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Primary Basté "Bastet" Rose Bywan

Appearance Description:

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Height: 2.06 meters (6'9")
Weight: 81 kilograms (178.5 lbs)
Physical Build: Lean
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Light Sky Blue
Tattoos: A winged snake wrapped around a bat with their wings spread and staring onwards on her back.
Clothing Preferences:
  • Jeans and leather Jacket.
  • Men's clothes.
  • Black, red and orange clothes are very welcome.
  • Nothing teal.
  • Biker's clothes.
  • Nothing formal unless the situation demands.
Personality Description:
Bastet was and always will be a nice girl at heart, often putting others before herself when needed, a trait inherited from her father who has been such to minutes after his own death, and one she carries with sheer pride. With an undying sense of justice that does not cloud her reasoning, she is keen to track creatures of the night and judge whether or not they are a threat worth engaging, or if they are above her level.

But that is just one side of her personality. As a girl, she still dreams of finding a boy that she will like, someone with courage, kindness and sense of justice, even if that one is a creature of the night, and also displays interest in things like dresses and cooking. Of course, she also has a tomboy side: most of the time she is seen sparring with a wooden sword, or riding her Machine Tornador (when she doesn't have to fix something in it), or wearing a biker's clothes.

Fears? Of course she has them! Most domestic dogs makes her uneasy or outright flee, although she has no problem with huskies, small dogs (She gives them a death stare that often scares them off or keeps them at bay. At worst, annoys her.), foxes, wolves or wild canids in general. In fact, upon seeing a werewolf she tries her best to resist giving them a head pat.

As for likes and dislikes, she's varied. European cuisine is her favorite, and Asian comes in a close second, but culinary aside she likes what has been previously described, like motorbikes, people with kind and fair personality, swords and activities better fit for a boy. Still, there's the flip side: Bastet's fears often gets the worst of her, she doesn't like when someone is spineless or ditches responsibilities, and hates the sight of fire with burning passion (She'd still be okay with a bonfire, BBQ or festival. But don't let a literal hothead near her.).

Although, nothing is absolute. Like the coursing river, she's bound to change.

Active Abilities:
This is an ability inherited from her father's side. A short explanation is that it is an Aeromancy, albeit in her case a short-ranged one, extending up to 5 meters (about 16 and a half feet) and mostly being used defensively. When active, green glowing serpents woven out of air appears floating all around her and acting based on her thoughts, the numbers varying from 1 to 8, each up to 7 meters (almost 23 feet) long and 25 centimeters (almost 1 foot) wide, and dense enough to cushion a professional fighter's strikes and barely stop a blade just shy from touching her skin, but still can't stop a bullet (At most will slow it down, but won't stop it from breaking her skin.) or a car (Although she can protect herself, she will be tossed against the concrete.), making those potentially lethal damages less lethal at best.

Offensively, the snakes can push someone away with a force equal to that of a professional sumo wrestler, or "bite" the victim and leave razor-like cuts on the flesh, usually no deeper than an inch at worst. Due to that, its better that one stays out of her effective range to prevent harm. Yet another defensive use Bastet has for them is to wear them as a second skin, giving her a lizardman-like green aura that repels not only physical attacks to a degree, but also water and fire, helping her cool her body. The flaws mentioned before (such as non-immunity to bullets or really strong impact) remains, and with the "Lizard Armor" she can't use the sumo strength the wind snakes individually have.
Legendary Essences are a small portion of the "Essence of Gods" and in some case the "Essence of Legends" that are contained in various magatama (comma-shaped beads), each about three inches in length, created by an unknown master of onmyoudo. The essence can be absorbed directly by a person and bond to their very soul, dissolving the magatama in the process, allowing them to access this power more directly. Once absorbed, only a master of onmyoudo, the God from which the power came from, or death can free this essence or recreate it into the form of another magatama. Essences cannot be combined into a fused ability.

Essences currently in Basté's possession:
  • Shinsei - Nova Shells
    After merging both the essences of Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi to create her own, Bastet gained access to this essence she calls Shinsei (Nova), having aspects of both Sun and Moon. By focusing her energy she is capable of creating a black projectile with a sunlight yellow glow that casts a generous light and heat up to 7 meters and a half, comparable to a clear sky sun in midsummer, its size and shape varying, ranging from a 9mm round to a tank shell, which can be loaded into a gun and fired or, in some cases, thrown at a target. If fired from a gun, it will explode the moment it leaves the barrel, creating a strong flash of light of 100,000 Lumens (reminiscent to a very potent spotlight or flashlight) and a 60° cone of heat that can reach up to four meters, scorching black anything within the first two meters and causing serious burns at later two meters, but said heat rapidly disperses into nothingness. However if thrown or crushed, it creates a small harmless blue star that takes away all light within an area equal to a classroom for anything between a minute and five minutes, with only the tiny star being the only thing that can faintly shine like a lone star in the darkest night. Otherwise the projectile is completely harmless and will only give off heat and light as needed. Up to six shells can be made and maintained simultaneously if they are just half a foot in size at most, otherwise less shells can be made and maintained (with a single tank shell being her limit). Making them takes little to no energy (as most of the energy is still within Bastet), but firing more than eight per day will drain her badly and put her life in serious danger.

  • Orochi - Ground Serpents
    The cursed essence of Orochi grants the user the ability to summon up to eight large serpents out of ground as long as Anacondas and possibly as dangerous. Those serpents can be controlled to a degree and possess a consciousness of their own as well as the ability to communicate. In Basté's specific case, one of them will always have a protective behavior and materialize against her will. The essence can be temporarily shared with another person as long as they possess any dark energy in them (example: vampires and demons).

  • Orochi Pure Essence - Orochi Maiden
    This particular essence, purified with the aid of Ishikori-dome no Mikoto, grants the user the ability to assume a Lamia-like form, gaining snake-like traits such as pit vision and the lower half of a serpent (although in Bastet's case, it starts a little under the belly button) that can extend for up to 5.5 meters (18 feet), covered in mystical white scales that changes colors based on the angle one looks at it. However the strongest trait of Orochi Maiden is the ability to manipulate earth and stone to one's desire, shaping it however they like within a couple meters from any part of her body. This form, however, allows no other denies her access to her other abilities except to Gacha (as it is independent of her) and the Orochi Siblings (compatible nature), and in the later's case allows them to individually possess her and change her body to her male equivalent along with minor physical changes to match their personalities (example: facial structure, hair length).
  • Bast's Essence - Ailuros "Gacha"
    A mysterious black cat that suddenly appeared in Bastet's room one day. More specifically, is a female slim black cat with yellow eyes, and behaves just like one despite its supernatural origin, being extremely overprotective of Bastet but also good at asserting whether or not a potential threat means or not harm to her master. If a threat is perceived, Ailuros turns into a skeletal black panther and initiates pursuit. Her other innate ability is to warp through shadows, seemingly popping up anywhere with a scent she is familiar with. Due to her ability to just randomly pop around, Bastet named her "Gacha".

Passive Abilities:
  • Wind Sense
    It's like echolocation, but better in some sense and worse in another. She can feel anything that is within 5 meters (16'5") from her, constantly aware of any small change on the air around her, being able to distinct shapes and speed to a subconscious level. The drawback, of course, is the small range and the fact she can be fooled: someone could swing a foam sword at her and she would mistake for a wooden sword easily, and the opposite being equally true.

  • Cold-Blooded
    Due to her alien heritage, her body stays at a temperature between 24° and 35° Celsius (Or for some: 75.2° to 95° Fahrenheit). This comes with an amusing drawback once ambient temperature dips under 15° Celsius (59° Fahrenheit), as it will trigger brumation in her. If ambient temperatures dips under 7° Celsius (44.6° Fahrenheit), however, she will be in danger of hypothermia. But the best part of this is that she doesn't need to wear less clothes in summer and barely worries about fever (unless it gets really high). And lucky be whoever gets to hug her in a hot day.

  • Undead Immunity
    Her blood produces a substance that immunizes her against undead curse, effectively preventing her from becoming a vampire or a zombie. Amusingly, her blood is Tyrian Purple and glows faintly in the dark. That of course doesn't make her immune to Werewolf and non-undead curses.

  • Subconscious Breathing
    Tell her she's breathing manually and she won't even scramble trying to breath. Her breathing is always steady even when knocked out, nervous, relaxed... At an all time, Bastet is at her best when it comes to breathing. This comes as a minor consequence from her Atmospheric Manipulator Redux and with the added perk of preventing impurity from entering her mouth and nose.

  • Hypothermia
    As explained in PA "Cold-Blooded", Bastet is vulnerable to low temperatures. Harsh cold can easily threaten her life.

  • Poisons and Toxins
    Bastet is more vulnerable than an ordinary human to poisons and toxins that are not airborne. To put it in perspective, a poison that could kill someone in 3 days would however take minutes 2 days and 6 hours to kill her. In other words, 3/4 of the time it would take to kill a normal person.

  • Yami - "The Impure Darkness"
    Due to her overall good nature, it is really bad if she stays in a tainted realm, such as hell or a demon's lair, for too long. Prolonged exposure to such causes her to start developing a fever after about ten minutes, and at an hour her sight starts to blur, three hours in and she will no longer tell friend from foe. After four hours, she is at mercy of whoever controls the domain, unable to do anything but watch her body act on behalf of their "master".

Common Magical Items: -Null-

  • Ezan Bywan, an alien lizardman, has gambled his only chance to jump timelines to find his beloved one, Samantha Rose, shortly after her disappearance in his timeline. He wasn't the only. In her own timeline, she went in pursuit of him, and they both wound up in this time, in year 2000.

  • At the end of 2002 they married and in the following year their first child was born: Basté Rose Bywan, named after his Goddess of Protection. They still had two more children later on: Anubis Rose Bywan (boy) and Maris Rose Bywan (girl), both of which born in the same year (2006). Samantha "The Red" worked as a prosecutor, while Ezan was a firefighter using his ability to control the air to put out flames and to help people out of burning buildings.

  • In 2013, months away from Bastet's birthday, they received the sad news of Ezan's passing. He had been shot in his right chest while traversing the flames on the tenth floor of a business building to save the son of a CEO who has been held hostage. The shooter was prosecuted by Samantha, who happened to encounter evidence of many crimes, including robbery of antique. The CEO in question pulled some strings to pass them a small pirate's chest he had bargained with an Yakuza head. The contents? Two magatama beads, a letter and a map. These items inherited now by Bastet.

  • As the next three years passed, she grew more tomboy in attitude and hunted evil beings at night while supervised by a man who claimed that "the deal included being trained by him in hunting creatures of the night". That man was part of the Yakuza clan Oni Odori, who actually acted in secret to cull the population of demons through the years in the southwestern region of Japan. This time frame is when she realized she was breathing automatically among other things concerning her nature and that of the beads.

  • By the time her training concluded she was 16 years and few month old, and a letter has come to her inviting her to Starlight Academy. With heartfelt farewells, she would take a ship to Manta Carlos, having her letter in hands. What new adventures awaits her?
  • Machine Tornador - A custom Honda VTR1000F modeled after Kamen Rider Agito's motorcycle. It's only modifications are cosmetic in nature and was a "graduation gift" commissioned by the head of Oni Odori after Bastet finished her training.
  • Class 1 Motorcycle License - How else can she go about riding her Machine Tornador?!
  • Oni Odori Calling Card - An upright black business card featuring a red hannya mask centered on the front with the kanjis 鬼 (Oni) above and 踊 (Odori) underneath the mask. The back has a note that translates into "Would you dance with the Devil?"
  • Other documents - ID, Bank Card (Debit, not Credit), vaccination card, passport... Small things.
  • Some money - Usually enough for a snack or another.
  • A smartphone - Nothing too up-to-date nor old either, she only really uses it for communication and its flash as a flashlight.
  • A Digital Wristwatch - A backlit Digital Wristwatch with a stopwatch function.
  • Flare Gun - A standard orange 12-gauge (18.5mm) flare gun used in boating, but Basté uses hers as a more convenient way to use Eclipse Shell. A black crescent moon sticker is on each side of the grip.
Additional Information:
  • Unlike her siblings, she carried alien heritage, while they are as human as her mother.
  • Bastet only takes 4 hours of sleep daily, and up to one hour naps through the day if she needs a boost, but is more active in the night. It's a conditioning thing resulting of her training. That and she had a terrible sleep schedule to begin.
  • Despite being Cold-Blooded, she can and will eat or drink anything cold, although that makes her yawn for a while.
  • An amusing aspect she inherited from her father is that she gets drunk out of anything apple-based! Tomato on the other hand makes her sober (and she loves both, specially Tomato-Apple Juice for the best of both).
  • TL;DR of a Sytran: lizardmen who are often born with element manipulation that may be of air, earth, fire, water or biology, they also posses the ability to borrow the physical aspects of another species and are polytheist, believing in Egyptian Gods. Don't expect to see them here at all.
  • Her father was really tall, nearing three meters when he passed away. That explains Bastet's growth spurt.
Orochi Siblings Detail (Work In Progress, be patient):
Given each has their own personality and aesthetic appearance changes when possessing Bastet whenever she's in her Orochi Maiden form, these will be listed down here. (Note: some of them wears something specific, but won't have it on them at the time of possession, instead opting to find something similar to their needs if possible)
  • Oroichi- Serious, gentle and patient, has a thing for gambling but is often regarded as the businessman of the group, but is more of their leader as he is the one that always puts the other ones in their place and is able to manifest at will most of the time.
    • When possessing Bastet, he favors to wearing a suit over any other option and likes keeping his long, waist-high sleek hair groomed backwards, and may even wear vanity glasses for added professional look.
  • Oroni - The most energetic and least mature of them, considers himself the young brother and is the least confident in any kind of conflict, always looking up to Oroichi first and foremost.
    • Doesn't like possessing Bastet much, but when he does there's barely any change in look if at all, aside of gaining masculine features and an ahoge ("idiot's hair") lock that peaks over his forehead, and if given the choice of clothing he only goes for what is colorful and related to teen culture (like cartoon characters, tokusatsu-themed shirts...).
  • Orosan - He can be almost mistaken for Oroichi, but is less serious, despises gambling, and rather than having a business mind he prefers to focus on studies. Nags at Bastet whenever she forsakes her studies to pursue something trivial.
    • Likes wearing the school uniform and has his hair barely at ears length whenever he is possessing Bastet, is extremely embarrassed of exposing his figure bare and wears reading glasses.
  • Oroshi - If one word can define him is "Yakuza". Oroshi has a tendency to sound intimidating, gives mean glares, and will threaten the hell out of anyone who thinks of threatening Bastet. He always sounds like he's in a sour mood, except to Bastet, and will really often go for a drink.
    • Bastet changes the most when possessed by Oroshi, which gives an apparent (and minor) increase in muscle mass, a wild mane of hair with black looks mixed in giving a tiger-stripe pattern, a more rectangular face and even a few "scars on his face. Wears flashy clothes, usually with a tiger or dragon motif, but isn't afraid to show his buff chest.
  • Orogo - A hopeless romantic among them, the "Casanova" as the others may joke, Orogo is a smooth-talker with the gentlest tone and hardly making any threat to anyone, and when he does so it hardly sounds like a threat because of his natural, charming tone. Whenever he manifests, expect flowers to adorn his head.
    • "Bishonen" ("Beautiful Youth") is a good word to define his form whenever he takes over Bastet. His slim build hides the same strength Bastet's lean body has, his slightly effeminate look may entrance both men and women alike, his long hair ends midway through the back in a ponytail, with curly locks over the forehead. Seems to perpetually have bedroom eyes, adding to his charm.
  • Ororoku - Fascinated easily by whatever is mystical, Ororoku often talks in a low tone and keeps his eyes on the heavens or daydreams about things. To say he thinks Manta Carlos is a heaven is an understatement to how he feels, and he is often one to pry into details about every species he can come across.
    • Not all traits of his manifests when possessing Bastet, but each one that manifests helps distinguish him from the others: a short hair with two long locks that meets over his heart, red kabuki-like markings on his face, or his long crimson nails.
  • Oroshichi - The least serious of the 8, he has a tendency to act as a lighthearted comedian, willing to see all the other siblings flash a smile, and every now and then manages to even make Oroshi smirk.
    • Whenever possessing Bastet first thing he does is groom his unkempt hair, splitting it left and right with a short pompadour on the forehead, and then he worries about what he is wearing, looking for a short sleeved shirt and a bow tie (or anything he can shape into a bow tie, even a paper tissue should do).
  • Orohachi - Level-headed and usually the most quiet, the 8th Orochi Sibiling is the most skilled of all of them, familiar with cooking, writing, painting, and having a quick grasp on any technique, he usually despised his inability to put any of that to practice, and is very eager to put his creativity and skill to work whenever given chance. Has a thing for (friendly) teasing Bastet.
    • Often has a lock of hair covering his (deep red) right eye when in possession of Bastet's body, leaving only his pale, almost white, blue eye visible, has a hint of a cut scar on the bridge of his nose. Likes dressing in white, favors long sleeves, gloves and skirt.
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Human with Sytran alien heritage
January 1st, 2003
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