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Name: Zdravko Cikňi Balogović
Age: 19
Birthday: September 4th
Gender: Male
Species: Half-Imp/Human turned Werewolf
Category: Student
Class: High School
Grade: Grade 12

Appearance Description:

Art (Bought) by sammythefurrycat

Cikňi has always stood out as short guy at only 4'10" with notably large eyes and small features, but until his change he could still easily pass as a normal human as long as he kept his tail hidden. It's a skinny whiplike tail with a barbed tip, about half as long as he is. Even after being bitten Cikňi still appears mostly human, except with pointed ears, sharper clawlike fingernails, and weasellike teeth. The boy's build is petite, almost malnourished. His black hair is short but puffy with bangs that often cover his eyes. He has the black eyes and olive-toned skin common to the Roma people.


Art (Bought) by TheSpookyWolf

Not much for style or fashion, Cikňi prefers to dress all in black because it's simple, easier to clean, and goes with everything. Though he usually just wears the school uniform. Wearing even non-silver jewelry reminds him too much of chains for him to be comfortable with accessories. There are multiple silver burn scars covering Cikňi's torso, arms, and legs from when he was bound, but these are normally covered by his clothes. His movements are quick, jumpy, and nervous, eyes darting even when he's standing still, and he has a thick Serbian accent.


Gift Art by Naomi Steele

Wereweasel - When shifted Cikňi is a pure white weasel with a blueish tint, just over 3' tall. Aside from being large, he has deformed-looking front limbs that end in sharp black spikes, about 1' long. Blue magic extends out from his tail to about 10'. It's only a few inches wide and moves like an extension to the tail. This extended tail is usually wrapped around himself to avoid touching people. While he is still visibly scarred in this form, they are less noticeable, mostly covered by fur.

Personality Description:
At his core Cikňi is afraid. His near constant state of hyperalertness makes him stressed and jittery. He is somewhat malleable, easily manipulated by dominant people, and vulnerable to people who can take advantage of stressful situations. Getting past his nervousness to actually make decisions or start things for himself is a difficult process, so he tends to attach to authority figures. There's also anger there, resentment at the bullying, at being so small, powerless - A tendency to lash out at bullies and then run.

He wants more. He wants to claw his way out of poverty. To be famous, loved, secure. He is small, but he dreams big. He tries to act tough, to cover up his weaknesses. And he is not a complete coward in spite of everything. Cikňi works to overcome his fear. And when he still had his mind while he was captive, he protected the younger werewolves, drawing attention to himself even though it hurt.

He does have a tendency to be stingy. Counting every penny and spending as little as possible on himself. He will take advantage of things given for free and hoards food. But he would give his coat to a friend and never expect repayment. Being kind and generous makes him feel powerful, rich because it means he can afford to give away things. Cikňi isn't sure exactly what he wants to do with his life. He likes young kids, and oddly enough cleaning, but those aren't exactly activities that could make him a lot of money.

Terrified of werewolves, of being touched, of anything involving imprisonment or chains, Cikňi still has near constant nightmares and is very achy from stress shifting even when he sleeps. He generally keeps people at a distance. And he somewhat blames himself for what he went through, even though he couldn't have known it would happen.

Active Abilities:
Fear Screech - Can emit a keening cry that incites fear, but also makes people react as if they were cornered. It affects all sentient beings that can hear and feel fear, including himself. The screech itself lasts about 30 seconds and its effects last about 15 minutes. Can only use every 30 minutes.

Wereweasel Shifting - Can shift back and forth at will but the change is painfully strenuous, lasting 5 minutes where he's completely vulnerable. He will also shift when angry or panicked. Outside of the nights of the full moon he cannot shift longer than 30 minutes. He cannot shift when touching silver, except during his involuntary transformation on the full moon, which will be agonizing as long as he's touching it. Attempting to shift, even unconsciously, while touching silver is still painful.

Fear Eating - While he is feeding on someone's fear they gradually stop feeling afraid during it, but they can still recognize if danger is present. This does not remove magically induced fear effects. Their fear will not return after he stops if whatever was causing them fear is no longer present. Only affects people he can feed on in the first place.

Imp Tail - Can make tail appear/vanish at will when not in weasel form. Tail is fully prehensile but only able to lift about 5lbs. It can be used as a whip.

Passive Abilities:
Enhanced Healing - Small cuts and wounds close up in seconds, larger gashes in an hour or so. Can heal from almost any physical injury including acid, fire, and electricity without scars, but cannot regenerate removed limbs.

Functional Immortality - Stopped aging when he was changed and won't die unless killed.

Human form Teeth and Claws - Teeth and claws are sharp enough to pierce through tough leather.

Enhanced Flexibility and Agility - Weasellike, able to bend like a talented contortionist, could out perform an Olympic gymnast in both forms.

Supernatural Panic Reflexes - Can dodge a normal bullet reflexively.

Were-Strength - In his weasel form can lift and carry about 400lbs (a fairly large sumo wrestler).

Enhanced Hearing and Smell - On par with a top predator. Sensitive to loud noises and strong smells, which can be both painful and disorienting.

Fear Sense - Senses fear within 10'.

Wereweasel Form - Can only talk with great difficulty, not when panicked or feral. Diamond sharp forearm spikes. Teeth sharp enough to dent iron. His magic tail is an intangible extension of his normal tail, only a few inches around, extending to about 10'. It is as cold as a freezer, able to freeze ice cubes in about 3 hours. While his tail is touching anyone sentient they will feel as afraid as he is, unless they are resistant to empathy or magic fear effects.

Actually a Werewolf - Smells like a werewolf. Pings as a werewolf to any species identifying magic. Affected by all magic/abilities that would affect a werewolf.

Always on Alert - What would just startle a normal person actually scares him, and he takes longer to recover from fear reactions. He is naturally anxious, prone to fight or flight responses at the least provocation.

Silver Vulnerability - Contact with silver leaves third degree burns that heal slowly and scar. He cannot break bonds of silver and even wearing a bracelet of silver weakens him.

Wereweasel - From sunset to sunrise on the nights of the full moon he is forced to shift, and he becomes a cornered predator, losing his grip of his mind and only remembering flashes, if that.

Feeds on Fear and Flesh - Needs to eat half his body weight in meat each day. Even a day without will severely weaken him. Can starve to death in as little as two weeks. If he doesn't also feed on fear at least 15 minutes a day he starts going feral and being more panicky himself. Must make skin contact to feed. Must be sentient source. Gets no benefit from trying to feed off magically induced fear effects.

Stinks of Fear - Always smells terrified, even when he isn't, to those that can smell it.

Holy Symbol Weakness - Holy water and crosses are like a weak acid, stings and leaves a rash on contact. Silver crosses cause the same reaction as silver but stronger, burning would start within one foot, not blocked by clothes.

Can be hurt by weapons/magic designed to harm werewolves/demons.

A half-human raised as a normal human, Cikňi was born to a Roma woman in Serbia who didn't even know his father wasn't human until she saw Cikňi's tail. The poor woman didn't even know who his father was - she'd had to sleep with a few men in her struggle to get by. Left with a child so small and fearful, his mother wasn't even sure he'd survive, but she did her best to raise him with love. His demonic traits were less obvious as a child, and he figured out how to hide his tail fairly quickly. Schooling was free, so he did manage to receive a decent education in spite of his poverty, though he was often picked on for his lack of height, his poorness, and being Roma.

A child of the internet age, Cikňi was introduced to a lot of foreign concepts he might not otherwise have come into contact with. America in particular seemed glamorous - full of wealthy, successful people. He practiced English as best as he could with access to friends' or school's internet. Then he tried to find opportunities to go to the US for the Summer.

Finally he was contacted by a generous man who needed someone to care for his kids after a divorce. The man offered to take Cikňi on as an au pair and pay for any travel fees needed. At first Cikňi had no suspicions. The two children were quiet and obedient, and if they seemed a little nervous, he thought they were just shy.

Then, after a couple of weeks, Cikňi was attacked by the man, who was actually a werewolf. Being bitten triggered latent powers from his demon blood and it reacted oddly with the lycanthropy. It turned out the man was part of a sex-trafficking ring. Usually the man dealt with younger children, but Cikňi was small and exotic. The man would turn young people, usually immigrants or homeless children, into werewolves for the regeneration and because he could convince them they were monsters/keep them docile with silver.

The man kept Cikňi chained, used, on the brink of starvation for roughly a year. He couldn't let him go because the half-imp went feral fairly quickly from terror and from fear starvation. Cikňi's mother worried, but her English was too bad to communicate with the American authorities, so she couldn't get him any help.

Eventually the man bit the wrong person and he was caught. Reports of werewolves drew the scouts. They picked up Cikňi and two younger werewolf children, and they dealt with the man as well.

All three werewolf children were placed in the hospital, with Cikňi requiring the most intense care because of his nature. After some months in the hospital, slowly being introduced to the island, it was decided he was safe to be placed in the school. He was repeating the grade he would've been in, with extra language lessons and a lot of power classes, as well as attending mandatory therapy.

Resources: Living in dorms. Receives school allowance.

Additional Information:
Speaks Serbian and Romani. English is passable, about 2nd grade level. He can read/write it a lot better than speaking.

Cannot pass on lycanthropy

Note on name: Zdravko is his Gadžo name - His first name as it would appear on official documents. Cikňi is his Roma name - The name he goes by and everyone would call him. It means 'little' in Romani.
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Half-Imp/Human turned Werewolf
September 4th
Grade 12
Image Credits
Human form - (fullbody) Design and Art by sammythefurrycat, (headshot) Art by TheSpookyWolf
Were form - Gift Art by Naomi Steele

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