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Chloe Black

Female | Half-Demon, Half-Human
22 years old | August 22, 1998
  • Height: 5'7 (or 5'6 not including the horns); Weight: 140lbs
  • Hazel eyes, fair / pale skin, and wavy black hair that falls just past her shoulders
  • Black horns growing out of her forehead
  • A tail, which is black, slender, smooth to the touch, and over 5 feet long with an arrowhead-like tip
  • Digitigrade legs with clawed toes; she has several pairs of special boots and sandals that can accommodate her feet.
  • A small tattoo of two spiders over her heart. One is black, the other is red.
  • Skirts, pants and dresses are typically modified with an extra hole to accommodate her tail. Living with Theia's CEO has substantially boosted her wardrobe; she even has some expensive outfits that keep her from looking out of place next to Malara when she's covered in gold.
  • In human form: her demonlike features are gone. She wears sensible shoes and sometimes walks with a cane.

In most circumstances, Chloe is outwardly calm and confident. She enjoys teasing people. She likes to flaunt her knowledge, especially when it comes to supernatural topics. She often goes out of her way to try to help strangers. She cares a lot about how demons are perceived, and she persistently feels like she has to prove to other people that she's a good person.

Due to a series of traumatic supernatural events affecting her and people she cares about, Chloe has become fairly anxious, and sometimes even paranoid. One of her coping mechanisms has been an obsession with gaining certain kinds of power. With power, she can protect herself and those she cares about, and she can get revenge against those who've wronged her. She sees herself as being crafty and sneaky, and she's right about this often enough.

Active Abilities
Strength Draining Chloe can gradually drain others' physical strength through skin contact. This gradually makes her target weaker, and herself stronger and faster. The effect wears off fully in a matter of hours. Draining strength for any amount of time is slightly intoxicating for both Chloe and her target. It induces an intense, warm feeling of euphoria and affection.

Going too long without feeding on someone's strength can make Chloe waste away, becoming weak and sickly until she feeds again.
Anchors Using an hour-long ritual that requires bloodletting, Chloe can turn a nonliving object into an anchor point between her infernal domain and the material world. She can see, hear, and speak to anyone or anything within 4 meters of an anchor point. She can create portals to her realm within 2 meters of these anchor points.

Chloe can teach other people how to make these anchors. Only Chloe can teach other people how to do this; if anyone else tries to teach this, they will fail.

If an anchor is destroyed or severely damaged, it will stop functioning as an anchor.
Infernal Domain Chloe has a small domain in hell, in which she is all-seeing and nearly omnipotent.

Limitations to her power in her domain
  • She cannot kill or injure living things in her domain. The only exceptions are the specific kinds of supernatural beings who can pose a threat to her here.
  • She cannot easily create physical objects, living things, or supernatural effects that can persist in the material world. Such things require significant time, effort, and maybe an extra source of power.
  • She cannot heal others' injuries that were not caused in her domain. She could, however, keep someone alive with their injuries in stasis until she could find medical attention for them.

Chloe can teleport into this domain at any time, bringing herself and any objects she's carrying. She cannot bring living things with her this way. People and things can enter and leave portals to her domain, however. Portals can only exist within 2 meters of Chloe or an anchor point.

She can see, speak, and hear out of her portals. She can also push or throw things out of portals, or pull things into them. Without using her physical body, she can reach 2 feet out into the material world from one portal at a time, using inky black tendrils that are as strong as she is.
Custom-Made Nullifier Handcuffs This is an unusual pair of power-nullifying handcuffs. They're well-made, heavy-duty leather cuffs with a strong, short chain and a fuzzy inner lining for comfort. If properly tightened they should be difficult to slip out of, but not impossible for an ordinary human, especially if that human is able to use their mouth or teeth to unfasten the cuffs. These do not lock with any kind of key; anyone can take them off.

Each individual cuff is power-nullifying, and they can be detached from each other and worn separately, or hooked into different kinds of restraints.
Human Shape Enchantment Chloe can shift into a human form by using an enchanted earring. For complicated magic reasons, entering her human form is painful for her, and it takes half a minute to complete. Shifting into her 'natural' form, however, is near-instantaneous. While in her human form, she has poor balance and greatly reduced lower body strength.

Passive Abilities
Infernal Physique Chloe's unusual legs and supernatural physique allow her to run faster and jump farther or higher than any human. Typically, sprinting can bring her to about 50mph (80kmph), and she can lift 3/4 of a ton. Her strength-draining ability can make her both stronger and faster.

Chloe's tail is flexible and prehensile. It is more than strong enough to support her entire body's weight. It has a hard, arrowhead-like tip which is sharp enough to pierce skin.
Infernal Persistence Chloe can heal her injuries very quickly, but only in her domain. Superficial wounds take minutes, serious internal injuries usually take a few hours or a few days depending on the extent and kind of injury. Lost body parts can take weeks or months to regrow from scratch, though she doesn't need to be in hell the entire time that part is regrowing; she'll just need to return to reattach it when it's ready.

Chloe always exists in her domain, even when her body doesn't. If her body dies, she only exists in hell. But if her corpse is returned to her domain, she can repair it and bring it back to life, which lets her return outside.
Psychic Resistance Chloe is resistant to most magical abilities that try to affect, control, or read her mind. She can recognize when such an ability is being used on her as well as (in a general sense) what kind of magic it is. She can choose to let these abilities affect her.

Chemicals with such effects will still work on her. Certain magic abilities can still overwhelm her resistance, and if faced with multiple simultaneous attempts to read or affect her mind, she might only be able to fight off one or two.
Magic Sense Chloe can sense magical and spiritual energies. She is especially sensitive to divine energies, the souls of sapient beings, and to demonic energies connected to the same plane of existence as her father.

If she detects a soul or a source of magical energy, she gets a vague sense of how far away it is and in what direction. She can easily mistake multiple sources of the same type of energy as a single source. How far away she can detect something depends on how strong her reading is, with 10 meters being average.
True Name Chloe has a true name - "Nikuzzamach" - which has power over her. Her true name, when combined with her sigil and a ritual, can also be used to summon her and temporarily bind her to the summoner's will.
Salt Salt does not play nicely with Chloe or her magic. Crystalline salt flung at one of her portals will rupture it, closing it immediately and incapacitating Chloe with pain for up to half a minute. touching

Using a salt-lined weapon against her will injure her more easily. Cuts go deeper with less effort and bleed more profusely. Bones break with less force. Throwing a handful of salt at her with malicious intent will break the skin and cause burns, no matter how hard it's thrown. Several such injuries can turn off her ability to make portals near her body, though she can still teleport back into her realm.

Despite this weakness, she can still safely eat salt on food. Salt water has no unusual effects on her.

Chloe was born on a different version of Earth, in a parallel universe's southwestern USA. Assigned male at birth, she began transitioning in her early teens, with a supportive family and a not-so-supportive school environment. Her inhuman traits started growing in quickly and painfully when she was 15. This world had something comparable to a Veil of Secrecy: an international treaty organization that kept the existence of metahumans a secret. She was legally required to accept a full ride scholarship to a small private school in a remote, mountainous part of the country. She didn't like it there. She missed her family.

Things got worse. Half a month later, a terrorist attack by a group of metahumans revealed their existence to the broader world. Many ordinary humans responded to the existence of so-called 'homo superior' with a genocidal fervor. That remote private school was located and attacked by a 'militia' of humans. They were repelled after shooting up several of Chloe's classmates, killing several, and severely injuring her boyfriend at the time.

Chloe ended up on Manta Carlos when Lochlann Cabyll-Ushtey attempted to summon a succubus, accidentally summoning Chloe instead. Unable to return home, she had little choice but to become a student at Starlight. It was on this island where she met her dimension-hopping deadbeat father, Duke Mikhainon, though this world knew him as Gabriel Baltimore. He was an ancient and wealthy immortal who swindled human souls and had a hand in organized crime. Chloe missed having family; Mikhainon was her only option. He offered lavish gifts, a life of luxury, and what he portrayed as a grand destiny as hell nobility. She eventually let him into her life, even moving in with him.

In 2016, Chloe met Pandora, a spiderlike lust demon. To the surprise of both women, their casual romance led to one of Pandora's children, Amber, being Chloe's daughter. Amber became physically and mentally ten years old by the end of 2016. Chloe has taken an active role in caring for her.

By the summer of 2017, she came to the realization that eternal life as one of her father's lieutenants would be horrible. He had a long history of being abusive, which she was becoming increasingly aware of. She knew he would try to kill her if she tried to leave him. She escaped by performing a ritual to remove his control over her life for the forseeable future. She now lives with Amber, Malara Tor, and Malara's daughter Dalia.

Chloe lives with Malara Tor; most of her and her daughter's living expenses are paid for by her very rich girlfriend. She also has several cursed items and a few fancy things Mikhainon left behind, mostly sitting in a storage unit.

additional info
  • She has been very active in the Academy. She started a club at the school called the Demonic Student Union. She was once in student government as Auditor. She became one of the school's premier students of demonology, helped out by Mikhainon's extensive knowledge and ability to give her hands-on experience with dark magic.
  • In the fall of 2016, Chloe became the center of several conspiracy theories involving human sacrifice at "old man Jenkins'" farm. These conspiracy theories considered her and her father to be in cahoots with Jenkins, despite the fact that she killed Jenkins and he nearly killed her. She's still discussed by conspiracy theorists and still gets death threats to this day.
  • Mikhainon's true name is a secret. Very few people on the island know it. Chloe knows it, but she thinks revealing it will open her up to retribution.

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Half Demon, Half Human
August 22, 1998
Female (amab)
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Aside from what's credited in the main body, I sometimes use art by our own @Bijou
I also use this maker by ebanoniwa

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