Carmin Bennet

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Almost a year of studying curses has given Carmin this fancy new skill:

  • Almost Magic - Carmin can attempt to read the curses on a targeted subject, but it doesn't work and instead causes the magic to leave his body and render him unable to perform the tasks a regular plant can't for up to two hours (Thinking, seeing, hearing). He needs to write out a specific symbol about twenty times and then focus on someone in order to make it happen. Can only do it once every 24 hours.
Carmin is 19 now.
Carmin's powers included weaknesses in them before. Now I separated them from the powers and made them actual weaknesses.

  • Appearance Curse - Carmin has a powerful curse attached to him that prevents any sort of transformation magic from working on him. It also prevents his form from being concealed by an illusion. For example, the human shape charm fails to turn him human, instead just stripping him of his abilities the same as a nullification bracelet. He also can’t be telepathically linked to control another body or anything of that sorts. Essentially his body is a prison for his mind.
  • Weird Plant Anatomy - Carmin’s body functions more like a plant’s than a human’s. For starters, he breathes in carbon dioxide and breathes out oxygen. He also doesn’t need to eat, he just drinks water and then his leaves provide him energy from sunlight. He doesn’t need to breathe as often as a person and can go for an entire day without breathing. That being said, he floats on water and can’t go underwater without assistance anyway. Carmin also doesn’t need to sleep and actually isn't capable of sleeping.
  • Lack of Human Anatomy - He lacks a nervous system, which means he can’t feel pain, or anything else for that matter. He doesn’t have organs either, so he can take all sorts of injuries that would normally be lethal to a human. His anatomy also means that he doesn’t have to worry about human illnesses.
  • Plant Endurance - His endurance is based completely on whether he’s met all his requirements as a plant. CO2 to breathe, stocked up on nutrients from the soil, sunlight, good temperature. If these requirements are met, he can run all day with his small slow legs.
  • Senseless - He's got no sense of taste, smell or touch. This leads to some unwanted clumsiness and difficulty in simple tasks like doing up buttons. He also can't tell if a part of him is being burned or cut off until he sees it for himself.
  • Plant Requirements - He needs to spend 6 hours a day with roots absorbing nutrients from soil. He also needs to keep himself hydrated and make sure he's getting enough sunlight and carbon dioxide. Otherwise he puts his body at risk of becoming unable to move.
  • Fungi - While Carmin is immune to human illnesses, he's susceptible to all forms of horrible disease fungi that will leech his energy and could potentially kill him.
Carmin has begun working for Fe as a songwriter.
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