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Name: Ater Blake
Age: 19
Birthday: February 15
Gender: Male
Species: Kitsune
Category: Student
Class: College
Grade: First Year
College Major: Occultism
Career: Waiter

Appearance Description:

Ater stands at a height of 5'7" with a thin, semi-athletic build. His hair and tail are naturally red but turn a dark grey at a certain length, and at the tips, with a few exceptions. He has a pale skin and blue eyes. He also has a pair of fox ears in place of human ears, with black fur on the outside and red on the inside. There is also a birthmark on the corner of his lip on the right in the shape of a crescent moon. He wears a giant blue bead on his hair, covering the transition where his dark grey hair turns back to red.

Personality Description: Ater is generally a friendly guy, if a little bit of a goofball. He has a thick skin, and nothing less than personally insulting friends or family will get him mad enough to throw the first punch. He doesn't mind as much when people insult him, he'd just clap back as best he can and then act like his own hypeman.

He doesn't have the quickest wit, so whenever he says something that he considers witty and isn't something he'd stolen from the internet or someone else, he gets pretty pleased with himself.

It doesn't take much to make him happy as he lived a semi-ascetic lifestyle for a good chunk of his childhood, however his upbringing wasn't so strict that he couldn't enjoy some luxury when the opportunity unveiled itself. This made him appreciate the things that come to him, whether through hard work or gifts.

He is an industrious boy who knows how to balance work and fun. However, he really doesn't like things disrupting plans he has already made. He'll do his best to accommodate it, but if the effort is too much to be considered a simple request or the thing he has to do necessitates a lengthy detour, then he may just decide to cancel what he planned all together while grumbling. Just allow him to regain composure. He won't stay mad for long.

Time-sensitive, high-stress situations are the bane of his existence. He turns into a complete mess when thrown into the deep end and might just blank out until he catches up.

He is also a bit fighty. While he normally only fights with words, he's always up for a scrap when someone lays a finger on anyone on his side. Self-control can only stretch so far.

Active Abilities:
Spirit Claws — Ater can summon ethereal claws to drape over his hands and feet that can only interact with other ethereal objects, or entities that aren't native to whatever object they inhabit (possessed items or people for example, including himself.) The claws can extend up to a foot away.

Spirit Eyes — He can normally see ethereal entities normally, however by focusing more on it, he is able to see them through obstacles and even peer into people to see their spirits. This just allows him to see if someone or something has a spirit or two. The states of the spirits however can't be distinguished unless there's something especially notable about them (i.e. they're two spirits stitched together, a spirit has recently been damaged)

Fox Fire — Ater can summon and control blueish-white flames within 10 meters from himself, which can travel up to 50 meters from him (if launched or thrown) before dissipating. The flames outside his 10-meter area can't be controlled anymore until it reenters. He can change how hot or cold the flame feels, however the flames can only get as cold as 0 degrees Celsius

Shrine Tender — Ater can choose to turn ethereal. While in this form, he can't interact with any physical objects and anything ethereal becomes physical for him. He can also possess objects in this form, and if that object is a shrine or other religious constructs/objects, then it is slowly repaired at the cost of a bit of energy. When possessing an object, he can move them as if it was his body. If there's no point of articulation, then he can only nudge it. He can't possess anything bigger than a human-sized mannequin.

Passive Abilities:

Kitsune Anatomy — His durability, endurance, speed, stamina and agility are roughly three times better than the average human's. In addition, he has night vision and he has hearing as good as a fox'.

Spirit Vessel — As part of his clan's identity, Ater is able to be possessed easier than most, and it doesn't matter what possesses him or what alignment they have. What matters is that nothing else is currently possessing him. When an entity possesses him, they can speak through him and use his body as a way to cast their spells at the cost of his energy instead of their own, however, they can't force him to take physical actions. Luckily. He is also fully aware whenever something possesses him. Most ethereal beings like ghosts and spirits can possess him as easily as taking a seat, and there is no limit on how long they can stay. Doesn't really work when he's unconscious.

Biography: Ater was born into a clan of Kitsune that were a union of two clans that used to oppose each other in ancient times. One was connected to the occult as they would serve as hosts to their gods in exchange for luxury, the other actively kept dangerous spirits in shrines and protecting shrines of benevolent spirits from corruption.

The union of the two clans mixed their fates, and now they serve as tenders to neglected shrines. Outside of their clan, they reside in monasteries and around outdoor shrines. Some do it for the offerings, and others just because they feel it is their duty. It didn't matter, so long as the spirits residing in them, or connected to them are content.

By the time Ater was born, the clan had expanded beyond tending to shrines and their views have softened. While they lived simple, ascetic lifestyles, they are no strangers to luxury. Everyone was taught to value what they had, control their envy and their pride. The clan lived in a forest dense of spiritual energies, and so possessions were commonplace, both the good and the bad kinds.

And so, there were a number of Kitsune who acted as enforcers, who would evict those who abuse their hosts. Ater's parents were both part of these enforcers and he learned much from them, including how stop malicious spirits from using his body as if it were their own. As tradition dictated, the young were unable to leave their territory thanks to a magical barrier. When he was old enough and the charm that kept him inside safety was undone, he ventured out with his parents to see the outside world for a few years, living among humans before he was sent to Manta Carlos to further his studies.

Resources: He lives in the school dorms with enough cash to survive, getting it from allowances, odd jobs, and his part-time job as a waiter.

Additional Information: It is forbidden to speak the clan's name, so much so that no one outside it knows its name, but they have a specific symbol to represent them.
First release
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February 15
He, Him
1st Year College
Field of Study
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FC - Zoroark (Humanized) from Pokemon. Art by ksugarfree

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