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Name: Eriko Otomo
Alias: Elisabeth Hadley
Age: 17
Birthday: July 2
Gender: Non-Binary (She/Her; They/Them)
Species: Half Oni
Category: Student
Class: High School
Grade: 11

Appearance Description: Eriko is on the shorter side and built like a ball of compressed muscle. Aside from her blue skin and yellow eyes, she would be able to pass for human at a glance. Her horns aren't big enough to be obvious in her mess of golden hair, her fangs aren't so long that they're too different from regular human teeth, and her claws aren't big or sharp enough that they can't pass for long nails. All this, combined with her illusion magic, allows her to convincingly portray a human when she needs to. She dresses in mostly blacks and yellows and in either punk style clothes or her traditional ones from home.


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Personality Description: Eriko is hot blooded in the best and the worst ways. When she cares about something, she cares a lot, which in some cases can lead her to doing stupid things. On the other hand, though, it also leads her to try as hard as she possibly can in most circumstances and makes her very, very difficult to discourage.

Active Abilities:

Illusion Magic - Eriko can perform very small illusions to change the colours of things. She mainly uses this on herself for either her clothing or to disguise as a human.

Passive Abilities:

Oni Blood - Eriko's Oni heritage makes her significantly stronger and more durable than a human being. Her Oni features also exaggerate when she's angry with her fangs, claws, and horns all growing the angrier she is.

Biography: In 2002 an Order of Longinus operative named Brian Hadley was deployed to work in Northeastern Japan. During his time there he tracked down and neutralized multiple malicious Oni, rogue youkai, and supernaturally dangerous humans. He also had a one night stand with a normal, well adjusted Oni by the name of Emi Otomo. Six days later Hadley was moved out of Japan to another assignment. Nine months later Eriko Otomo was born.

Eriko was a restless child from the beginning. When her mother told her about her father the first thing she wanted to do was try to find him. Not because she wanted him to be in her life, but because she wanted to kick his ass for leaving her mom. As she grew up she gradually forgot about him, only thinking about him in passing when she used his last name for her alter ego. Elisabeth Hadley was an invention of Eriko's to let her go out and experience the human world firsthand. She was a tourist girl- Eriko had to learn French and English for that- who was new to Japan and wanted to try everything for the first time. She had figured that Elisabeth was a pretty genius plan. Even if sometimes people wondered if the tourist part was a lie they didn't seem to care too much to look into it.

She messed up once and it was over, though. One wrong hair flip while she was just a little too upset and there was her horn. Before long she and her mother were resettled in Manta Carlos. Eriko was almost disappointed by how quick she was to adjust to life there. Then, after a month or so, she heard a name in passing- Father Brian Hadley. Then she started to understand why she was on the island.

To get her mom some god damned child support.

Resources: No income other than a small allowance. Lives with her mother in a small house.
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Half Oni
July 2
Non Binary
She/Her; They/Them
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