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Rhett is a gawky teenage nerd of Japanese and Scandinavian descent. At 5'11, he has the build of a runner and lanky He has the build of a runner, 5’11 and lanky. Rhett's face has sly, almost fox-like in appearance. He wears thick rectangular glasses and has heterochromia, one eye blue and the other a reddish brown. His hair is strawberry blond and covers a scar on his forehead where he was hit. Rhett's style is heavily influenced by streetwear. He always wears pants long enough to go over his ankles, like normal two legged boy. Even in his uniform, there's usually a hoodie or tee under his blazer instead of the proper shirt.

The ritual resulted in him losing both of his legs below the knee and in their place is a pair of prosthetics. The skin around where the amputation was made is severely scarred and discolored, with a series of gnarly scars stopping around the middle of his thigh.Though he goes great lengths to appear like nothing ever happened, he moves clumsily and usually is sitting down/propped against something.

Rhett’s world moves fast, he’s a quick thinker, but not necessarily a thorough one. Brash, quick-tempered, and enthusiastic, he has a colorful personality and plenty of energy. He's outwardly pretty positive and knows how to lighten the mood. Common sense is sometimes overridden by impulsivity, he's reckless with balls of steel. Often speaking before thinking, Rhett lacks much of a verbal filter, prone to saying some pretty dumb shit without realizing it. His well meaning advice can come off as inconsiderate. Even though Rhett plays off his idiocy for laughs, he’s more perceptive than he lets on.

Despite his strengths in maths and science, encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture, and knack for building and programming computers, Rhett undermines his intelligence to seem cool. He's smart, but it comes out in more unconventional ways. Acting like an idiot is a convenient way lower everyone's expectations of him and make sure no one criticizes his genuine self. He's a little too self depreciative and sensitive about the aftermath of the ritual, especially being an amputee. There's a particularly mean streak in him that comes out when pushed too far, he knows which words bite. Growing up as an outsider that only found acceptance when he was seen as an asset, he's hesitant whether his connections are real and not superficial. Underneath the upbeat persona, he has abysmal expectations in others, even those closest to him and especially himself.

active abilities
Extra-dimensional Parkour: Everett can phase his body into the fourth dimension, effectively allowing him to bypass most matter by simply stepping over it as if it were flat. While in this state, he can move as fast as a vehicle on the highway. Stepping from the street to the roof of a building is exactly the same in this dimension. He remains partially visible, but only to creatures that are on the same elevation as him (if he and another non-fourth dimensional creature are on the same rooftop, for example), and only as a ghostly, flickering apparition.

Phasing back into the normal world takes no effort, but does come with some drawbacks. Any matter he takes up the space of is violently ejected from his space when he exits the fourth dimension. This causes damage to both himself and the object in question. This occurs even with the air, but due to the microscopic and fluid nature of the particles he can phase in and out several times before it starts to cause him problems. Phasing back into solid matter will cause the portion of the object he was inside *and* the associated body part to be blown apart.
( Written by Kada)

passive abilities
Enhanced Stamina/Energy: Rhett is able to be mentally and physically active considerably longer than the average human without tiring. The amount of sleep he needs to be fully functional has basically been cut in half, clocking in around four hours a night. On the downside, he usually has to consume twice as many calories (4,000-5,000) to keep up with the energy he is burning.

Enhanced Reflexes: Rhett has an enhanced reaction to speed that allows him to dodge and maneuver around with more ease compared to others. His mental and physical speed haven’t synchronized yet. So while his instincts will often just go through the motions for him, he struggles to act out more advanced strategies that are beyond simple fight or flight which means he mostly dodges. For instance, compared to a normal person, he is two to three times more likely to dodge an object or punch thrown directly at him as well as catch things thrown by someone with normal human strength with ease. He can predict the movements of others up to 10 feet away, but only within the span of the next 3 seconds.

Rhett grew up in Osaka, Japan up until his parents separated when he was still in elementary school. His mother got full custody and decided to move to the states with her girlfriend. On top of being the new kid who spoke in only broken English, Rhett also had to deal with ADHD and being nearly a head taller than the rest of his classmates. Aside from a few outliers like Rowan, not that many classmates were willing to let a kid who stuck out like a sore thumb into their friendship circles.

In the seventh grade during field day Rhett’s homeroom won by a landslide thanks to his agility. Once Rhett was recognized as the fastest kid in the grade, his life at school became a bit more bearable and he was even popular thanks to his track feats. Freshman year of school rolled around and Rhett was already one of the star runners on the track team.

While Aubrey went to another school, since middle school the two of them seemed to always bump into each other through track meets, clubs, and summer camps. They went from rivals to close friends to dating by the end of the spring freshman track season. Being two guys from a small town in the south, they were pretty on the down-low about their relationship.

When the winter formal rolled around, they planned on openly dating, except Aubrey never showed up. He was instead declared missing the next day. Rhett and Aubrey's brother conducted a search of their own, during which Rhett could have sworn to hav seen a shadowy figure looming over Aubrey's decaying corpse. Several other acquaintances had similar stories and they joined forces to expel the entity via a ritual. For a split second the entity attempted an escape, but Rhett was able to drop kick it back into the circle. Black goo slowly started to engulf his legs, blistering his skin. With no other choice, Rhett amputated both his legs, one of the few people still conscious. He nearly passed out from the pain before one of the branches that broke off during the ritual hit his head.

The impact of the branch hitting his head caused him to fall into a coma for nearly a month. When Rhett regained consciousness he was unable to move, completely paralyzed with nothing below the knee. His physical condition wasn't great, but his mental state was evaluated as not a threat and several weeks after waking up he was enrolled at Starlight Academy. Over the course of several months, he slowly regained control of his body. Several months later, Aubrey's body was found and a funeral was held. During his visit to the narrow reality, Rhett got into a fight with a student from his old school. He tried to use his powers and lost footing while up against a locker which caused a small explosion. The scouts found him at a police station, and Rhett was returned to Manta Carlos, but he is not allowed to return to the Narrow Reality for awhile.

He lives in the school dorms and receives a small stipend.

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