Elijah (Stefan)

Primary Elijah (Stefan)

Name: Elijah

Age: 21(Physical/Mental) 3 (Chronological)

Birthday: March 14th

Gender: Male

Species: NEK04

Category: Citizen

Job: Escort at Wolfsbane Bordello

Photo credit: Mianamaxi


Soft brown hair sits naturally spiked atop his head. Nestled inside that are a set of ears that has fur, matching his hair. Deep blue eyes accent a face that is considered sharply handsome. Eli stands at 5'9" and weighs 160lbs. He was completely designed to appear and be cuddly, so while he has more athletic build, doesn't have any hard sharp spots of bone that would make him uncomfortable to lay on. His tail is fluffier than normal, almost like a squirrels that he uses like a blanket. His skin is incredibly smooth to the touch, and his facial features are slightly masculine, but still maintain a more soft feminine look.

Eli loves being nice to people. He goes out of his way to do what he can for anyone and everyone regardless of how they treat him. Compliments and flirts are his favorite thing, and he will almost always compliment someone when he sees them, even if it is something simple. Generally he is soft spoken, even while engaging in full conversations. He is a cuddler by design and has to comfort anyone that is upset or worked up.

Active Powers:

  • Soft Kitty- Eli can change the density of his muscles to varying degrees. While this doesn't change his strength, it does change how 'comfy' he is when someone is lying on him. He is able to increase the density to be a bit more firm, or lower it to be softer and squishier.
  • Warm Kitty- Eli is able to raise and lower his internal temperature which makes his skin warm or cool to the touch. Neither is enough to harm himself or anyone else, but it is noticeable and can soothe sore muscles or an achy back.

Passive Powers:
  • Polyglot: Eli understands and can speak all human languages known in the narrow reality
  • Quick Learner: Eli can learn many things 5 times faster than a human would, quickly picking up on new concepts and easily remembering them
  • Enhanced Endurance: It is very difficult to tire out Eli. He have 3 times the endurance and stamina of a physically fit human. He can also stay awake indefinitely, and require very little nutrition every day. He can, however, sleep or eat more than he have to, if he wants.
  • Unaging: Eli does not physically age. He still might die of old age eventually, though one usually can't be certain of when this will happen.
  • Allergy-Free: Eli was designed to specifically not trigger any allergies.

  • Vulnerable to Persuasion: Eli has been engineered for obedience. As such, it is very easy to persuade him to do something. Even if he actively doesn't want to do something, he will find it difficult to resist the compulsion to obey almost any command issued to him, or any kind of strong suggestion for how he should behave.
  • Feline Diet: Eli's diet is about as limited as a cat's would be. Caffeine, chocolate, and many types of spices can make him very sick, as can most processed foods.
  • Feeble: Eli is about as physically strong as the average human his size to aid in comforting, but no matter how much weight training he does, his strength will never increase.

Eli was created for one Lizbeth Michaels, and he loved her so. Lizbeth had been extremely sick for a long time, long before Eli was ordered. She was the daughter and only heir of a rich family. They gave her everything she wanted, within the limits of what her body could handle. That was why, when Lizbeth cried to her mom, that she would never have a boyfriend or be loved, her mom knew what must be done.

The Michaels met in secret with a family friend and representative that set everything up. Lizbeth's father despised the idea, but as he always said to her, "Anything for my princess." Her mother went on in detail about what Lizbeth described to her as her perfect boyfriend, and Elijah was made.

On her 21st birthday, when Eli was said to be ready, her parents introduced them and a bond was instantly formed. The next few years were perfect between them. The laughter, the smiles, even the tears of pain falling on his shoulder, Eli was there for Lizbeth through everything. Until Lizbeth took a turn for the worst.

Lizbeth began to fully succumb to the disease. Eli didn't know what to do, or how to help. He only knew how to be there and that's what he did. She didn't want anything to do with her father or mother, and only wanted Eli there. This caused resentment to grow in her parents. When Lizbeth finally died, Eli wasn't able to go to her funeral, to be with her. It broke him.

When they returned, her father cornered him and proceeded to beat Eli within an inch of his life, demanding him to take it and not fight back. Once everything was taken care of, the Michaels had the house packed up and moved to their summer home with everything, except for Eli.

They left him in a locked and empty house, hoping he would eventually starve and they would be rid of any memories left of their daughter. Luckily, the scouts found him and brought him to Manta Carlos.

Small studio apartment
First release
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21 (3)
March 14
Wolfsbane Bordello
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