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Name: Erasmus Wait
Age: 214, Appears 24
Birthday: March 4th
Gender: Male
Species: Poltergeist
Category: Citizen
Career: Private English Tutor

Appearance Description:

Made with Artbreeder (Artist: Joel Simon), edited by me

When visible Erasmus is ghostly and translucent with a pale, desaturated appearance. He is an average-looking man in his mid 20s, a bit short at 5'5" and has a soft build that lacks muscle tone. His eyes are grey and his short hair is dark except for a patch of white on his left temple.


Commission by Sayutb

Erasmus has a British accent and a tinny, distant voice when he is able to be heard. Always floating a little, the ghost often forgets to walk when he moves. His clothes are what he was wearing when he died - a typical suit of the 1830s, though plain and somewhat worn. He wears a simple bracelet the colour of sand on his right arm. He is also burdened with heavy looking black chains that wrap around his legs but make no sound.

Personality Description:
When he was alive Erasmus was earnest and hardworking. A man who was good with children, strict but fair. He was patient with people who made an effort, but could have a bit of a mean temper when he did get worked up. A polite, friendly young man who tried his best to be a good person and also follow society's expectations.

He was deeply ashamed of his homosexuality and struggled with this shame even during his relationship. Erasmus used to be quiet and reserved, and he remains somewhat introverted but becoming a ghost forcibly cut off from humanity has made him desperate for the contact he can get. And he is a lot more volatile and attention seeking than he used to be.

Erasmus enjoys teaching because he enjoys learning and sharing that knowledge. He has some fascination for language, did take the time to learn some foreign languages in his undeath, but prefers English as his native tongue. He sees language as an artform and appreciates poetry and lyrics. He actually likes rap, in written form, although he finds the vulgarity shocking.

Even though Erasmus has been among other people for 90ish years, he couldn't really interact with society at large, and most of his time has been spent with other ghosts. He did some catching up where he could and is aware of how society has progressed but he still retains some older ideals and can't really connect to modern life. He is also damaged after nearly a century of solitary confinement, and he has never fully recovered.

Active Abilities:
Telekinesis - If he gets angry, can channel his anger into a basketball-sized burst of destructive telekinetic energy with the force, speed, and range of a fired cannonball, but will be too drained to use any active abilities for a couple hours after. Can make lights and TV/computer screens in the room he's in flicker when he's emotional. Can move light objects such as pencils more finely for a few minutes at a time every hour or so with concentration.

Visibility - Must concentrate to become visible and audible to anyone not undead or with the ability to detect ghosts/souls. Must be standing still and cannot use ability more than an hour and a half a day. Can't use telekinesis at the same time.

Passive Abilities:
Ghost - Not alive. Doesn't require sleep/food/breath. Ageless. Always wearing clothes he died in. Intangible. Can't touch or be touched by any physical objects. Passes through any material, including living beings. Can't feel any physical sensations. Floats about a foot off the ground, can float up to about 10 feet (regular ceiling height) but no further.

Battery Drain - Within an armslength radius batteries drain 4x faster.

Chilled - The air around him in an armslength radius is always measurably a few degrees colder than the surroundings.

Bound to Unlife - Cannot pass on unless his chains are severed. The chains can only be damaged by magical energy or weapons that can touch intangible beings.

Bracelet of Ocean Sand - A specially charmed bracelet that he is able to wear made of the sand where he died. He cannot move more than a foot away from it. If it is stolen he will be moved wherever it is.

Slow - Can't move faster than a walking pace.

Salt Barrier - Can't cross a line of salt.

Born in England in the early 1800s, Erasmus had a fairly unremarkable childhood for the times. When he was grown he got a job as a schoolhouse teacher. After fighting his urges too long, he fell for another man and entered into a secret homosexual relationship around 20. They were both very careful, but eventually they slipped up and were caught by Erasmus's landlord when they worked up to anything more than kisses. Both were arrested and convicted, originally receiving a death sentence which was then commuted to transportation.

On ship to Australia, Erasmus got into an argument with his lover, which remained unresolved because of a shipwreck. His rage and despair against society, unfulfilled desire, and the argument combined caused him to cling to life as a poltergeist. Bound to the area of the ocean where he died, he spent decades going mad from the solitary confinement, only able to channel his rage into attacking ships, which chained him further.

An undead god looking for ghosts in the ocean's shipwrecks found him, helped him feel something other than rage again, and carried some of the ocean sand so that Erasmus could leave the ocean for the first time in 100 years or so. Erasmus, unable to pass on and broken from the enforced solitary confinement, became one of the god's entourage of undead followers.

The next 90ish years were spent with the god and a changing troupe of ghosts, though there were a couple in the same situation as Erasmus, unable to pass on and staying together for the companionship. This core group helped find more ghosts in need of aid, learning what they could both of society and being undead, teaching younger ghosts.

Through the years there were a few encounters with scouts investigating haunting incidents, where some of the ghosts would go to Manta Carlos. After the most recent one, with the death of magic explained, the undead god decided to head there themself and make a sanctuary. Some ghosts stayed behind to help find others, but Erasmus went with the god.

Resources: Making a little money from tutoring, though he often works for free as he doesn't have many expenses. Living in small house with undead god and other ghosts.

Additional Information:
First release
Last update
214, Appears 24
March 4th
Private English Tutor
Image Credits
(headshot) Made with Artbreeder (Artist: Joel Simon), edited by me, (bust) Commission by Sayutb

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