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Supporting Aven Yarrowilt

Name: Aven Yarrowhilt
Age: 17
Birthday: July 13th
Gender: female
Species: Fae
Category: Student
Class: High School
Grade: Senior Year (12th)
Career: Works at a gardening shop downtown.

Appearance Description:
Her no-nonsense personality dictates a lot of what Aven's appearance is like. Her long green hair is often tied up away from her pale, heart-shaped face, usually in a ponytail or a bun or something, and her emerald eyes will often shine with concentration when she's working on something. Her ears, like the rest of the Bramblesnare clan, have pointed tips, and her canines are a bit longer than the average person's, visible in any one of her smiles. She's built taller and pretty stout (though most of it is muscle from training), and her style is usually pretty formal. Her usual go-to is a long sleeved shirt (usually in a simple or pastel color) that usually have the sleeves scrunched up to the elbow, and a pair of dark-colored pants.

Personality Description:
INFJ- The Advocate

Loyalty is the name of the game in Aven's case. She's loyal to a fault for those who she has dedicated herself to, especially the Bramblesnare team. Every single one. That doesn't mean, however, that Aven will stay silent on her beliefs - in fact, quite the opposite, because she's dedicated to her friends. She will point out flaws in her friends'logic/planning, and will make waves if she needs to. Her friends are her cause, and as long as she's with them she will strive to make them the best they can be. She's determined and passionate about what she does, even if it wouldn't be her first choice in terms of position.

Aven's a creative soul. Often, this goes into her gardening work, but it can be used anywhere from settling disagreements to setting traps. Getting creative with her solutions helps her, too - to develop and learn on the fly. It's also a form of ventilation for whatever frustrations seem to be haunting her.

She's also very honest as a rule. Obviously, since Bramblesnare Fae can't lie willingly to sapient beings, but also as a personal goal - Aven believes that honesty is the most important thing between two people. No untangling to do, no lies to craft or see through, only honesty. As a consequence, she tends to make decisions hard and fast, assuming that the person she's talking to is telling the truth. Some call it naivety, but she insists it's the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, because she puts so much stock in what she believes, she can be quite naive, quite gullible, and quite sensitive about pretty much anything. Call her job one badly done and she'll freak out. This is partly why she can be so private about things - because she doesn't want to be shot down for doing a job too badly, and it's also why she's so much of a perfectionist in everything she does.

Overall, she's passionate, driven, loyal, honest, and logical, but she can be naive, sensitive, perfectionistic, and private.

Active Abilities:
All According to Plan....t
Aven is a Wood Whisperer Fae - able to control plant life within and without the forest. Aven is still learning, so right now she's only capable of manipulating plant life within a 20 ft. radius (sphere) before they return to the wild. During this manipulation, she is able to make plants grow, shrink, twist to fit her needs, even talk to her. She mostly used this for making traps and stuff.

Because she is a Wood Whisperer Fae, she's a naturally gifted healer. She can use plant life to speed healing, up to tenfold. Depending on the abundance of plant life around her. A plantless room would yield only a healing factor of 1x, while being in a forest surrounded by vegetation would increase it 10x.
To heal a person, she must be able to physically access them/their wounds. Aven uses the plant life around her to wrap around her hands and the patient's wounds. If it's working, the wound turns green. She also needs to recite oaths while healing, though these are soundless. They take around a minute to say fully.
Interrupting the oaths during the healing, throwing salt at or around her, or denying access to her plants will halt the process. The wound will remain at the state of healing it was until Aven finishes healing it.

Tesoiras is the fairly innocuous name given to Aven's pair of gardening shears. The shears are very old-looking and chunky, but that's because they're actually a pair of daggers that can conjoin in scissor form. Due to their short nature, they're easy to hide/keep by her, and are good for melee combat.
If, however, they are used in conjunction with her plant manipulation, she can add a bunch of effects to the blade, such as riddling it with thorns to make wounds even worse or wielding the blades with plants, allowing her to extend her range and free up her hands.

Passive Abilities:

Aven possesses peak human strength, and can reach a top speed of 40 mph. She heals at a rate of three times faster than an average human. She possesses a wolf’s senses of hearing and smell, as well as a hawk’s sight. She can see in total darkness. She also possesses bullet dodging reflexes, and a perfect sense of balance and can jump thirty feet from a standing position.

Bramblesnare Blessings
Fae of Bramblesnare are able to move without making a sound, and lack strong scents, as long as they are within wooded areas or their court.

Aven can mimic voices and sounds well, as well as throw her voice up to fifteen feet away.


As with many fae, iron is their bane. Iron at its best causes mild itching, however if they are put into direct contact, it will leave burns, and permanent scarring.

Salt, if thrown at Aven, breaks any plant manipulation she might be using and stops any magical healing being done (though it does not reverse it.). Ditto for any salt lines. Salt rings or rooms lined with salt will completely disable any active magic she might try to use.

Compelled to Honesty
They are unable to tell blatant verbal lies to other sapient beings. At best their magic could be stripped away for a period of time. At worst they are killed, or changed into a beast.

True Voice
Bramblesnare fae hide their voices, and spoken language from outsiders. Should an outsider hear their voice they will lose the ability to speak.

Thanking them, or giving gifts compels the fae to seek out methods of repaying the gift giver. Inversely, they tend to expect something in return for kindness they offer.

Aven is commoner-born. Early on, she discovered her affinity with plants and her family helped her to develop her skills into the makings of a great trapper. Unfortunately, this, for Aven, meant toying with prey - instead of laying traps that would definitely do some damage or be useful in quickly trapping the prey, she fancied herself a bit smarter and as a result didn't make really anything useful as a trapper. Eventually, her family nudged her from making traps - something that had become a little bit of a passion for her - and into healing classes, since she naturally had that affinity anyway. Aven was upset by this and made a fuss, but nothing could be done. The decision had been made, and Aven threw herself into work despite not loving every second of it. She actually got pretty dang skilled - even more so than she had been in trapping - and one day was introduced to Prince Valerian through her healing work. A few years passed as she saw Valerian and his forming troupe visited her for her healing services.
One day, Valerian asked her to come with him and a small band of friends. She said yes, and now resides on Manta Carlos with the other 4 members of the group.

Housing - Lives at Starlight Academy.
Money - Works part-time at a flower/gardening shop.

Additional Information: Part of the Bramblesnare Fae Quintet. (late)​
First release
Last update
Fae (Bramblesnare)
July 13th
Works at a gardening shop downtown.

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