Primary Barathion

Name: Baration
Age: Very ancient chronologically, 18ish physically
Birthday: unknown
Gender: male
Species: Kaiju shifter
Category: Student
Class: College
Grade: first year
College Major: undeclared
Career: Groundskeeper at Starlight Academy

Appearance Description: Barathion is toned and dark skinned when in his human form. He stands at 5’11”and is rather imposing. He has grey eyes, and keeps his black hair short. Barathion prefers practical clothing, though he hasn’t settled on a particular aesthetic as he’s still acclimating to living among small folk.
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Official art of Cyrus Demir from God Eater Resonant Ops

Barathion’s kaiju form is some sort of reptilian creature with green and black scales, glowing green eyes, and dorsal spines running down his back. Barathion’s face sports airfoil like horns, and a mouth full of shark-like teeth. His tail is quite long and sports sharp edges running down the sides. Another notable feature is that his hands possess thumbs allowing him to make and manipulate tools in this form.
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Personality Description: For his entire existence Barathion has been a wanderer. He prefers quiet and solitude for the most part. With that said, he likes to study people in new places, which is part of the reason he is a wanderer. Barathion likes nature and being close to it. In social situations he is personable, but tends to keep people at arms length, not forming any real attachments.
When he does though he is notably gentle and protective despite his intimidating appearances. Barathion is one to express feelings through actions rather than words.
When he sees something as a threat to himself or those he is looking after, he is quick to action. He is a ferocious combatant, preferring to end things quickly rather than drag things out.

Active Abilities:
Shifting: Barathion is capable of shifting between his human form, a seven and a half foot tall version of his kaiju form, and his full kaiju form which is roughly 150 feet tall.

Energy blades: Barathion can generate a pair of energy blades on his arms in kaiju form. These blades are capable of slicing through steel.

Ackerman Style: Baration is capable of accelerating the length of a city block in rapid blurs. Barathion is also able to use this ability to spin in place. In the air, Barathion flies in a spiraling pattern when using this ability.

Tail! It will happen to you too: Like smaller lizards, Barathion can detach his tail from his body. When detached, the tail will grow longer spikes, and thrash violently against the target for several seconds. During this time, Barathion will regenerate a new tail.

Flight: While in kaiju form, Barathion is capable of flights reaching speeds up to 200mph. It is currently unknown how he flies, he lacks proper wings and seems uninfluenced by wind and weather patterns in any meaningful way.

Passive Abilities:
Physique: In human form, Barathion is at peak human physicality. His reflexes are quick enough to dodge a bullet in any of his forms. Barathion has an unnatural sense of hand eye coordination and nimbleness. His miniature kaiju form is capable of lifting one ton and can achieve a running speed of 70 mph. His claws and fangs are capable of shredding through steel. Barathion’s skin is impact resistant, and able to take small arms fire with minor bruising. These abilities increase proportionally when he is at full size

Healing: Barathion heals several times faster than a normal human would. Minor cuts and bruises disappear within several minutes. Barathion can heal from broken bones within a couple of days. With the exception of his tail, Barathion can regenerate limbs over the course of a week.

Senses: Barathion has a sense of sight on par with hawks. His hearing and smelling is on a similar level to wolves. Barathion can also detect other kaiju within a mile radius of him in his human form. This particular sense increases proportionally when he is full sized.

Lizard! It will happen to you too: Barathion is able to move along walls and ceilings like a lizard.

Lightning resistant: Baration is immune to electrical based attacks and abilities

Climate resistant: Barathion is resistant to extremely hot and cold temperatures

Tongue of the Ancients: Barathion speaks in a language that can be understood by any sapient being. In a similar manner, Barathion can also communicate clearly through body language as well. Inversely, Barathion can understand all forms of verbal and nonverbal communication.



Barathion the Nomad had no real territory. He preferred to roam the land. To the humans who worshipped him, he was a god of freedom as he seemed to do things on his own whims.In fact, he used to have a tribe that would more or less follow him as he roamed. Barathion had always found the tiny primates that followed him fascinating, but would usually leave them to their own devices unlike other kaiju who were more directly worshipped.
Barathion lived a relatively quiet life. He would periodically have to clash with other kaiju, but these skirmishes with the exception of a few didn’t lead to any lasting grudges.
Eventually, his days of roaming the earth came to an end and he fell into a deep slumber beneath a mountain that lasted several millennia. He was finally awakened when he was discovered by scouts who were on an entirely different extraction mission. Confused as he was, he opted to listen to an explanation of the state of the world and come to Manta Carlos. He now resides on the island where he attends Starlight Academy looking to understand more of the world and all the things he missed during his time when he was asleep.

Resources: Makes a decent enough wage working as a groundskeeper at Starlight, lives in a dorm.

Additional Information: One of Saber’s Kaiju shifters!
First release
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thousands of years, physically late teens
he, him
college first year
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Official art of Cyrus Demir from God Eater Resonant Ops
Official art of Vayu from Dragalia Lost

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