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Primary Eliana Avax

Name: Eliana Avax.
Age: 1900+ (chronological), 20 (apparent).
Birthday: September 9.
Gender: Female.
Species: Werewolf.
Category: Student.
Class: College.
Grade: Year 1 (freshman).
College Major: Medical.

Appearance Description:
She is lithe and agile, standing only 4 feet 9 inches, having light olive skin, silver-blue eyes, and silver-gray hair, which she dyes black and keeps short. She has a black tip of her nose. She wears tight-fitting clothes as not to impede her movement and of dark colors to help her hide. Since she rarely smiles, very few know she has fangs, although it is difficult to hide her wolflike fingernails.

She almost doubles in size, standing 8 feet tall covered in silver-gray fur, darker on the back and lighter on the belly. Her skin darkens to black, as are her claws.

She is 34 inches to the shoulders, 5 feet from nose to tail, with the same coloration as her werewolf form.

Personality Description:
She has a very studious and serious personality. More of a thinker using stealth, skill, and cunning in place of brute force. She plans out her actions, which has gotten her in trouble at times with the unexpected. Lately, her improvisational ability has improved as she has learned you can not predict everything.

She can be headstrong, doing things her way without asking others or heeding advice.

Although she does care for others, it is hard for her to show it. Her smart mouth has gotten her in trouble on several occasions.

She had a major crush on Farkas Olkan (Tasha's father), which added to the rivalry between Tasha and herself.

She believes it should not matter what your gender is as long as you can do the job.

Active Abilities:
She has the ability to taken on three forms (human, werewolf, and wolf). If in her human form, she will be forced into her werewolf form during a full moon. During a full lunar eclipse, she can take on any of her three forms, although she has a sense of anxiety during that time. She can take on her wolf form anytime she wants. But with each transformation, there is a half-an-hour cooldown period.

She has the healer's touch. She exchanges her health for the other's injury, taking their injury on to herself.

She has learned how to control her feral nature. Although it does give her trouble at times, she found she has better control in her wolf form.

With the ninja suit she received from an arachnid demon ninja assassin she trained with while in the Subliminal, she can hide her scent, muffle her sounds and shroud herself with a ghostlike appearance.

She has an apache tear like disk call Nightstone:
1) It has the ability to help navigate the dangers of the Subliminal and to locate dreams.
2) It can show a person's appearance in either the Subliminal or Reality from the opposite place and if they can dream.
3) Writing one of the words for magic will show if an object is enchanted with that kind of magic.

She has a pair of transparent magical fingerless gloves that absorb most of the impact of a punch. They have two active abilities:
1) They can increase hand strength by up to 10. You say 'Qu-Kalra' (Qualiane for 'magic-stone') and have the multiplier in your mind. After a half-hour, you can change the level by repeating the process.
2) They can capture any magic cast on you and hold it on their surface, so the spell is cast on the target when you strike. You say 'Qu-Cheel' (Qualiane for 'magic-spell') to activate it.
Only one ability at a time can be used. They last for an hour, and it takes a half-hour before either ability can be used.

Passive Abilities:
Being a werewolf, she is stronger and faster with greater stamina and durability than a normal human by almost one-and-a-half times. She has wolf-like hearing and a sense of smell. These abilities double when she is a werewolf.

She has stopped aging and is virtually immortal capable of regenerate any part of her body within days, providing it was not tainted with pure silver.

Pure silver will burn and can be deadly if it hits a vital organ such as the heart or brain. If it is a nonvital organ, it will be permanently damaged.

Eliana was born to a turned Jewish woman into the Olcan werewolf pack on Earth. She taught her much, including Hebrew, which is her preferred written and spoken language. Her mother died almost a decade later in a raid.

When she was of age, she took her place among the pack. Her skill and cunning helped her rise in the pack. Her rise also brought enemies. One male, in particular, felt threatened by her. One of the gifts of her turning of age was her ability to become a true wolf.

When Tasha challenged and defeated her father to become the next Alpha only to be rejected by the pack, she stayed on for a couple of years before deciding this was not for her. She was afraid that a certain male might become Alpha and would not stay to find out what he might do.

It was on her own is when she found out she had the healer's touch. She traveled from village to village, not staying in one place too long, secretly healing those that needed it.

But after decades, her past caught up with her. He found her and demanded she returns to the pack, which she refused.

After the murder of a prominent member of the village, she was hunted down. Surprised and cornered by those that knew her weakness, she would have been killed until a huntsman pierced her through the heart with a silver crossbow bolt.

She woke up groggy and very confused. She was dead or should be. Was this the Werewolf afterlife? She found out later this was not. She had been kidnapped just before she was killed. The 'death' was an illusion to satisfy the others. Confronting the one who saved her, she asked why. All he said was 'to save a precious life.'

Now in the Subliminal with a new pack, she committed to both. For the first time in a long time, she was proud of who she was and what she was doing. She was part of something honorable.

Her healer's touch was highly prized. Here she learned other methods to heal. Soon becoming a professional Paramedic and pursuing a medical degree with the idea of becoming a doctor.

She became part of a team the recovered others like her.

After decades, she heard rumors of a Tasha and the Wolf Den's Gym. Curious if this was her Tasha, she went to Manta Carlos to find out.

She lives in one of the dorms on a small allowance from Starlight Academy. She has a significant nest egg from all her previous jobs.

Additional Information:
Stefan created the Olcan pack, which I got permission to reference.

She is part of a special task force in the Subliminal sent out to retrieve high-risk targets that need a special touch (Subliminal's MI team).

The Subliminal is a sealed off dimension/domain of perpetual twilight beyond the edge of a Dream Realm. The occupants of this Dream Realm seem to be constantly changing, which affects the landscape of the Subliminal. As such, it is ever-changing and easy to get lost if you do not have a night-stone (an apache-tear-like crystal). To enter the Dream Realm, you must first find where the dream you are interested in is in the Subliminal and go there, then go to sleep and dream (just like in Reality). To travel to and from there to Reality, you need a portal. It is populated by many dream creatures of all kinds and some from Reality that migrated there, but the dominant species are the Anicorns (Avax Sets children). The subliminal is section off into several domains ruled by different Anicorn clans. In the center is the city called Nighthome, where Avax Set resides. Nighthome is unique because it does not have the chaotic nature of the area around it, so visitors do not have to deal with it. It is, also, where all the outside portals end up.
First release
Last update
1900+ (chronological), 20 (apparent).
September 9.
Collège, freshman.
Field of Study

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