Chloe Black

Primary Chloe Black

Chloe has a human shape charm now. It's like a normal one, but worse, for magic reasons I currently have no plans to discuss or explore.

Also she has a tattoo of two little spiders over her heart.

Finally, her appearance section is now in a more readable bullet point form.
Chloe is graduating from school and will soon start work as a scout after her training is complete
Chloe has done some magic bullshit to herself offscreen again. I've made the following changes to her powers:

-Removed her magic tattoos. She sacrificed them for other things, using magic. (they are also gone from her appearance sections)
-removed her human legs weakness thing. If she gets a human body she'll just do some damn physical training
-removed the part of her true name weakness where, if someone says her name she has to do anything they say. She can still be summoned though.

+changed how her portals work. She can now just form portals in the air or on a surface near an anchor or herself, rather than needing to make them on the surface of an anchor. She can also grab things near them.
+Added a section about her anchors and changed how they work. She can teach other people to make them too now.
+Added a new weakness to salt. This is a side effect of all her magical tampering with her own body and soul.
Chloe's biography section has gotten trimmed, and her personality section rewritten.
human shape charm machine broke, so she doesnt have a common magic items section any more.
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