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18 | March 2 | Male / Female | Human
Student | College | Year 1 | Undeclared

ICC Icons made using this maker by chemist750808 on Twitter.

Avram and Avigail's 'default' appearance, Avram's body, appears as a young man oh average height with a thin but broad shouldered build. He has shaggy white hair left long on top and shaved on the sides that he wears loose in a style that doesn't show off the shaved portions. His eyes are purple with unusually long eye lashes and bags under them from lack of sleep. He has a mole on his nose and dresses fashionably - a boon from Avigail picking clothes for them.

When wearing their charm, they look like - shockingly, I know - the above description's twin sister. Stylistically, Avigail also wears make up and brushes her hair off to the side to show off the side shave. Avigail has a fairly nice figure and slightly narrower shoulders than her brother.

Their clothes change subtly depending on what form they are in, allowing them to only need one wardrobe to suit them both.

Avram is a quiet, kind kid who really doesn't like getting in other people's way. He's not a pushover exactly, and if confronted he can stand up for himself (except where his sister is involved). But he doesn't like confrontation, so he generally tries to be as inoffensive as possible to not have to deal with people.

Avigail on the other hand has a very outgoing sort of attitude. She loves being in the thick of things, and feels like any attention is better than being ignored.

They have come to an agreement that when it suits them, one will effectively 'go to sleep' and let the other have basically full control over their shared body. If they are both awake though, Avram defaults as the 'dominant' personality - though Avigail would disagree with this.

Empathic Feedback Loop
Avram's ability that he got from the ritual that allowed the group to kill the creature. As such only he can use it, and only when he is the one controlling their shared body. He can pull an emotion that is already present, even faintly, in a group of people within one hundred feet of himself that he can see, and amplify it. It takes time to stoke any particular emotion; it would take him two sustained hours of effort to whip a relatively calm crowd into a panicked frenzy. Once he stops using this ability he passes out for an equal amount of time, leaving Avigail alone in control of their body. If Avigail is already unconscious, their body instead falls unconscious as well.

Last Moments
Avigail's ability that she got from her first encounter with the creature. As such only she can use it and only when she is the one controlling their shared body. Avigail can make a person she can see that she focuses on experience the terror and pain of her final moments as the creature devoured her on loop. She can maintain this for as long as she wants, but each time the hallucination loops it becomes slightly less effective. After enough loops, dependent on the individual in question, the visions and feelings become completely ineffective against the target. Once she stops using this ability she passes out for an equal amount of time, leaving Avram alone in control of their body. If Avram is already unconscious, their body instead falls unconscious as well.

Sex Change Charm
Avram and Avigail have an enchanted necklace that, when worn, changes one's physical sex.

I Know How You Feel
Avram and Avigail get a general sense of the emotions that other people around them are feeling. They can get more specific, deeper information with physical contact.

Talking Over One Another
Avram and Avigail are difficult to mind read. Anyone attempting to do so gets both of their thoughts and memories, but not neatly separated. This creates difficulty for the person attempting to read them, as the different thoughts sort of play over each other, muddling the message slightly. This does not occur if one of them is unconscious.


Avram and Avigail were born to the owner of the town's grocery store and his wife. From a very young age, the two siblings diverted pretty hard. Avram was a model student, getting good grades and winning several Citizenship awards. Meanwhile Avigail decided that she wanted to leave their nowhere little town and started looking for any excuse to leave and move to a big city. By the time she was fourteen, she had run away three separate times and been brought back by the sheriff.

Things changed when Avram was bought a car for his sixteenth birthday. Avigail was jealous, but she strong-armed her brother into letting her borrow it so that she could spend her weekends in the city and have a taste of the life that she really wanted. Sometimes he went with her, but usually that was just so he could take care of some errands while she ran around, living it up.

The first disappearances were a shock. The first deaths were even scarier. And by the time that the town was starting to get really spooked, the twins together decided to get out of town until everything blew over. They texted their parents, who were gone on a much needed vacation, and let them know that they were getting a hotel because of all the bad stuff happening. They never made it out of town.

Avram doesn't remember what happened after their car was run off the road. He doesn't remember running and hiding. But he does remember hearing Avigail's screams. He was found by a group of other kids who went to the same school, his hair turned white from the sheer terror he'd experienced. They related similar experiences, and that they had a plan to deal with the monster. He agreed, to avenge his sister.

Using his teacher's pet status, he got them into the science labs so they could steal the chemicals that they would need for the ritual. For the first time in his life, he didn't feel totally numb. Their group did what they had to do, and when the smoke cleared he heard Avigail. Avram was ecstatic! She was alive. It was only later, after the Scouts had extracted the kids and covered up the worst of the damage that he figured out the truth. His sister was alive only in spirit, stuck in his head. Of all of the kids, Avram and Avigail's therapy took a lot longer, but that made sense considering it was two entirely separate traumas the Islets had to deal with.

Lives in the dorms and uses the school's stipend.

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March 2
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Original character design and art created by MisterZei on Deviantart.
ICC icons commissioned from @Ballerina here on Starlight Academy.

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