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Name: Eein Dresden
Age: Eighteen
Birthday: November First
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon
Category: Students
Class: High School
Grade: Senior
Employment: Part Time Waiter

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•Stands 6'3 tall, with short, slightly spiky, light blue hair, deep blue eyes that have a slightly reptilian look about them and tend to turn a bit red when angry, clothing is casual but nice looking, dark jeans and t-shirts and coats at times, with more formal clothing when needed, he almost always looks well put together, as if his clothing was carefully chosen in order to he looks his best. Has a blue dragon tattoo around his right arm.


•Height varies from 6' to 12,' is covered in silver-white scales with blueish stripes covered in a layer of similarly colored fur, a strong but flexible tail and a pair of feathered wings on his back.

Eein is a bit of an oddball. He comes off as very calm and collected, with his facial expressions usually being small yet somehow showing a lot. He tends to like to keep himself busy, whether it with school or hobbies, both out of genuine interest but also as a distraction from his recurring issues, he has some distrust towards others. He spends a lot of time in the woods, hunting, something his parents had taught him at a young age, he generally enjoys being outdoors no matter the activity, that said he also loves video games, having grown up somewhat isolated he's taken up both kinds of activities. He does his best to be self-sufficient, knows how to cook and clean and can be stubborn about doing everything on his own, keeping a part time job. In general he's drawn to fellow oddballs, as well as people most would view as outsiders. He is a very driven person, he's especially driven towards becoming stronger, proving himself to his clan. This drive can potentially drive him to somewhat extreme levels, tough training and learning as much as he can even if it pushes himself to his limits. He's developed on and off depression brought on by having never been able to truly mourn his parents and a general sense that hes stagnating and not growing as a person. He feels a bit useless and without purpose, leading to the beginnings of a combination of a existential crisis and a rebellious phase.

•Freezing Flame:
He's able to produce and control a blue flame that freezes anything it touches and spreads like normal fire. He can adjust how cold it is, from it leaving a thin layer of frost to instant freezing what it touches into ice. He's also able to firm this freezing fire into handheld weapons, melee weapons, such as swords and axes, with them being as strong as steel. He can control the fire as long as it's in seeing distance, though he doesn't have to actually be looking at it.
•Dragon Form: He's able to shift into a dragon form, while in this form he has claws and fangs and a pair of wings attached his back that grants flight. His scales being strong enough to take a 9mm bullet without damage, with damage increasing with caliber.
•Partial Shifting: He's able to shift certain parts of his body into their dragon-like state while in human form. He's able to fork claws, fangs and scales. With the scales being strong enough to take a 9mm bullet without damage, with damage increasing with caliber.
•Size Manipulation: He's able to alter the size of his dragon form. Shrink and grow it between six foot tall to the full twelve feet height. The size altering is instant and can be done as many times as he needs.
•Animal Communication: He is able to talk with animals, he always understands them and they always understands him, this also extends to beings with considerable animal traits. He's also able to perfectly imitate any animal sounds. If they're within ten feet he's able to read there thoughts and communicate through said telepathy. When Eein uses this on sapient beings, they get the sense that something is intruding on their mind when used on them and are able to easily force Eein out of their mind.
•Animal Empathy: He's able to sense the emotions of any animals (or beings with considerable animal traits) that are within ten feet of him. Also being able to sense the location and species of said animals. This only works for vertebrates. He can activate this ability and shut it off as he wishes, with it lasting as long as he requires it.
•Eye Of The Animal: He can form a link with an animal that allows him to see everything they see no matter where they go. He can only link with one animal at a time. While he can form this link with non sapient animals without permission, he requires permission from sapient animals and shifters otherwise the link will not form. He can't see out of his own eyes while the link is active. He can feel any pain the animal feels while the link is active. The animal must be within ten feet for the link to be initially formed.

•Dragon Biology:
He heals at an enhanced rate, with most flesh wounds healing within a few hours to a day depending on the severity, with limbs taking about a week to two weeks to regrow. He also lives much longer than humans, his aging process will slow after he hits his twenties with him likely living for tens of thousands of years.
•Enhanced Senses: His senses are enhanced to the level of hunting predators, he can track prey via scent, see on the dark and hear the quietest of whispers from across a room if he concentrates.
•Enhanced Strength: His strength is enhanced to beyond that of humans, his dragon form can lift four tons and his human form can lift two tons.
•Enhanced Experience: His skill in combat are all enhanced beyond his years. Allowing his skills in hand to hand combat and swordsmanship to be at the level of someone who's trained and fought all their life. He also has the actual memories of combat to go along with it, in this case memories of the many battles his mother experienced during the course of close to forty years of her time as a warrior.

Being both an ice and nature dragon, fire is very dangerous to him. He burns twice as easily as a human with burns healing very slowly. He also chokes on smoke much faster than others, with his lungs being damaged twice as fast from it.

Eein lives in an enchanted tree, said tree is magically hollow and bigger on the inside with it shifting and changing to suite its residents's needs. He has a part time job, and hunts for extra food.

•Eein's father was from a hidden community of Alpine ice dragons, lived there most of his life, until he found something. Evidence that the leader of his clan was corrupt, evil, quite power mad, evidence of murder. Before he could do anything with the evidence, he was framed for crimes he didn't commit and exiled.
•Unable to go home, he'd wander among the humans for some time, uncertain of what to do. Eventually he'd meet a fellow dragon, one who'd lived among the humans for many years, she'd take him in, teach him the ways of the barrow reality, eventually they married.
•Eein was born not long after, him and his family living in Alaska, cold and safe, a good place for his family to live without having to worry about the distant past. And so Eein grew up among the humans, only occasionally overhearing snippets about his father's past via sneakily listening in on conversations.
•Growing up a bit isolated from the world he spent his free time either playing video games or running around outside. While he often did wish to see the rest of the world, he did love his life and he got to occasionally travel to a town with his parents when they needed certain supplies.
•As the family lived peacefully, the hidden dragon community started to change, reaching out to Manta Carlos as a possible new home. This made the corrupt clan leader worry that the exiled dragon would use this opportunity to expose him, and so he decided to order his death.
•Eventually assassins managed to track the family down, while his parents were killed Eein managed to escape into a nearby town, albeit injured. With the young dragon protected by the veil, the assassin's backed away, and vanished to report back to their master. Eventually SA scouts were sent to collect the orphaned dragon, bringing him to the Island, where he'd be safe.
•Shortly after arriving he was taken in by a dragon from the same community as his father. He took this as an opportunity to prove himself to the community that rejected his father. During this time he briefly dated girl though they eventually went their separate ways.
•One night he wandered into a party. An incident involving alcohol and a seduction left him feeling confused and conflicted. A combination of this and having never properly mourned his parents pushing him into depression.

•Human form is a commission by @Hyper
•Dragon form is a commission by Achiha-Azteca
•Received combat training from his father and received his homeschooling from both of his parents.
•Has a blue decorated PS4 and a large collection of games.
•Collects snow globes, keeps them on a shelf in his room.
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November First
Part Time Waiter
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•Human form is a commission by @Hyper
•Dragon form is a commission by Achiha-Azteca
•Post icon by @Keen

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