eldritch abomination that took his date and his legs, his brash and enthusiastic self is still intact. By no means is his chipper attitude really a shock to anyone who knew Rhett before the ritual. Around others Rhett is overwhelmingly positive, his outward demeanor is that of a golden retriever that just downed two cans of redbull. It’s as if this kid never runs out of energy, which due to the effects of the ritual, might be partly true.

Rhett world is fast, he’s a quick thinker, but not necessarily thorough. His immediate instincts often override his common sense. He speaks before he thinks, making him brutally honest and prone to saying the dumbest of shit. Naturally, his attention span is fairly short, when things take too long he tends to get pretty irritable. Even though Rhett plays off his idiocy for laughs, Rhett is more perceptive than he lets on.

Growing up being bullied by classmates for having two mothers and coming from another country, deep down he’s a little jaded, but never wants to accept defeat. Rhett faces the world head on with a shit eating grin. When it comes to beliefs Rhett is stubborn with a strong backbone. Underneath, he's emotionally guarded with pretty abysmal expectations in others.

active abilities
Extra-dimensional Parkour: Everett can phase his body into the fourth dimension, effectively allowing him to bypass most matter by simply stepping over it as if it were flat. While in this state, he can move as fast as a vehicle on the highway. Stepping from the street to the roof of a building is exactly the same in this dimension. He remains partially visible, but only to creatures that are on the same elevation as him (if he and another non-fourth dimensional creature are on the same rooftop, for example), and only as a ghostly, flickering apparition.

Phasing back into the normal world takes no effort, but does come with some drawbacks. Any matter he takes up the space of is violently ejected from his space when he exits the fourth dimension. This causes damage to both himself and the object in question. This occurs even with the air, but due to the microscopic and fluid nature of the particles he can phase in and out several times before it starts to cause him problems. Phasing back into solid matter will cause the portion of the object he was inside *and* the associated body part to be blown apart.
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passive abilities
Enhanced Stamina/Energy: Rhett is able to be mentally and physically active considerably longer than the average human without tiring. The amount of sleep he needs to be fully functional has basically been cut in half, clocking in around four hours a night. On the downside, he usually has to consume twice as many calories (4,000-5,000) to keep up with the energy he is burning.

Enhanced Reflexes: Rhett has an enhanced reaction to speed that allows him to dodge and maneuver around with more ease compared to others. His mental and physical speed haven’t synchronized yet. So while his instincts will often just go through the motions for him, he struggles to act out more advanced strategies that are beyond simple fight or flight which means he mostly dodges. For instance, compared to a normal person, he is two to three times more likely to dodge an object or punch thrown directly at him as well as catch things thrown by someone with normal human strength with ease. He can predict the movements of others up to 10 feet away, but only within the span of the next 3 seconds.

Rhett was raised in Osaka up until his parents separated when he was seven. After the divorce, his mother got full custody and he moved to the states with her and his new stepmother. As the new kid in with two mothers and broken English, the first couple years at school were difficult to say the least. His ADHD didn’t help either, between a short attention span and the lessons being in a different language, Rhett struggled academically as well. In a small town where rumors spread quickly, not many classmates were willing to let a kid who stuck out like a sore thumb into their friendship circles. Amongst all the judgemental kids there were a handful of outliers like Rowan who’d later become lifelong friends.

Rhett claims to have peaked in seventh grade, mainly because his agility was what made his homeroom class win field day by a landslide. Once kids realized that he was the fastest runner in the grade, he became a pretty valuable asset to any sports team. His reputation in athletics made school a little more bearable, going from a complete outsider to a bit of a legend. When high school rolled around it wasn’t a surprise that Rhett joined the track team to soon become a star player. Throughout his time at high school, he often spoke up at the cost of his reputation. His popularity would rise and fall, winning track meets, but siding with the underdogs. Essentially, he was a jock that hung out with the geeks.

Then Rhett’s somewhat average life was turned upside down by a school winter formal. He mustered up the courage to ask out Aubrey, his rival/crush from another school. They often competed against each other during meets. Everything went perfectly until the day of the dance. Rhett sat by the school gym’s stairway for nearly an hour before giving up. Did he really get stood up? He brushed it off as an elaborate, but cruel joke, something Aubrey would do. For once he didn’t try to make the best of the situation, he called one of his moms and went home. The next day police were at his door, he was a suspect for Aubrey’s brutal murder.

The evidence against him didn’t add up, but the rumors continued even after he was let off. After getting outed in one of the worst possible ways, his reputation hit rock bottom. At first, he believed the true cause of her death was a serial killer. After the results of the autopsy and several friends having similar stories Rhett began to suspect it might be something supernatural. With a bit of reluctance, Rhett joined the rest of the group to hunt down whatever was killing their friends and family.

They performed a ritual to expel the entity, which technically worked. For a split second the entity attempted an escape, but Rhett was able to drop kick it back into the circle. Black goo slowly started to engulf his legs, blistering his skin. With no other choice, Rhett amputated both his legs with the help of Avram, one of the few people still conscious. He was about to pass out before one of the branches that broke off during the ritual hit his head.

The impact of the branch hitting his head caused him to fall into a coma for nearly a month. When Rhett regained consciousness he was unable to move, completely paralyzed. To anyone else it looked like he was still asleep, but in actuality Rhett was trapped with his thoughts for weeks. Over the course of several weeks, Rhett managed to slowly regain movement. His physical condition was piss poor, but his mental state was evaluated as not a threat to others or himself. Rhett is still at the hospital recovering from the ritual, allowed to go out for short bouts of time. In a few weeks he’ll be fully discharged and enrolled at Starlight Academy. .

He lives in the school dorms and receives a small stipend.

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