Aurum Re-Thaniturge

Primary Aurum Re-Thaniturge

Name: Aurum Re-Thaniturge
Age: 2(Chronologically) 16(physically)
Birthday: May 14
Gender: Male
Species: Demigod
Category: Student
Class: High School
Grade: 9
College Major: N/A

Appearance Description: Aurum has dark skin, and a messy mop of black hair. He’s 5’7” and still growing. His build is best described as toned. Aurum would almost pass for an ordinary human if it weren’t for his glowing golden eyes. He generally dresses in clothes that are practical and easy to move in, with a small flair of style.
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Personality Description: Unlike his father he’s rather laid back and carefree. Aurum can come off as a little spacey to those who meet him. He marches to his own beat, almost purposefully moving away from the pre- implanted memories and information in his head.
Aurum is competitive and enjoys strategy games, sparring, and watching ASTRAL races, with aspirations of becoming one when he’s older. He also enjoys building and fixing machines.

Active Abilities:

Golden God Rays: Aurum naturally generates his own signature energy. This energy can also be used to heal himself or others from minor injuries. Aurum can also use this energy to generate concussive blasts up to five feet, capable of knocking opponents back. The closer a person is, the more damaging it will be.

Broken Horn: Aurum can summon a holy blade through which he can focus his energy into slicing waves within five feet of himself, and golden energy spikes in a three foot radius of him.

Mk III Battle armor: Aurum possesses his father’s battle armor which he can summon at will. When fully suited, Aurum’s speed, strength, and stamina are doubled. Aurum is capable of summoning individual parts of the armor at will. It takes roughly thirty seconds for him to manifest his full armor. Partially manifesting pieces of his armor can take ten seconds to materialize on the specified body part. The armor can withstand extreme temperatures, and is capable of breathing in space as well as underwater. The suit can also withstand sustained barrages from heavy caliber weapons. Aurum loses access to his sword when he dons the armor.

Passive Abilities:
Physique: Aurum has notably denser muscle structure than his initial appearance would lead one to believe. He is capable of lifting roughly one ton. Aurum can run up to 40 mph. Aurum also has enhanced stamina thanks to having two hearts and heals three times faster than the average human.

Tough Skin: Aurum is highly resistant to energy and elemental based attacks. Aurum can withstand an average fireball with minimal injury. In a similar fashion, he is resistant to extreme heat and cold.

Energy Detection: Aurum can detect spikes in the energy of people around him, allowing him to know if someone is using an ability.


Aurum was born as part of a project to help restore St. Thaniturge’s race to a more sustainable population. He was the only successful direct clone of their leader. Aurum’s growth was accelerated and then normalized, resulting in him being the rough equivalent of a teenager. Thaniturge personally raised and trained him. It was however clear that his heir was almost nothing like him in many ways. At a young age Aurum took to piloting in flight simulators, which eventually led to him discovering ASTRAL racing.
Aurum would eventually become restless being cooped up on the station. Thaniturge opted to have him transferred to Starlight Academy on Manta Carlos.Aside from new surroundings, it would give him opportunities to interact with a wider variety of students his age.

Resources: Receives a decent living stipend from his father. Owns a fancy space hologram cell phone, and has a mini vr system in his dorm which he practices his flying on.
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2(Chronologically) 16(physically)
May 14
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Official art of Thorns from Arknights

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