Cameron Shine

Primary Cameron Shine

    Design and Fullbody Art by V4N4. Half-body art by Necroromancey
  • Cameron
  • Fullbody; CW Suggestive Clothing/Barbie Doll Nudity
  • Height: 4'9"
  • Body: AFAB. Prominent pear shape. Entire body is covered in brown fur of varying shades. Head a heart-shaped spot of fur on his chest. Curled monkey tail. Digitigrade legs.
  • Face: Round face with big cheeks. Thick brows. Soft, large lips. Bunny-esque ears.
  • Eyes: Pink. Big and half-lidded. Thick eyelashes.
  • Hair: Light pink, bordering on white. Short and curly. Messy but in a neat way. Long bangs that need to be clipped back or else they cover his eyes.
  • Voice: Switches between sultry and soft depending on how nervous he is. Androgynous/Boyish. Dua Lipa.
  • Clothing: Very revealing, feminine clothing. Overall very pink. Wears dresses and skirts that are dangerously short. Clothing and accessories draw attention to his legs.
  • Accessories: Decorative accessories (hairclips, earrings, chokers). Wears two aura warning bracelets for his Renewal and Living Beauty auras.

Meek: Virtually, Cameron is cutesy, flirty, and adventurous. In reality, while all of those are true, what's most prominent is his meekness. He's not exactly shy, since he enjoys being around people, but he tends to be a follower than a leader. His entire life was dictated by what social media thought of him. Every compliment, criticism, and outright insult resulted in him cultivating a shell to hide away who he truly is. When in face-to-face situations without a script, he's prone to either flustering through conversation (which, when caught on camera, people interpreted as him being purposely cutesy or trying to rake in sympathy points), or he reverts to bad habits of being overtly sexual.

Self-Conscious: Cameron is always critiquing himself, always trying to figure out how to become better than he already is. Everything must be perfect. He believes himself to be talented and beautiful, but to some extent, he hates it. Most of all, he hates his eyes after being told how beautiful they are. His solution to them is by covering them with bangs or glasses.

Inappropriate: Cameron's default mode is to play perverted. It's the easiest way for him to connect to others while keeping a safe emotional distance. Nervous? Make a sex joke. Uncomfortable? Make a sex joke. Sometimes he plays it up to make others uncomfortable so they'll avoid him, but that's only if he's willing to risk his image... unless controversy will help it in the instance.

Trained Monkey: Cameron's entire life is to rake in money. Since he was a child, he learned the difficulties of training multiple skills and avoiding them becoming rusty. He has become an expert multitasker, gamer (for rhythm and dancing), artist, singer, and model. At this point, he doesn't know where his hobbies end and where his work begins. Everything he does is to stay relevant in the ever-changing sphere.

Active Abilities
Burrow: Cameron can create a séance by holding dirt or plant life with lingering traces of the deceased. "Lingering traces" including the deceased interacting with the matter in any way. More dirt/plant life allows him to get a better connection with the spirit, but it increases the chance that other spirits lingering inside will be called to him instead.

Human Shape Charm: Cameron has heart-shaped earrings that give him a completely human body. Only one earring needs to be on for the magic to take hold.

Passive Abilities
Renewal: Anything within Cameron's 10-foot radius is slowly renewed and cleaned. It takes a couple of minutes for effects to become apparent. Organic matter becomes healthier (as if it just had its basic needs replenished, and synthetic matter cleans itself (such as dust disappearing inside of a computer). This effect can be quickened and enhanced through touch. For example, he could remove a person's acne or erase rust from coins.

Living Beauty: Cameron is naturally desirable to those within 5 feet. His fur is soft and never tangles. His scent is always pleasant and will have a hint of the smeller's favorite scent. The same goes for how he tastes, with there always being something satisfying to it. Even his voice is nice to listen to. Those who feed on him will feel satisfyingly full quicker, longer, and gain all the nutrition they need. Interaction with Cameron through the senses will have some quality that can be appreciated by anyone.

Life and Death Physiology: Unaware to Cameron, his father's side has Easter Bunny lineage, and his mother's side has Reaper lineage. He is naturally attuned to the Winter and Spring seasons. He receives double benefits and diminished negatives from life, death, love, cold, and nature magic. He will never physically age past his mid-twenties. Upon death, he will sprout back alive in the nearest patch of earth. The cold has no effect on him. He is drawn towards places full of life or full of death.

Monkey-Bunny Physiology:
  • Monkey-like agility, balance, and flexibility gives him the strength to quickly climb, jump, and and hang off of trees with ease for long periods of time.
  • Can run at about the speed of a rabbit.
  • Rabbit-like sense of hearing and smell.
  • Is able to see in low-light conditions and has amazing far sight. Because of his poor near sight, he requires contact lenses and glasses to fix this, which negates his far sight.
  • Can hold their entire body's weight with his prehensile tail.

Cameron, originally Darling, is a born and raised Manta Carlosian. He knows the island like the back of his hand. Which, for most people, means he knows the generalities well enough. He rarely had the time to go out and explore the island for himself.

Darling's parents weren't particularly well off, prone to getting into credit card debt to show how well off they are to their neighbors. On an island where everyone is beautiful, powerful, rich, or two or more, they tried hard to prove themselves.

Their big break came when Cameron was born. With the growing popularity of the internet, they used whatever methods given to them to cultivate fame through their child. Pictures of their cute baby, blogs about their child's development, videos of their child being cute. At six years old, his parents bought him a human shape charm as a birthday gift. They were going to bring him to the Narrow Reality. Not physically, but virtually. Since he was born, Cameron was being displayed in some way.

If not for school, this could have been considered a career. So when he hit eighteen, he already knew what the rest of his life had in store for him. What need was there for higher academics when he has pushed his family into riches, all by looking pretty?

But the freedom of adulthood he felt owed to pushed him to his breaking point. For eighteen years, he had been advertised as a lie. His genderfluidity was watered down so he could be a genderfluid, feminine-leaning girl, which was more marketable from a physical standpoint while pushing themselves into the growing LGBT+ sphere. Exhausted, he left home, changed his legal name to Cameron Shine, and changed his legal gender. He only narrowly avoided a fallout with his parents by keeping to his work, regularly sending them money, and not disparaging their public image on his platforms. Platforms that they have all the passwords to.

Lives in a condominium with Amaltheia. His work brings in a lot of money, but most of it goes to his parents. Has enough to get by comfortably and help pay bills.

Additional Information
Social Media: On Manta Carlos and Narrow Reality social media, Cameron is known as Darling, part of the influencer group Shine Fam, made up of his mother (Trinity Shine) and his father (Max Shine). Most of their videos and blogposts revolve around showing the development of their genderfluid "daughter," Darling, whose interests lies in gaming, art, makeup, and fashion. When streaming in the Narrow Reality, the family puts on human shape charms, though recently, they've been making a move towards the virtual YouTuber genre whenever they stream.

On Manta Carlos, his reputation is similar, but he also does virtual reality streams.

Gender: Cameron primarily refers to himself as they/he in real life, and she/her when using the Darling persona online. He's still figuring out how comfortable he is with she/her pronouns.
First release
Last update
Monkey-Bunny Anthropomorph
February 1st
Art-Game streamer, Influencer, Camboy
Image Credits
Design and Fullbody Art by V4N4. Half-body art by Necroromancey

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