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Name: Bran Owens.
'Unit 425-B'.

Age: 21.

Birthday: June 15th.

Gender: Male; he/him/his.

Species: Genetically Modified Human.

Category: Student.

Class: College.

Grade: 1st Year.

College Major: Undeclared.

Career: Security.

Appearance Description:

Image is original commissioned art.
Artist is Owen and is used with permission.
Standing at 180cm (5'11), his build is considered fairly average for an adult human man. He possesses a well toned build that indicates Bran makes an effort in order to stay physically fit, but his build is more athletically aligned rather than for a particular sport or activity. From his left shoulder and downwards, Bran has a black and grey robotic arm that is proportional to his height and build, though the weight of it is heavier than his right arm.

Bran has pale skin that is relatively clear and unmarked on his face and neck, but possesses a variety of scars from the bottom of his neck and downwards. No particular trend or type, more overall his body hasn't been treated the kindest throughout his life. The area of skin connected to his robotic arm is significantly scarred, and veins and blood vessels around the left side of his chest are permanently darkened.

Black hair that is reminiscent of his name is kept in a short and messier style, with bangs that go over the right side of his face but aren't long enough that it would get in the way of his eyes. Occasionally Bran styles his bangs back to get it out of his face completely if it irritates him or he's trying to be more presentable.

Just like his hair, Bran has black eyes that seem to never catch the light in them, giving them a constant dull and lifeless look. Unlike what some may believe, Bran's eyes aren't a very dark brown, but are genuinely black. Bran has more narrowed eyes that can give an impression that he sneers a lot.

Bran doesn't often put a lot of effort into his appearance, and it shows. Most often Bran is seen with a tank top of any colour, or a dark grey or black hoodie. He either wears loose jeans or jogging bottoms, and boots. For others, it'd make Bran seem like a slob, but for him he just wears what he thinks is comfortable. When he makes more an effort, he wears t-shirts and slimmer jeans, and even owns a dress shirt and trousers for more formal occasions.

Personality Description: Bran, at surface level, isn't exactly the friendliest and most polite person. He isn't introverted and is capable of interacting with others fine, but he's often fairly guarded and rude to others. Sometimes he lacks tact and will say something offensive or upsetting to someone. Additionally, he's self depreciative and doesn't really take offense if he's insulted in some kind of capacity. Despite these traits that put down his worth, Bran is confident in his own strength and capabilities, and postures as being arrogant.
In reality, Bran is worried of the way he is and how those close to him view him. His less friendly behaviour is a defence from forming bonds with others in the fear of losing relationships he develops. When he does become closer to someone, he becomes much friendlier and lighthearted, and often gets angry on their behalf. Very protective and loyal, but has a tendency to try and handle every issue on his own.
Isn't an overly violent person, but he easily justifies using his fists instead of his words in a lot of situations. Has a nasty internal competitive streak.

Active Abilities: None.

Passive Abilities: Genetically Modified - Bran was born as a genetically modified human. This comes with increased strength, faster reaction time, and a natural regenerative factor. With his strength, he's able to just about lift the weight of the average car (1350kg/2976lbs), but he can't pick up a car and throw it with this ability alone. His top sprint is 35mph. The regenerative capability Bran has means a lot of injuries heal a quarter faster than the average human. If he suffers nerve damage, his body is capable of eventually repairing it but it's still a delicate process. In the event of lethal injury to an organ for a human, Bran is capable of surviving but still needs medical attention quickly. Albeit a bit sturdier, Bran would die like a normal human if his neck was broken or received lethal damage to his brain.

Robotic Arm - Attached at the left shoulder, Bran has a robotic arm. The arm is able to function the same as a normal human’s. Although it is capable of touch, the sensation is a lesser extent to what his right arm can feel. Bran’s robotic arm is able to lift up to 2025kg (4486lb), but his other arm isn’t capable of matching the strength of the robotic arm which limits what he can move easily.

Weaknesses: Foreign Substances - For the average human, the introduction of foreign substances causes a response from the immune system or causes effects in the body. For Bran, his body’s immune system and processes mean he is more susceptible to any foreign substance in his body. Recreational and medical drugs, and alcohol, have stronger effects on him and requires less to cause an effect which means he is more prone to severe effects. Additionally Bran is more susceptible to illnesses. While he’s able to overcome them similarly to a human, he tends to take longer to recover and it can have more severe effects.

Common Magical Items: None.

Resources: Lives in a cheap apartment, has very few belongings. Works part-time as a security guard at The Reincarnation Clinic, Manta Carlos Branch.

Warning, contains abusive and violent themes towards children, and the presence of child soldiers.
  • Bran was born in a different dimension, an alternate Earth, that didn't have magic but advanced further in technological aspects. He was born as an identical twin to a government group who created genetically modified soldiers to fight for them. This was the reason for his first 'name', he was one half of the 425th unit for his generation of soldier.
  • It was decided early on that an experiment would be conducted on Unit 425-A and Unit 425-B. When Bran's brother achieved positive results, he was rewarded and encouraged. When he failed, he wasn't severely punished and was taught on how to improve. When Bran succeeded, he was simply acknowledged and not given much praise. When he failed, he was punished and was forced to learn his own mistakes.
  • Despite this, the two were often trained together. The experiment was to view what would happen with the two boys as they developed in an environment where they were encouraged to work and train together, but one was praised while the other scorned.
  • Quickly, Bran held some feelings of resentment towards his twin and pushed himself to extremes to earn the same praises his brother had. He never received that praise, and it caused the rivalry to grow.
  • By the time Bran and his brother were 10, they began to go on missions. They were identical twins, but their upbringings meant they behaved very differently in battle. Bran's brother showed methodical and surgical precision in how he acted, while Bran was violent and impulsive.
  • Training would continue even as they started doing missions. Bran acted out in rebellious ways, while his brother would reprimand him. Eventually, when the two turned 16, they were given the opportunity to earn official names. Bran's brother earned a name, while Bran did not.
  • Bran had a violent outburst since his own capabilities were nearly the same as his brother, and he felt it was unfair. For once, his brother agreed. When Bran was taken away to cool off, his brother came to him and decided they needed to make a break for it.
  • The escape went relatively well, until they were caught on the last step. They were attempting to use a teleportation device, but the interference knocked Bran away from his brother. When it commenced, Bran's brother was teleported, and the process cut off his arm with it. Despite the situation, Bran kept running away and managed to escape with severe injuries.
  • Bran was saved by a rebel group, who outfitted him with a robotic arm in return he provided information and helped them. He gladly obliged. He was never much more than a soldier and adviser, but he felt angry and lost when he thought about doing anything else.
  • Eventually, the rebellion succeeded. It had been ongoing for years before Bran was even born, and it only took a small push after he joined to succeed. But in the end, he was betrayed and comrades he once fought side by side with attempted to kill him.
  • Similar to when he tried to escape with his brother, he tried to use a teleportation device but the process was interrupted. He successfully teleported, but it landed him in a different dimension instead of somewhere in his own world.
  • At the age of 19, closer to 20, Bran woke up in Wales. Although confused, he didn't break the veil as a farmer had taken him in. They were a human, but had been aware of the supernatural and the strange. They were the one who gave Bran his current name, and after a month, contacted scouts to take Bran to the island.
  • Bran spent time in remedial classes to catch up in knowledge. After that, his signing up for college and becoming a part-time guard are pretty mundane.

Additional Information: He comes from his world's equivalent of Wales so he actually has a Welsh accent and is fluent in the language. Need to visit a qualified engineer for scheduled maintenance of his arm.
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Genetically Modified Human
June 15th
1st Year
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Image is original commissioned art.
Artist is Owen and is used with permission.

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