Primary Charlotte

  • Full Body
    Full body
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Body: Light brown skin. Chubby. Hourglass figure. Large bust and wide hips. Long curly tail. Has curly dark purple, almost black fur from the waist down. Digitigrade dog legs.
  • Face: Round, plump face. Short and thick brows. A mole on the left side of her face beneath her lips. Has long floppy dog ears at the side of her head that can be easily mistaken for hair
  • Eyes: Doublelidded and downturned. Pink irises. Has a drowsy look to them.
  • Hair: Dark purple, almost black. Long, curly, and messy. Bangs tends to cover her eyes unless she clips them.
  • Voice: Ditzy, valley-girlesque voice. High-pitched and sleepy.
  • Clothing: Whatever that is easy and comfortable to wear. Pajamas, dresses, a crop-top and shorts. She dislikes layers.

No Thoughts, Head Empty: Charlotte is dumb and she's a-okay with that. Being made without the ability to learn quickly hasn't dampened her opinion of herself. People find it charming, and while she doesn't completely understand why, if it means she'll get pets, compliments, and treats, that's fine. Charlotte doesn't try hard in school and isn't discouraged by her poor grades because there's nothing to discourage or encourage. She's floating by in life, doing whatever makes her feel nice.

Lazy: Being stupid comes with its perks. Charlotte wasn't raised to be a servant. Not a proper one, anyway. When she served, her work was always clumsy, so her work was reserved for her to make a fool of herself as entertainment. She's used to being raised in an environment where messing up tea gets her chuckles and a pat on her head and staining shirts gets her a slap on her wrist. The result is that she sees no reason to work hard if she'll be rewarded no matter what she does.

Ditzy: Charlotte is hard to offend because half the time she doesn't register insults directed at her, obvious or subtle. She's used to being called insults with varying degrees of affection and will likely laugh it off, thinking it's a joke she's not in on. It's easier to make her unhappy by pushing her to work, and when she does, she does the bare minimum. It's extremely difficult to make her give her all at anything.

Accidentally Manipulative: Charlotte doesn't realize that playing up her stupidity and clumsiness sometimes can be seen as manipulative or outright malicious. She does it to get people to laugh at her foolishness or to get stuff. Since coming to Manta Carlos, she has a preference for getting people to do her homework and help her cheat, despite her teachers trying hard to accommodate her issues.

Who's a Good Girl?: All those shortcomings doesn't keep Charlotte from being friendly and affectionate. She'll freely give out compliments and ask people if they need hugs to cheer them up. Mostly so she can receive affection back, but the point still stands. She loves being around people, can be a loyal friend, and will happily nap to the sound of conversation.

Charlotte is a dog KEM0, an off-shoot of the NEK0 brand but for other animal-people in general. Her creation was less-than perfect. The biggest problem was her lacking the ability to learn quickly, making her pretty awful as anyone's assistant. Other problems included her having bad eyesight and coordination. For all intents and purposes, she was a failure that should have been killed soon after these problems became apparent.

But she wasn't. She was allowed to keep working. What saved her wasn't some unknown skill. It was the lack of it. Some employees found her fumbling their orders to be hilarious, or at the very least, cute. Soon the higher-ups at the facility realized Charlotte could be advertised as a cute dog with a heart bigger than her brain. With a cheap price tag, she was put on the market, but an employee who took a particular liking to her let her reside in his home.

Her innocence was the most important aspect of her to keep, so her master kept her sheltered. She could read some books, the internet couldn't be used unless she was watched, and she couldn't interact with anyone online. Her social interaction came from her master letting her accompany him to his work, sometimes using her as an advertising method for how "diverse" the KEM0s are, as if her faults were intentional, or saying even their broken KEM0s are great (and discounted!). She would talk to and play with her employees' masters, feeling very much like the "little sister" to in the lab. Once in a while she would interact with other KEM0s and NEK0s, as long as they didn't tell Charlotte anything that would ruin her perception of the lab.

The NEK0s and KEM0s weren't what her master had to worry about. A young blonde man came touring the facility, and Charlotte was given the opportunity to guide him, along the way rambling on about the facility and its employees. Having taken an interest in her knowledge, he expressed interest in purchasing her. She wasn't completely sure how to feel about that, especially when the man was told there were better products around, but she appreciated how determined he was on having her.

After some time, the man returned to pick Charlotte up. When it was to help perform a raid on the facility and help the products inside instead of living with a new master, she was a little too dumbfounded to argue. She easily gave up important information and assisted with the raid, though she wasn't completely sure how she was helping, only that her work was appreciated.

The explanation came after she was taken from the disbanded facility and sent to Manta Carlos. There were a lot of mixed feelings that soon gave way to her believing what she did was good in the end and made more people happy than not.

Passive Abilities
Polyglot: Charlotte understands and can speak all human languages known in the Narrow Reality.

Good Memory: Charlotte is able to easily remember and recall information she has learned.

Enhanced Endurance: It is very difficult to tire out Charlotte. She has 3 times the endurance and stamina of a physically fit human. She can also stay awake indefinitely and requires very little nutrition every day. She can, however, sleep or eat more than she has.

Unaging Charlotte does not physically age. She still might die of old age eventually, though one usually can't be certain of when this will happen.

Vulnerable to Persuasion: Charrlote has been engineered for obedience. As such, it is very easy to persuade her to do something. Even if she actively doesn't want to do something, she will find it difficult to resist the compulsion to obey almost any command issued to her or any kind of strong suggestion for how she should behave.

Canine Diet: Charlotte's diet is about as limited as a dog's would be. Caffeine, chocolate, and many types of spices can make her very sick, as can most processed foods.

Feeble: Charlotte is about as physically strong as a 10-year-old child, and no amount of strength training can change that.

Clumsy: Charlotte has bad depth perception and poor coordination, making it very easy for her to trip, walk into walls, and knock stuff over.

Lives in the Starlight Academy dorms. Her allowance is closely monitored by her dorm parent due to her bad spending habits and lack of motivation towards school.
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Dog KEM0
~17 mentally/physically; A few months chronologically
March 12th, 2020
Image Credits
Art by Rocksnell.

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