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Primary Arno Thorndrake

Name: Arno Thorndrake
Age: Sixteen
Birthday: June First
Gender: Genderfluid
Species: Human/Dragon Hybrid
Category: Student
Class: High School
Grade: Sophomore

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•Both male and female form are very similar. Their male form stands at 5'9, with their female form standing at 5'8, female form has slightly wider hips and small bust. Their clothes is the same, well made button up shirts and matching pants along with a pair of boots. They have a pair of dragon horns and wear a ring on the right one. Thry have an x shaped scar just behind the corner of their eye though its usually covered by their hair.

On the surface they give off a sense of calm nobility and intelligence. Despite living as an exile from both their clans, his parents raised them in the values of both. As such they believe they believe they have a duty to help those weaker than themselves, while also carrying themself with dignity. They try to stay calm and collected at all times, as such their facial expressions could be described as small, small smiles and such to show their change in mood and emotions. As such they're slow to anger, it's hard to make them lose their temper, if/when they do get truly angry, it's a cold quiet anger.

Active Abilities:
He's able to grow sharp claws on his hands and feet and shift his teeth into sharp fangs.
•Strength Equalizer: When he enters into combat with someone (sparring counts) his strength will lower or rise to be equal to that person's. If fighting multiple opponents his strength will match the strongest of the group. Once the fight is over his strength returns to normal.
•Enchanted Sword: He has an enchanted sword. It's as strong as the finest steel and can be summoned when needed. If damaged it self repairs in twenty-four hours.
•Wind Manipulation: He has the ability to produce and manipulate wind. With this wind he can lift himself up and essentially fly as well as release bursts of wind strong enough to knock over a full grown man. Combined with with his sword he can unleash a slash of wind that reaches ten feet and is strong enough to cut into an inch of steel. However it cannot cut into objects created from earth based magic.
•Custom Sex Swap Charm: They wear an enchanted ring on their right horn. When they tap the ring their sex will shift. It only activates for them and it cannot fall off.

Passive Abilities:
He'll stop aging in his twenties and live forever if not killed.
•Enhanced Physicality: At his base strength his can lift and carry five hundred pounds.
•Enhanced Senses: He has night vision and so can see in the dark, his sense of smell and hearing is on the level of wolves.

•Earth Based Magic:
As an air based dragon, all earth based magic will cause twice as much damage to him than they otherwise would.

•Arno's parents came form a clan or dragons (the Drachenkins) and a clan of immortal dragon hunters (the Thorndrakes), with the two at war for thousands of years.
•Arno was born his human father and dragon mother after both had left their clans to live in peace. They lived a largely nomadic life, with his parents being hesitant to live in any one location for long.
•Growing up he developed wind magic, something he inherited from his mother, and inherited a strength based ability from his father. Arno being trained by his parents on how to fight and how to use his skills and overcome not having a dragon form.
•When he was fourteen his parents made contact with the two clans, and over the next year the clans made peace. A long war had finally come to and end.
•Now him and his parents have moved to Manta Carlos, moving in with a friend. With each clan also setting up a mansion each on the island that they're welcome at. Allowing the two groups to reconnect with the supernatural community.

•Arno is supported by his parents, with all three currently staying with their friend Helmut Forster. Both sides of their family also has a mansion each that they have access too.

•All art is by @Hyper
•Their sex swap charm was forged by the Drachenkin's forge master. With their sword being an ancient Thorndrake weapon, given to him by his father.
•The lore behind his families can be read here.
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Human/Dragon Hybrid
June First
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•All art is by @Hyper

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