Name: Eric Surcadre
Age: 13 14 15
Birthday: May 7
Gender: Male
Species: Werewolf/Reaper Hybrid
Category: Student
Class: High School
Grade: 10th
Appearance Description: Eric looks like one of those people who would end up in juvie island. As young as he is, he simply gives off that kind of aura, and that might well be true. He walks with a cocky confidence, nurtured by his superior status as the eldest of his litter and his superior physical traits. At a glance, he is the trouble-maker, unruly and sometimes aloof.

Just like his siblings, Eric has tanned skin, and levels with his sister, Collete in height at 5'5", leaving Lucas, the youngest of the three just an inch shorter than both of them. Eric is built like an amateur athlete, with little fat to be found, though he's not muscular yet not thin at the same time. He is somewhere in the middle of that range. His posture is one of confidence, head held high and a gaze that never falters even when faced with certain doom. At first he may look unapproachable and broody, but unless he has a scowl on his face that lasts for more than two minutes, he is normally open to being bothered.

His style is and always will be, laid back. He doesn't care much about what he wears, but red colors are his favorite. He also loves to wear jackets, usually unzipped. Outside of his school uniform, he is hardly ever seen without a jacket. On hot days, he'd pick out a jacket vest because he just seems to love them that much. For rainy days, he also has water-resistant jackets and jacket vests with hoods.

His hair is short, dark brown, and is an unruly tousled mess with innumerable cowlicks that just refuses to have any sort of order no matter how many times it has been groomed. On special occasions, he would need to use wax to get it to yield as gel simply wouldn't hold it for more than an hour.

Being adventurous and a rough-houser, Eric often gets scratches and other small injuries which often means he has a few patches and bandaids somewhere stuck on him.

As part werewolf, he also has a permanent pair of fluffy ears and a tail (both of which have the same color as his hair, but the inner ear and the under part of the tail having white fur) that reacts to stimuli much like wolves' and dogs' ears and tail. In his wolf form, he is the size of the average wolf with fur that's predominantly dark brown with his underside being white.

Eric has an extra talent that his siblings don't have, and that is the ability to access his full werewolf form. He grows grows to almost 8 feet and becomes much stronger in the process. On his skin in both his wolf and werewolf form, Eric has a swirling pattern that can only be seen clearly when he goes into his reaper mode.

Personality Description: The eldest in a set of three, Eric, from a young age, was reared to be the one to take care of his younger brother and sister. This was constantly something he was reminded of when he got into fights with them over something trivial. It was never in front of Nicollete or Lucas however. Eventually he learned to give way. Begrudgingly of course. He just got tired of getting told the same thing over and over that he just gave up and decided not to do anything if he would get in trouble for something his siblings were doing. Keyword being "try" but he got better at it.

This was probably why their mother gave him small gifts whenever the other two weren't around, not all of them being objects, mostly some reassurance that he was doing the right thing. In truth, it got frustrating being the older brother, and she saw that whenever Eric distanced himself after a fight. It was because of this Eric was close to their mother in a way that was somewhat different. They often talked alone, with his mother saying things to calm him down. He never did have the longest fuse when it came to temper, but when it came to family, he was forced to just bottle it up. Perhaps that's also a reason why he often gets into fights easily with anyone else, just wanting a reason to vent out frustrations. Just beware when people start picking on family or friends. Eric's a tough one and hardly ever surrenders.

He's also set in his ways. It takes a lot for him to change his mind about something, but it this trait that helps him pursue his goals. But there's one thing that derails everything for him. Attraction. Eric just loses it when he's around a girl he likes. He can do feats of strength and athleticism, but put him in front of an attractive girl, and he'd be lost for words.

He's more in tuned with his instincts, which may also explain why he's so confrontational, territorial and protective to a fault.

Species Abilities: Eric inherited some traits from his mother and father as one would come to expect, but it seems like he has gotten much of the brawn
  • Werewolf Aspect — Being a half-werewolf, Eric was born with permanent wolf ears and tail. His fangs are also more pronounced, which can be seen when he grins, however not enough to poke out from under his lips. In his humanoid form, he's twice as strong as the average person his age. His stamina and endurance are also improved even without training. However he does have a lot of the weaknesses of a werewolf, such as his weakness to anything silver. It irritates his flesh, causing rashes and even poisoning when exposed to it for too long, depending on how much he was exposed to. His sense of smell is equal to that of wolves, and as such, fragrances from strong cologne and perfumes would irritate him, and can possibly cause his sense of smell to be useless. His vision and sense of hearing are also just as good and suffer from the same disadvantages as normal wolves.

    Of course, what's a werewolf without the ability to transform? In his true werewolf form, Eric has dark brown fur all around with the exception of his underside, which is white, and standing up would have him almost reach 8 feet. In this form he also has near-invisible pattern on his skin, which only appears when he taps into his reaper powers, something akin to a shaman's tattoo. His strength doubles in this form, as does his speed, stamina and endurance. He can also transform "half-way" meaning that he could just turn into a regular wolf. He'd still have his normal strengths as his more humanoid form, and he doesn't get any boost in any of his abilities.

    Compared to his siblings, Eric is prone to going feral, which can be triggered by strong emotions. In this state, Eric goes on raw instinct rather than any sort of reasonable intelligence, and as such the only ones that could be safe to approach would be those who smell like family. If he doesn't sense any form of familiarity with someone, he is likely to attack them. However, if the scents are masked so well that Eric couldn't pick out a familiar scent, he could attack family. This tendency to go feral becomes increasingly potent during full moons. He would need to be kept calm or under control to stop him from turning.

  • Reaper Aspect — Eric can smell recently-disembodied souls, whether it was due to death or other methods. All well and good, but he has also inherited the power to actually see them, to sense them and interact with them as if they were physically there.

    Harnessing his reaper powers, he can turn ethereal, passing through walls and other obstacles like a ghost. This allows him to directly assault someone's soul while leaving the physical body intact. However, it will still seem as if he is interacting with the body, and so it can suffer trauma from being thrashed around. Eric can literally rip someone's soul right out of their bodies in the same fashion as his physical form on someone's physical body. However, this form is only effective against souls that are without a body, or if the victim was already dying.

    The more damaged the soul is, the greater the sense of dread, depression and emptiness the soul has. This can heal over time much like regular wounds and are subjected to increased regeneration rate if it's something the soul/person has access to.

    While in this ethereal 'reaper mode', the markings on his werewolf and wolf forms' skins glows brightly in swirling patterns, symmetrical on both sides of his body. He also appears like a creature made of red light with his skeletal structure faintly visible in the center of all his forms.

    He is still affected by magic in this form, and magical barriers are one of the things that can stop his advance. Silver, while it passes through his ethereal form, still irritates him when he's in contact with it. This also makes him lose focus and could possibly return to the physical plane while the silver was still in him. He also can't turn ethereal while in contact with silver. He can go into this reaper mode in any of his forms, but he's most prominently using it in his wolf and werewolf form as he doesn't have the ability to summon a weapon like a scythe or any type of blade. The form can only be maintained for up to half an hour per night, with the possibility of having the duration increased as Eric grows more powerful.

  • Death Howl — During a full moon, Eric's howl in his wolf, werewolf and three-headed wolf form can be enhanced with reaper magic. With each howl, Eric sacrifices a piece of his own soul to create three ghostly wolf heads (looking like translucent skulls the size of a soccer ball emanating a red aura, not unlike Eric in his reaper form). These heads can follow a target around, sharing their senses with Eric, but they can also be used as a one-time projectile which if it makes contact, marks the soul for a full day, with each additional hit extending the mark by another day. If the marked individual dies while the mark is still present, they are immediately bound to Eric. The mark can only be applied if the soul being hit is within a vessel.

    Eric can only use this for a total of three times before he dies. If he doesn't use the Death Howl during a full moon, he recovers a missing piece of his soul instead. As he loses pieces of his soul, Eric becomes more apathetic, becoming more distant even to his own siblings, and there's a risk of him staying this way permanently. When he loses two-thirds of his soul, he will show signs of depression and the lack of willingness to do anything. Losing all of his soul causes him to die, and without a soul, can't be reaped. He simply disappears.

    When a marked soul becomes bound to Eric (died while they were still marked) they become imprisoned in Eric's own soul. At the moment, Eric doesn't have a use for these souls, but he can make them appear if he focuses, taking multiple forms between a wisp, a wisp with a skull in the center, or a rendition of what they looked like before they died, each form requiring increasing effort to maintain. These souls retain their sentience, but can be forced to follow Eric's will, (with varying degrees of success). Animal souls are more likely to be obedient while higher creatures of sentience can even rebel. Eric can freely release these souls if he wanted. Currently he is in possession of the souls of two deers and a wolf from when he first discovered this power.

  • Three-Headed Wolf — In tandem with his sister and brother, the triplets can fuse into a giant three-headed wolf. But this poses a problem. They need to be in the right mood, and should one of them lose focus or one of them takes control of the whole body without the other heads' consent for more than a few minutes, then they fall apart. In order to function properly, they need to be coordinated and agree on what they want to accomplish. It can be rather tedious.

    None of them have the best control with this form, which is why being a well-oiled machine is absolutely needed. Such is the price of power. In this form, the triplets' strength, speed, and durability increase three-fold when to that of a normal wolf's. Their teeth and claws in this form are strong enough to cut through most metals.

    Their powers of reaping also improve since they share their abilities (technically) and they are also connected as one would expect from a fusion. Unfortunately at this time, they can only hold the form for up to an hour, but they have the potential to increase the duration through practice.

    His head in this form, the rightmost one, looks semi-ethereal, and can turn fully, allowing him to attack the souls of his enemies directly. His howl also has the added effect of inspiring dread upon those who hear it, giving them a cold chill that causes a disembodied soul to waver and making it easier for his sister to "staple" it to a body with her bite, doubling the duration effectively, but only when it's done within the first thirty seconds of Eric's howl.
Biography: Not a lot of people think of Eric as a responsible child. He's rowdy, rough around the edges, and at times lacking any manners, being confrontational at the slightest provocation. He himself enforced these views. He was emotional in the negative spectrum, sometimes to the point of lacking a sense of empathy.

Eric was the oldest in a set of triplets, and was treated as such. He enjoyed some time being the focus of his parents' attention, but then that focus drifted towards his sister and brother, especially his brother, Lucas. He was sickly, and Eric could smell the scent of death all around him. A lot of times it was stronger than usual. At the time he didn't understand it, the scent just simply coincided with him being sick, so Eric just thought that was what sickness smelled like.

As one would expect from siblings, the triplets had their differences that lead to fights. This was the primary reason why Eric found out he was much stronger than either of his siblings, and it was also because of that that he had talks with his mother. A lot of them. She was rightfully afraid that Eric was going to hurt his siblings badly, so she tried desperately to stop that from ever happening. That meant that punishments were a bit harsher on him because he was "the eldest" of the three.

Around the time he was 7, his werewolf heritage appeared, just about the same time as his sister, only, he was much wilder, chasing small animals around the house while he was shifted, and at one time during a full moon, successfully hunted a deer in the forest. He still wasn't sure whether or not his father was proud of that or not. Compared to his siblings, Eric was the most prone to succumbing to his instincts as a predator. Luckily however, so long as he contained his temper, turning feral became a non-issue. It was harder than anyone would think, but with his mother's kind words and gentleness, he managed to keep calm.

At school, he often kept to himself, save for when he was with his siblings. Having the idea of being the eldest and so the one being responsible for protecting his younger siblings, Eric took it upon himself to take out his frustrations on those who pick on Colette and Lucas. As one would imagine, this ended up with a lot of fighting. He had a small circle of friends due to his violent tendencies, but those who knew how to handle him found a good friend in him.

As he got older, Eric learned to give way to his younger siblings, but he did so begrudgingly since he was only doing it to keep out of trouble, and his anger grew every time. Once again, their mother was there to help calm him down. This pattern allowed him to have a deeper bond with his mother as they would often have talks just the two of them. There were times when he was upset and she would take him out of the house to get something to eat, or just some time at the park.

Through their time together, Eric noticed a lot about their mother and he found out that she was keeping Lucas alive. Well, he guessed. The clues were all there, and so when she passed for doing for what she did, Eric had half a mind telling him it was all Lucas' fault. But with some insight to how much their mother really loved them, he really couldn't bring himself to blame him. He was 11 then, and he had never felt so weak before that time.

On the first full moon after their mother's death, Eric had a lot of nightmares that perplexed him deeply. He turned into a full werewolf for the first time, but at the same time their mothers' heritage became active within him, turning him into this ghostly werewolf, like an aura of red around a skeleton. The forest creatures did not have a good night, and neither would have some campers if not for his father's intervention. Eric had gone feral at this point and he wanted nothing but to feed, but recognizing his father's scent, he managed to return to his senses.

Due to his new reaper powers, Eric had started to take an interest in the strange art his sister was doing, even helping her sometimes if she ever needed a fresh carcass or a soul. Animal ones of course.

Additional Information: Eric doesn't have a 'pet' but he has befriended a Raven by giving it food when he went hunting. Being a smart bird, it stuck with Eric, even following him home, but unlike others' birds, it didn't live with them. Just under the shingles. Possibly because it knows it has a better chance of surviving than just relying on Eric to be fed and cleaned. Eric has taken to calling it Oz
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