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Primary Ekya (Etlaayz)

Name: Ekya (Etlaayz).
Age: 14 years
Birthday: 2nd-month, 28th day (Subliminal).
Gender: Male.
Species: Aquatic Mammal.
Category: Student.
Class: High School.
Grade: 9th.

Appearance Description:
Eye color: Golden.
Skin color: silver-gray belly gradually changing to a jet black stripe down his back.

He had two forms:
His primary is similar to a bottlenose dolphin, except for the coloring. He is approximately 10' from nose to tail and weighs in at a little over 600 Lbs.

His other is a centaur standing a little over 7' tall (4' 6" at the withers), weighing about 890 Lbs. His fur coloring matches his skin coloration. His legs are cream-colored.

His tail is black and has a blowhole in the back or top of his head in either form.

Personality Description:
He is playful and flirtatious, making friends easily, which can be difficult keeping track of all of them. He tends to make promises and forgets to honor them unless reminded.

He has an insatiable curiosity about gadgets, taking them apart to figure out how they work. With his engineering mindset, he has developed some unusual devices.

Active Abilities:
He can mimic the form of anyone he touches except for eye and skin color. The new body replaces the one he is in unless it is his primary. The size of the new body is roughly the same as his original. He can have up to 2 other forms.
He can change forms at any time. Although it is not painful, it is not pretty to watch.
The only thing that changes is the outside. His insides are still dolphin, which requires him to drink some salt-water and eat fish to keep healthy.

He has an apache tear like disk call Nightstone:
1) It has the ability to help navigate the dangers of the Subliminal and to locate dreams.
2) It can show a person's appearance in either the Subliminal or Reality from the opposite place and if they can dream.
3) Writing one of the words for magic will show if an object is enchanted with that kind of magic.

Passive Abilities:
He can telepathically communicate to any aquatic being within 40 feet of him.

He must return to the sea after 72 hours out of it.

His mother was the last of their kind after being hunted for decades. Avax Set took her to the Subliminal. There she gave birth to Ekya. It was years later they discovered his ability to taken on other forms.

With the discovery of Manta Carlos, Avax Set offered Ekya and Shrai the chance to go there. Once they accepted, he sought permission from the Manta Carlos government for their migration.

He lives in one of the dorms on a small allowance from Starlight Academy.

Additional Information:
He knows Flutterpip and Naisiskhrea from the Subliminal.
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Aquatic Mammal
2nd-month, 28th day (Subliminal).
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    The only thing that changes is the outside. His insides are still dolphin, which requires him to...
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