Primary Besom

  • Fullbody
  • Casual Clothing
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Body: Androgynous. Lithe. Subtle hourglass shape from their shoulders and hips. Has wavy and star-shaped "tattoos" from their cheeks down. Their "skin" feels overly soft and smooth to be human, giving an artificial quality to it.
  • Face: Heart-shaped.
  • Eyes: Pink, glowing heart-shaped irises.
  • Hair: Long. Flowing. Semi-intangible.
  • Voice: Androgynous. Alto/Tenor. The Japanese House.
  • Clothing: Is part of their body. Tries to keep it simple and avoids the maid outfit like the plague. Sometimes their outfit will change to match whatever is appropriate for a given situation.

Adaptable: Besom has spent many years tailoring themself to different masters and societies. They can barely describe their own personality, feeling like they change to fit whatever is best for the crowd. Overall, they try to present themself as friendly and approachable. Since coming to the island, they've been a little depressed to find that they relied so heavily on their master for an identity.

Free: No longer being bound to a master has made Besom excited to be free to do as they please. They're a little reckless, not too concerned about harm that may come to their immortal soul. As long as their broom can stay protected, they'll do just about anything for fun. Morals aren't something they're too concerned about after serving so many people of varying moral codes. The only thing Besom won't stand for is the harm of servants.

Paranoid: Besom is wary of authority and those who desire power. They avoid those kinds of people, believing them to be the kind of masters that treat their servants poorly. It's hard for Besom to ignore intrusive thoughts telling them those people would enslave them. Because of this fear, Besom keeps quiet about what they are and what they're capable of. If anyone asks, they're just a spirit with a thing for cleaning.

Servile Mindset: Besom cannot stand messes. When one is spotted and isn't taken care of in a timely manner, they feel a strong need to clean it themself. Not being able to causes them distress that strengthens with each second. Likewise, they regularly have to hold themself back from jumping at any chances to serve people, repair broken objects, and keep order in an area.

Active Abilities
Sweep the Evil Away: Besom can turn into a copy of their broom, which is capable of cleaning any surface almost immediately. Dust, dirt, and other small messes get caught on their brush, then can be vacuumed up into them and erased out of existence. They can also sweep out malicious spirits and negative energies to keep an area spiritually clean.

Always Look Your Best: Besom has minor shape-shifting abilities that allow them to change minor features of their body, such as their "hair"style, face, and sex.

Additionally, their clothes are part of their body and shares their durability and weight (or lack thereof). Besom can alter their clothing to be anything they want, or allow it to alter itself to fit their current environment. No matter what they wear, there will be a pink glowing heart located somewhere on them.

Dust to Dust: Besom can be harmed through mundane methods. Wounds can be regenerated by dissipating into sparkles and becoming one with their broom, going dormant until they fully regenerate. This takes about couple of minutes to hours based on the damage received. They can choose when to merge with their broom, but if a wound is fatal for a human, they are forced into it to be regenerated/revived a few days later by appearing beside it.

Passive Abilities
Spirit Broom: Besom's soul resides in the enchanted broom they originated from. Magic that affects living beings have no effect on Besom. Identifying magic will classify them as an enchanted object. Soul magic will see Besom has a soul that is shared with their broom. It's like their body and soul are in two places at once, though they cannot use their broom as an extra body.

Besom has no internal organs and no need for bodily necessities (breathing, blinking, eating, etc.). They cannot sleep, but they can eat. Alcohol, drugs, and temperature of all kinds have no effect on them. Besom is weightless and can fly up to a max speed equivalent to an average human's max run speed.

A Servant Should Be Seen, Not Heard: If no one acknowledges their presence for more than a minute, Besom will fade into semi-transparency and semi-intangibility. It will become difficult for them to interact with the world until they are acknowledged again or are doing a job befitting their role as a servant. During this time, their voice will be lowered to a whisper and they can move through walls (with some difficulty). Damage can still be taken in this state.

Communication is Key: Besom knows all languages, ranging from the mundane to the forgotten. It takes encountering the language or having some use of it for them to acquire knowledge about it.

A Clean Spirit: Besom always looks their best. There is never a sign of dust or dirt on them and their clothing never gets wrinkled. Mud could splash onto them and it would slip off of their body. They intentionally have to dishevel themself for anything to stick.

A Servant Needs A Master: Besom must serve and protect whoever takes their broom and sets it on their property. If multiple people live on a property, the owner has control over Besom. Whoever took the broom there in the first place is second in line.

Protector of Servants: Besom has a strong desire to protect servants and those made to serve. They are compelled to fulfill requests for assistance from these people, though they do not have to follow through anything that goes too against their morals or the morals of their master.

Besom was an enchanted broom created by Mayzen, a domestic god. Their simple purpose was to clean up any mess that came about. As Mayzen grew in power, so too did Besom. They developed sentience, then sapience, then a humanoid body. From there, they continued serving their creator, growing in power alongside him.

It took a long time for word to spread of what Besom could do. The items created for their master weren't used for violence or anything extraordinary. Mayzen's power, wealth, and ability to satisfy their worshipers increased slowly over time. Word only spread when servants, guards, and defeated foes of Mayzen spoke of an enchanted broom with amazing power.

These rumors attracted the attention of other gods, which Mayzen took as newfound respect. No one believed the small and lithe Besom was the one giving the domestic god all that power. That is until they saw Besom summon objects from nowhere. All the gods had their eyes on acquiring Besom for themself now, believing they were essential in gaining more power.

Wars were started over this, the first one beginning with Mayzen's death and Besom's new master. Thousands of years went by as Besom repeatedly changed masters. Each master fanned the flames of the war. Then one god decided enough was enough. There was a clear source of the problem that needed to be cut out.

Besom was caught unaware by the god. Restrained and told of their "sins" because of their existence, they were sent to another world.

Disorientated, they woke up on Manta Carlos with their broom beside them. Convinced that losing their broom would lead to a disaster for the world they're in, they became immensely protective over it.

Is living on welfare. Other than that, they have absolutely nothing.
First release
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Divine Spirit of Servitude
Early to mid-twenties; So, so old chronologically
Does not know or celebrate
Image Credits
Design and Full Body art by Orvaenta. Casual Clothing art by me.

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