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Primary Basté "Bastet" Rose Bywan

Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi essences will be merged into a new one with Adelaida's aid, the resulting one will be:

  • Shinsei - Nova Shells - After merging both the essences of Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi to create her own, Bastet gained access to this essence she calls Shinsei (Nova), having aspects of both Sun and Moon. By focusing her energy she is capable of creating a black projectile with a sunlight yellow glow that casts a generous light and heat up to 7 meters and a half, comparable to a clear sky sun in midsummer, its size and shape varying, ranging from a 9mm round to a tank shell, which can be loaded into a gun and fired or, in some cases, thrown at a target. If fired from a gun, it will explode the moment it leaves the barrel, creating a strong flash of light of 100,000 Lumens (reminiscent to a very potent spotlight or flashlight) and a 60° cone of heat that can reach up to four meters, scorching black anything within the first two meters and causing serious burns at later two meters, but said heat rapidly disperses into nothingness. However if thrown or crushed, it creates a small harmless blue star that takes away all light within an area equal to a classroom for anything between a minute and five minutes, with only the tiny star being the only thing that can faintly shine like a lone star in the darkest night. Otherwise the projectile is completely harmless and will only give off heat and light as needed. Up to six shells can be made and maintained simultaneously if they are just half a foot in size at most, otherwise less shells can be made and maintained (with a single tank shell being her limit). Making them takes little to no energy (as most of the energy is still within Bastet), but firing more than eight per day will drain her badly and put her life in serious danger.
Orochi Pure Essence - Orochi Maiden - This particular essence, purified with the aid of Ishikori-dome no Mikoto, grants the user the ability to assume a Lamia-like form, gaining snake-like traits such as pit vision and the lower half of a serpent (although in Bastet's case, it starts a little under the belly button) that can extend for up to 5.5 meters (18 feet), covered in mystical white scales that changes colors based on the angle one looks at it. However the strongest trait of Orochi Maiden is the ability to manipulate earth and stone to one's desire, shaping it however they like within a couple meters from any part of her body. This form, however, allows no other denies her access to her other abilities except to Gacha (as it is independent of her) and the Orochi Siblings (compatible nature), and in the later's case allows them to individually possess her and change her body to her male equivalent along with minor physical changes to match their personalities (example: facial structure, hair length).
A mysterious black cat that suddenly appeared in Bastet's room one day. More specifically, is a female slim black cat with yellow eyes, and behaves just like one despite its supernatural origin, being extremely overprotective of Bastet but also good at asserting whether or not a potential threat means or not harm to her master. If a threat is perceived, Ailuros turns into a skeletal black panther and initiates pursuit. Her other innate ability is to warp through shadows, seemingly popping up anywhere with a scent she is familiar with. Due to her ability to just randomly pop around, Bastet named her "Gacha".
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