Dread Zeppelin

Primary Dread Zeppelin

Type-201 strategic/tactical airlifter DZ828-91L002 “Dread Zeppelin” (Nickname: DZ)

Unknown, somewhere in the hundreds of millions of years

September 30th

Female (formerly male)

Dragoon (magical biomechanical warform)



Appearance Description:
Recon Mode:

Art of Harbor Princess from Kantai Collection by siba_29
In recon form they appear mostly human with some some major deviations, glaring of which is her size: they are 9 ½ feet (290 centimeters) tall giant women built like a basketball player and weighs nearly half a ton (about 450 kilograms). Overlooking her size, the milky hue of her skin and cotton white of her long straight hair would almost give her an angelic look if not for a single black horn protruding from her forehead and the soft glow of red eyes. For clothing they wear a white sweater with exposed shoulders, oversized sleeves and a hemline barely making it past her hips. The sweater is decorated with heavy, blackened metal around the cuffs and along the chest and neck. They also wear thigh-high shoewear made of a similar material as the sweater. Also possess oversized hands that look like bone white gauntlets sharpened to clawed points.

Hybrid Mode:

WARNING: ARTIST LINK contains art that displays nudity and is NSFW
Art of Humanized Bismarck from Final Fantasy 14 by Plasmid. Minor appearance edits by Pallas with permission from the original artist.
In her hybrid form, they are 33 feet long (10 meters) and weight 2 tones (1.8 metric tons) though the near constant vacuum inside their body would make them seem weightless as they float in the air much like a very heavy helium-filled balloon. The lower half is that of an ivory whale with a pair of feathery wings span about 40 feet (12 meters) that end with blackened, hook-like tips. Their upper half in contrast, a humanoid female with pearl-like skin and golden lips that hide sharpened teeth. Their upper face is obscured by an oversized hood that wraps around and merges with their corset that when taken together resemble the maw of a devouring toothed whale. The blackened metal used in their Recon from becomes golden in coloration as it becomes decorative armor plating along their back and around their hood, including the large golden horn poking from the top of the said hood. On the sides of the hood are four smaller, angelic wings that poke out with the slightly larger pair possessing large humanoid hands that end with curved obsidian claws.

Assault Mode:

Art of Bismarck from Final Fantasy 14 by leilryu
In assault mode, they became an enormous white whale nearly 275 feet long body (84 meters) with feathery wings able to stretch out to 325 (99 meters), making them about as large as an Antonov An-225. While they would ordinarily weight in at nearly 78.5 tones about (71 metric tons), the near constant vacuum allows them to float in the air like helium filled blimp, thus make seem weightless . Adorning their body are four smaller wings poking out as well as golden metal alloy used as decorative plating along their back and their lips. This golden material is also the same metal used for their teeth and singular blade-like horn protruding from their snout.

Personality Description:
Dread Zeppelin prides themselves as an ultimate weapon of war and haughtily believe themselves superior to all other forms of life. This sense of superiority makes them largely dismissive of those whom they view as weak and considers them little more than cute dumb animals that require benevolent protection. While they come off as lax and unbothered by world affairs, they crave conflict and is quick to join in any quarrel so long as it provides a challenge or amusement. They harbor a special hatred for dragons and kaiju due to numerous conflicts with them. Behind all that pride and hatred is troubled soul… unhappy that no matter destruction they wrought, it never seems to satiate empty feeling of loss within their heart.

Active Abilities:

Mode Change:
Capable of shifting between three modes: recon, hybrid, and assault. When transforming they appear as a mess of mechanical parts magically rearranging themselves until the transformation is complete.

Vacuum Manipulation:
Possesses the ability to generate stable vacuums within atmospheric conditions which allows them to manifest the unique properties of vacuums to perform several abilities depending on which mode they are in. The horn on Dread Zeppelin’s body serves as conduit to focus the dragoon’s vacuum-based powers and if this horn is physically struck or sustain damage, it will cause their abilities momentarily falter anywhere from a few seconds to a full minute. Should this horn be broken however, they will be unable to use their vacuum based abilities and can't fly until the horn is repaired. The horn is able to naturally repair but would take about a year unless they can find someone to fix the horn. Their vacuum based abilities don't work when in outer space nor when fully immersed in a non-gaseous fluid like water.
Lighter than Air (Hybrid/Assault):
Despite their great size and weight, vacuum generated inside their body allows them to become light enough to float in the air as though they had no weight to them much like how hydrogen or helium can be used as lifting gas to make large airships float in the sky.​
Vacant Aura:
Can create a near perfect vacuum that extend up to 10 feet (3 meters) or less around themselves resulting in space lacking in air while in recon or hybrid modes. In assault mode this vacuum area only stretch out about 1 foot (30 centimeters) around their giant body. While there is no air present, the pressure that missing air would have exerted still remains. So while living creatures that require air would be unable to breath while in the aura, the at least don't have to worry about about their lungs rupturing while holding their breath, their liquids boiling, or experience decompression sickness if exposed vacuum aura made by Dread Zeppelin. Due to the vacuum they are to immune fire, air-based abilities, sonic attacks, and pressure waves while electrical attacks half as effective so long as the aura is active. The vacuum also renders them and anything within the field completely silent and unable to produce a scent due to the lack of air particles. They are however unable to speak or hear anything so long as the aura is active. Aerosols (fog, clouds, dust, ect) within the aura are forced out due to the effects of the vacuum.​
Vacuum Pull (Recon/Hybrid mode):
Can create a strong vacuum in front of their palm that results in a current of air rushing to her hand. Along this current can draw in objects weighting up to 500 pounds (225 kilograms) towards themselves from up to a distance of 50 feet (15 meters).​
Void Burst (Recon/Hybrid Mode):
Dread Zeppelin is able to make temporary vacuums that appear as balls of swirling air that occupy a spherical area 3 feet in diameter (1 meter) within any space not obstructed by a physical object and within line of sight. Once created these orbs take 30 seconds to fully form and be considered primed and ready to implode. These orbs can then be detonated by a physical object coming in contact with the orb, such as someone touching it with their hand or throwing a rock at it. The vacuum orbs can also be detonated or dismissed safely at will Dread Zeppelin so long as they have line of sight of the orb. If the orb is not detonated or dismissed after 30 minutes it will abruptly disappear without imploding. When these orbs do detonate, they create an implosion powerful enough to shatter stone and break concrete within 5 feet (1.5 meters) from the center of the collapsing orb. Between 5 to 8 feet (1.5 to 2.5 meters) from the origin of the bursting void bubble (1.5 to 2.5 meters) the rushing air will cause the average human to fall to the ground but otherwise be left unharmed. Beyond 8 feet (2.5 meters) the effects of the implosion are too weak to be felt. Dread Zeppelin can only maintain control of 10 such vacuum orbs at any one time.​
Implosion Lance (Assault mode):
When activated, a vortex of air surrounds the horn as it charges for 5 minutes. Once charged, a perfect vacuum is formed around the end of the horn and is capable of unleashing a powerful directed implosion with whatever come in contact with the horn's tip. The resulting implosion is powerful enough to punch a cannonball sized hole into battleship armor without much in the way of collateral damage. Once contact is made they miss their target, they will need to recharge their horn to perform another implosion lance. Their great size however makes it tricky to hit small, nimble targets and this attack usually reserved for opponents that are both large and slow. Once they have struck something, they will start to fall to the ground and are unable to use their vacuum based abilities nor are they able to fly for the next 30 seconds, leaving them temporarily vulnerable.​
Devouring Vortex (Assault mode):
Opening their maw, they create a powerful vacuum strong enough to suck in objects the size of car up to 300 feet in front of them. The jaws are only strong enough to break material as tough as wood but are near impossible to open once closed. Those trapped inside do not have to worry about being digested but the lack of air within their mouth cavity means they will suffocate if they do not find a means to get the jaws back open or manage to break their way out. Anyone trapped within the maw of Dread Zeppelin in the assault form may notice the orange glowing “tonsil” dangling from the roof of their mouth. This globous appendage is sensitive and should it be disturbed or damaged, Dread will be forced open their mouth and "cough" out whatever is causing the disruption.​

Passive Abilities:
Magical Biomechanical Construct:
Dread Zeppelin is a synthetic organism whom internal physiology blurs the line the biological and the mechanical, the technological and magical. They are highly resistant and do not suffer the usual ailments that plague living creatures. Never do they tire, have no need of sleep, immune to poisons and toxin, do not burn and are able to survive the cold vacuum of space. They are also unfazed by environmental extremes such as high-pressure environments found like those on the bottom of the ocean and can endure temperatures as high hot enough to melt steel.

Self-Repair Protocols:
Capable of regeneration similar to organic beings, their complex nature means they take nearly 3 times as long similar injury. Extreme injuries such as decapitated limbs would need to be reattached or recreated by a trained mechanic.

Hardened Dermal Armor:
Is covered in a light polymer material that makes their skin and/or exoskeleton almost like a flexible heavy plate mail all over their body.

Mecha Musculature:
Is capable of lifting up nearly 1.5-tons (1.3 metric tons) in their recon and hybrid modes. In assault mode capable of carrying up to 20 tones (18 metric tons) inside their mouth before they weight so much they can no longer able to fly as the lift of their internal vacuum that allows them to float is not enough to support additional weight.

Cruising Speed (Assault):
They may be no airplane but in their assault form, they can cruise at a leisurely top speed of 80 mph (130 kph).

Dragon Sense:
Can discerning dragons or those with draconic ancestry by sight regardless of them being in disguise.


Fueled by Hate:
Without anger to fuel themselves, they become more lethargic and eventually power down should their souls ever find peace or reconciliation.

Deprived Senses:
Has no ability to taste nor smell.

Cloud Eater:
Their body requires some resources to maintain themselves. Dietary requirements are satisfied by consuming aerosols (clouds, ash, pollution) in the sky which are filtered for useful materials much a whale consuming krill.

In some distant past on some alternate Earth, there was conflict between man and dragon that would consume the planet. From its ashes came the Dragoons, machines of war made to fight dragons. Unsatisfied with this conclusion, the Dragoons stripped what little resources the dead world had to offer and left for the stars to bring their holy crusade against dragonkind to every corner of universe… and beyond. The story of the dragoon “Dread Zeppelin” is as standard any other: a raging human soul reborn in as biomechanical dragon fighting machine. They remember little of their previous life, recalling only hazy memories as a pilot and the face of woman. Who this women and why she was important to that man is something that they can no longer recall… only that her demise left behind a broken man. That man however is no more, their soul being nothing more than to power Dread Zeppelin.

Sometime in 12,000 BC Dread Zeppline would crash into the Earth of narrow reality after being separated from their warfleet due to some great conflict. Left alone and unable to escape the planet, they at first sought to enlighten the primitive humans as “benevolent god” they may eventually construct them a spacecraft to escape the planet. The presence of early dragons and the great kaiju ruling over these early humans however was unacceptable to Dread Zeppelin, whom would do battle with these titans and direct her followers to oppose the other fledgling kingdoms ruled by the other Kaiju. While they did battle with many great foes, they had a particular rivalry with the god-king of monsters known as Aethedon and would frequently come into conflict with one another.

In their last climatic battle Dread Zeppelin would nearly kill Aethedon but before they could deliver the killing blow, a swing of kaiju's tail and cut open her belly and caused so grave an injury Dread Zeppelin was forced to retreat. They ended up crashing into the ocean and with her fall, her followers would disappear from history and all memory of the great leviathan of the sky would be lost to time. While most kaiju thought Dread Zeppelin to have perished they in fact survived, slowly recovered from their injury but was trapped under of ocean floor. Over thousands of years, they quietly bided their time until discovered scouts. In exchange for freedom from their watery prison, they were come live on the island of Manta Carlos. There they hoped to somehow contact her fellow dragoons and perhaps settle some old grudges with familiar “acquaintances”.

Has no home nor sources of income, instead living among the clouds of Manta Carlos.

Additional Information:
Understands and speaks English and German fine.

Permission from Saber to connect character with Saber's Kaiju lore and their character Aethedon.​
First release
Last update
Hundreds of Millions of Years Old
September 30th
Female (formerly male)
She, Her, Them, It
Image Credits
Recon mode: Fan art Harbor Princess from Kantai Collection by siba_29

Hybrid mode: Humanized Bismarck from Final Fantasy XIV image by Plasmid with edits by Pallas ((ARTIST PAGE contains nudity and is considered NSFW))

Assault mode: Fan art Bismark from Final Fantasy XIV image by leilryu

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