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Name: Delbchaem “Dellie” ón Móinéar Geal-Shúil [Delbchaem of the Bright-Eyed Meadow]
Age: 800+ [about 11, physically and mentally]
Birthday: Unknown
Gender: AFAB Demi-Girl; She/They
Species: Fae
Category: Student
Class: Remedial

Appearance Description:
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Created with もっとももいろね式美少女メーカー picrew by ももいろね

Dellie is small, as she prefers to be, and her size often varies between an inch-or-so all the way to around 4.5 ft tall. She has fair skin and very soft purple hair in a short-ish long-layered bob. The fringe just before her ears ranges from gold to yellow. In the day, her palette is warm-toned gold and purple; at night, her skin and hair are much cooler-toned. Dellie has pointed ears and, usually, a pair of large butterfly-moth type wings, which are the same purple as her hair and very shimmery in the light, with designs like a Granny's Cloak moth. Her eyes are icy blue and seem to swirl with vague dreams. In moonlight, Dellie takes on a silvery shimmer and slight aura; in sunlight, it is gold. Sometimes, Dellie shifts into a moth form, which is purple (with a bit of gold), 1-3 inches long, and retains her shifting tones. She loves a cute aesthetic, as well as some random sailor garb, among other random additions.

Personality Description:
Dellie is a shy little girl, at first, but loves to chatter and play once she feels comfortable. She is very friendly and curious, and loves to create, but grows anxious when alone for too long. Dellie enjoys sharing her illusions with others, is very honest yet mindful of feelings, and takes promises very seriously. This fae is a lonely little one, and has grown dependent upon her child state after a crazy, sometimes traumatic, long life. However, Dellie much prefers to focus on her good memories, leaving her scary ones locked at the bottom of the sea with the wreckage of the last ship to keep her hostage.

Active Abilities:
Dellie has full control over the size of her body, able to take on any size, from about an inch or so, to roughly 4 ½ feet. Dellie can summon and dismiss her wings at will.

In times of great emotion, especially anxiety, she may turn into a moth ranging from 1-3 inches, but has very little control over this [specifically shifting onto a moth form] on purpose.
Dellie can choose to broadcast thoughts, emotions, or images to one or more people within a radius of 30 ft. By touching the powder on her wings, others can gain this ability for about an hour. Dellie can also rustle her wings to spread the powder to others/over an area. Additionally, Dellie can listen to the thoughts/emotions and see the images from other willing creatures via physical contact.
Dellie’s most powerful ability. Dellie can “force” herself to sleep at any time, and wake herself up from any sleep that is not externally induced; she can also keep track of the passage of real-world time if she wishes. While asleep, Dellie can lucid dream if she wishes, or choose to succumb to the dream and (usually) wake naturally. Every once in a while, she has dreams she cannot control. While in a lucid state, Dellie has omnipotent control over the dreamscape, and she can bring up to 2 people into her dreams via hand-to-hand contact or equivalent.

Dellie can enter others’ dreams if she knows their true name in its entirety. In their dreams, she also retains omnipotent control if she wishes, and cannot be forced out until she wants to leave. Dellie can also lull (or force) others into trances or sleep states (or equivalents) via song. Additionally, she can also use her song to ease negative emotions and physical pain, and calm nightmares, for about an hour. Her radius is the carry of her voice and anyone who can hear, but she can focus on single or groups of people instead. It takes anywhere from seconds to minutes to induce sleep, depending on the willingness of the party and how much effort Dellie expends (which can manifest as physical fatigue). The power ends when her song ends, but others may remain asleep until they wake naturally.
While awake, Dellie can create small, temporary, dream-like illusions. Examples include glittering bunnies, localized indoor snowfall, or an orb of light. She cannot remove things from a setting, only hide or add them. Her range is 30ft.
As a weak active ability, Dellie can channel her magic into a silent, undetectable aura of 10ft that makes others twice as susceptible to suggestion. However, while maintaining this aura, it affects her too.
Dellie will not grow old until she chooses to do so, but can only return to youth with great magic or severe trauma. If she is killed and revived, she will come back as her youngest (current) age.
Dellie is a fae of youth, and with youth, comes modesty. Dellie naturally can summon and un-summon a fluffy dress made of thick, opaque purple moth fluff, complete with blue and gold designs similar to her wings. If she shifts into a moth and returns to her normal state, she will automatically be wearing this dress.

Passive Abilities:
Dellie is functionally immortal. She will not die of old age, nor develop any disease/etc not due to external influences. She can however be killed, but can be revived via appropriate rituals involving flame, sunlight, magic, and her remains.
Dellie requires only half as much sustenance as a normal human. She needs only 4hr sleep and is naturally more energetic at night. Dellie can see in the dark as long as there is any light at all, and is most comfortable in dawn, dusk, or full moonlight. Dellie also has a pair of fuzzy moth wings that enable her to fly for sustained periods, with a similar endurance and twice the speed of walking/running. During the day, Dellie's coloration becomes more warm toned, and it is cooler at night. In moonlight, her takes on a silvery shimmer and slight aura; in sunlight, it is gold. Dellie's eyes seem to swirl with dreams.
Dellie is a supernaturally beautiful child. Anyone can find some appreciable quality about her. In sun or moonlight, she seems to have a very faint glittery-glowing aura — gold in sunlight, silver in moonlight.
Dellie is able to speak (if physically able) and understand any language, written and spoken. She can also write in any language that she has heard or read before. She has a natural affinity for instruments, and can learn any instrument within about 5-10 minutes of exploration. Her voice is melodic and almost musical on its own, and she can match any note the first time.

As a moth fae, Dellie feels an urge to touch and/or follow light, flame, etc, even when this may cause her harm. She can easily become transfixed on it, if not distracted, which makes her incredibly susceptible to even amateur hypnosis.
Dellie has a severe weakness to iron. It causes severe burns on contact and can eventually kill her.
Those who know Dellie’s true name (‘Delbchaem ón Móinéar Geal-Shúil’ in any language) can use this to command her to do anything in her capabilities to do, short of self-harm or any other action that would cause clear and direct physical harm to her personal being.
Dellie cannot lie or enter any contract under false pretenses. She can withhold or bend the truth, but not to the point that it qualifies as a lie by omission. Nevettheless, she does feel compelled to tell the entire truth, all of the time. This registers, when relevant, as physical anxiety symptoms and a more emotional urge to confess the entire truth. It takes effort and concentration to resist this, and she must focus immensely not to show the moral conflict on her face. Battling this urge for too long often leaves her mentally (and sometimes physically) stressed and/or fatigued.
By making a promise or taking on a commitment, Dellie enters a binding contract. While she cannot be magically forced to make these contracts, she can be pressured into doing them reluctantly or unwillingly. These contracts can range from explicit promises to subtle contracts, such as the homework that comes with accepting the role of student, or restocking shelves when asked as part of a job.

When in a contract, Dellie experiences a strong compulsion to fulfill the promise, even to her own detriment, (within reason-- i.e. if it's a longterm or distant commitment, it won't be irresistible immediately) and can only find remission by being verbally let out of the commitment, or if the commitment becomes impossible due to reasons Dellie did not arrange. She cannot accept two conflicting commitments, and if she does, the newer one will cancel. Dellie has been known to forgo sleep, food, and water in favor of fulfilling a commitment. Not fulfilling a commitment registers as pain equivalent to a full-body heart attack, with bigger promises causing the pain to worsen or last longer, up to multiple days at a time. Breaking two commitments in a week leaves her nearly bedridden with a magical flu for 7 days, and 3 in a 7 day period will kill her.

Pinky promises are sacred, and must be mutually willing and accepted. Breaking a pinky promise causes the worst pain imaginable. The first leaves her bedridden for a week, the second in a month-long comatose, and the third... If Dellie breaks 3 in a lifetime, she will die with no hope of revival, and her body will destroy itself alive. She has already broken one.

1. "I promise that I won't let you die for me!"

Dellie has seen many an era rise and fall, all through the lens of childhood. She was born in an ancient Irish meadow among a small, secluded, and very powerful society of fae. Together, they were known as the fae of the Bright-Eyed Meadow. Dellie never had parents; she simply rose from a beam of sunlight one dawn, as had many of her brethren, and enjoyed centuries of idyllic, childish bliss beneath the gentle care of powerful elder fae. Dreams flowed freely, here. She stayed young because youth was all she could fathom, all she desired. As long as the magic of the outside world persisted, the meadow enjoyed protection from threats — a utopia of magic and dreams.

The English invasions of Ireland in the 1500s brought disruption to the land, and provided an opportunity for Scottish Unseelie fae to invade the meadow. The fae not killed were captured and locked in tall, clear glass cages that prevented them from aging or dying. They were kept as bargaining chips, magic batteries, and slaves— the list goes on. Dellie was a decoration and a jester of sorts. She was kept as a plaything, but never quite harmed. Dellie didn’t grow up because she couldn’t.

Eventually, a century and a half later, her captors traded her to a young pirate crew. However, not realizing they were to be gifted a person in this exchange, the pirates were a bit lost on what to do. They befriended her, and eventually set her free. However, Dellie chose to stay, and willingly began a life of piracy — full of fun, battle, and a strange found-family that protected her to death. She didn’t grow because being young was fun.

Ultimately, they did protect her to the death. After about 40 years, another ship destroyed her refuge, seeking her power for themselves. They were... unkind, as were the next ones, and the next, until the era of piracy came to an end in the mid-1800s. Dellie doesn’t like to remember these years. She dreamed often, and chose to stay young out of fear, until, finally, she found herself inside another magic glass cage, and lost her choice to do so once again.

When the US Navy destroyed her final pirate ship, she wasn’t found, locked inside a secret room within the glass cage of her past. Dellie sank to the bottom of the sea for a very, very long time, unaging, undying, and alone. She chose to dream away the dark days and nights, trapped inside the carnage of a ship full of skeletons and ghosts. She stayed young because her heart could not bear to grow old in the darkness. Another silent century-or-so passed before an independent group of divers, exploring the wreckage, stumbled upon her prison in the 1960s. They brought her to the surface and she finally awoke to the sun.

Dellie’s existence was kept secret as they studied her, before finally concluding that her existence could not be revealed. A childless couple, the head of the group, took her in, and cared for her for the remainder of their lives — another 40 years or so. She didn’t age then because she finally felt at peace, and wanted to stay for as long as possible in that feeling.

When the last finally passed, Dellie took to the woods, and wandered for nearly 20 years alone. She didn’t grow because, by now, she simply didn’t know how. She came across others occasionally, sometimes traveling with safe humans or supernaturals, and sometimes evading wrongdoers. Eventually, she stumbled upon a scout and came to Starlight Academy.

Resources: Lives in the dorms with a modest allowance.

Additional Information:
Delbchaem is pronounced "DEL-əb-khaim"
Her true name is secret.
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800+ [mentally/physically ~11]
AFAB Demi-Girl
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