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Artwork courtesy of Sayutb on DeviantArt

Name: Elizabeth “Lizzy” Roselend

Age: 16

Birthday: August 14th.

Gender: Female (She/Her)

Species: Human (Eldritch Touched)

Category: Student

Class: High School

Grade: 10

Appearance Description: Stands about 5’5, has brown hair that she typically keeps in pig-tails that end just above her shoulders. Has yellow eyes that glow an orangish red when she is possessing someone. Tends to dress in a tomboyish style, with a notably feminine flair.

Personality Description:
  • Towards others:
  • Snarky and antagonistic to just about every person she meets. Has a very strong distrust for authority
  • Loves to cause trouble in anyway she can. This might be through getting under someone's skin, pranking people, or just being a general nuisance
  • Lair: A well practiced liar. Can come up with completely fabricated tales on a dime, and still make them believable.
  • Smug
  • Towards Friends:
  • Has a “big sister” mentality towards all her friends
  • Wants to keep her friends happy, and will do just about anything for them.
Active Abilities:

Object/Animal Possession: Able to possess objects (No larger than a mini fridge) and most animals. Can also possess multiple animals at once, though this depends on the type of animal. Ie: She can easily possess a swarm of insects, but can only possess one dog at a time. This effect is strongest with pack animals, or animals that operate on a "Hivemind." She can only possess things that she can see, and objects that are possessed can be moved ala Beauty and the Beast style, so long as they weigh less than 50 lbs. During a possession, she will be unable to move, and if her body is contacted, moved, or altered in anyway, she will be forced to release the possession. For large animals (Anything larger than a medium sized dog) she will pass out for the same length she held the possession. In addition, once she has possessed something, if they move more than 100 feet from her, the possession will be broken. She also gains all properties of the things she possesses. (Powers/Weaknesses)

Human Possession: In some cases she is able to possess people, though this is much harder for to do. In order to possess someone she must be able to make some kind of physical contact with them, and hold it for at least ten seconds. She can only possess those who are unaware of what she is trying to do, are in a emotional state, or are willing to let her possess them, at which point her body will freeze in whatever possession it's in, and she will take over the body of the person she is possessing. She can only possess one person at a time, and can be forced out by the host, if the host is strong enough, banished through holy magic, or after one hour has passed of possession. In addition, any harm dealt to the person she is possessing, will be reflected on her own body as it occurs. After possessing someone, she will pass out for an hour, regardless of how long the possession lasted, and will feel sluggish and drained for the rest of the day. She also gains all properties of the things she possesses. (Powers/Weaknesses)

Telekinesis: Able to move objects using her mind. However, these objects can be no heavier than 10 lbs, or the size of a chair, whichever comes first. In addition, she can only move objects that are within 5 feet of her.

Cats Eye ring: Has an enchanted Cats Eye ring the same color as her eyes that grants her perfect vision in darkness/at night when used.

Passive Abilities:

Mind-block: Unaffected from any mind altering powers

Healing: Able to heal from minor injuries (Cuts and bruises) within a few hours, major injuries (Broken bones) take about a day before they will be fully healed


Weak: Lacks much physical strength and will struggle to lift anything heavier than 25 lbs.

Low endurance: Gets tired very easily. Even so much as going up 2 flights of stairs will leave her completely winded.

Frail: Extremely injury prone. Even so much as her falling over will leave some pretty nasty bruises, if not worse.

Dark urges: If she goes more than a week without possessing someone, her body will begin to hurt, and she will feel strong urges to possess those around her. The longer she goes without satisfying this urge, the worse it gets. After a month without possessing someone, she will begin to randomly possess things without warning.


Growing up in a small rural town in the United States, there wasn’t much for people to do. Except cause trouble. Something the Roselends had turned into an art form. Almost weekly the sheriff paid them a visit, always for some minor crime that resulted in nothing more than a slap on the wrist, but enough to let the town now that the Roselends were trouble.

Elizabeth “Lizzy” Roselend was the youngest member of the family, and like her two older siblings, loved to cause trouble anyway she could. Her older siblings often take her out as a kid, and teach her tricks on how to break into places and what not. Mostly because she was small, and could go where they couldn’t.

School was much the same, she constantly picked on her classmates, through insults, pranks, and various other methods. Enough to get her suspended a good number of times by the time that she was in 7th grade. And she had no plans to change any time soon.

However, just as she was preparing to start her 8th grade year, her eldest sibling messed up. He robbed a liquor store and tried to run from the cops in a stolen truck, eventually crashing and getting arrested. All of this, plus his past crimes, got him 35 years in prison. 35 years. That was enough to scare Elizabeth straight. She’d seen what prisons were like, and she DID NOT want to go there. But she also knew she needed help. So she turned to the one person she could think of who could help her: Avram Kravitz.

The rich kid, the good boy. The one person who was everything she wasn’t. And he did help her, tutoring her, and helping her get her life back in order. For once, it seemed like she was on the right track. She was doing well in school, staying out of trouble, she’d even made friends with Rowan.

Then it happened. People started vanishing, leaving no trace. The police thought it might be wild animals or something. Then the bodies started to appear. Rowan was hit too, his house burned to the ground, and his family killed.

Until one late night, she awoke to a pounding on the front door of her house, opening it, she saw one of the boys who lived next door. But he appeared to be missing an arm, and was bleeding heavily. She also saw something else. A monstrous black figure. Not an animal, and certainly not human. Once her family had pulled the boy into the house, she looked again, and it was gone.

The boy would die from his injuries, the last words from his mouth being “It came from beyond.” Repeated over, and over, and over.

Needless to say, this freaked Lizzy the hell out, and she decided to tell Rowan about what had happened. Fully convinced he’d think she was crazy. But he didn’t. He had seen it too. Eventually, she met up with the other members of the group, and they each compared stories and events. Eventually concluding that what they were dealing with was far worse than any serial killer.

Eventually, it became clear to them that town was under siege by a powerful Eldritch Elder God of Death. However, he was weak enough at the present to be killed through a ritual. And that’s what they did, driving the beast of the planet and killing it. Or so they thought.

Lizzy woke up after the ritual in some kind of hospital on Manta Carlos, surrounded by people she didn’t know. They didn’t tell her much, only that something had happened, and that she was being put in the “Islets” because she was presently a danger to herself, and others.

So she ended up on the Islets for about a month, being released with a few other group members. And that she’s out, she’s fallen back to what she does best. Causing trouble.

  • Lives in dorms
  • Receives basic allowance.
Additional Information:

All powers were obtained through a encounter with an Eldritch.
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Human (Eldritch Touched)
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Artwork courtesy of Sayutb on DeviantArt

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