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Name: Anastasia Greene
Age: Nineteen
Birthday: 14th of December
Gender: Female She/Her
Species: Hybrid - Human/Elemental (Magic)
Category: Student
Class: College
Grade: Sophomore
College Major: Magic - Summoning & Conjuration

Appearance Description:
Eye color: Dark Purple verging on black
skin color: lightly tanned
clothing style: Witchpunk anything purple, green or blue
hair: Waist length raven black hair with streaks of Purple, Pink or Blonde streaking through depending on her mood and availability of hair dyes
height: 5'0
Build: Toned but Slender
weight: 75lb mainly cause of her body being made up of magic
Tattoo's: Jet black Raven on her left shoulder, Butterfly Tattoo on her lower back, Eastern Dragon snaking up her left arm, from her lower back starts a black dragon tail practically touching the butterfly the body being most of her back and the wings and legs hugging around her body with the head resting on her Right shoulder, & the All Seeing Eye on her left hand

Personality Description: Anastasia is a rebel through and through. Tell her she can't do something and it will be her life's ambition to prove you wrong. Due her families strict upbringing and there attempted binding of her powers when she wouldn't do what they wanted. She has a deep seated distrust of those in authority. But she has been working on it with her Therapist. So she isn't instantly hostile to her teacher's anymore. Cause of her exceptional talent in the arcane she does get away with some stuff. That's not to say she doesn't get into trouble she does try and push there buttons at times. She has been caught giving tattoo's to minors with her only excuse was they had the money and a note with what looked like there parents signature as permission

Active Abilities:
Living Tattoo's - the tattoos on her body can come to life since there specially enchanted by her to come off her body. She can then pour her magic into them to make them stay around longer or give them special abilities corresponding to what they are. She can also pour some of her magic into them when there still on her body and they will give her bonuses. She can only activate one tattoo at a time and depending on how long she keeps one active equals how long she has to recover before activating another one

Raven Tattoo - When brought to life and sent off her body with some magic it can turn invisible for a short time. But when on her body and activated it will allow her to understand and speak any language. Then after deactivation she can't activate a tattoo for another 10 minutes. Also for every 20 Seconds she has it activated it feels like she has sprinted for 2 metres

Butterfly - No extra abilities when brought to life other than it looks pretty but if activated while on her body it will initiate a vision of the Future can't activate another tattoo for a minute but after the vision she feels like she has run a marathon

Eastern Dragon - when off her body it can control a portion of water up to 10 litres. when still on her body and activated gives her a significant boost to her Magic. It does so by halving the effects of the other tattoo's recoil for a portion of time after she deactivated it but doubles the length of time till she can activate her tattoo's again

Black Dragon - if she has to activate this tattoo for even a second shit has hit the fan. Even with an ounce of magic it is about 10 feet tall and 25 feet long with jet black scales and wings each as long as it is. It breathes pure black flames which can melt stone in 10 Seconds. Plus causes gale force winds with a beat of its wings. unlike the other tattoo's that require investment to stay around. The black dragon stays for up to 2 Minutes for every second of magic which goes into it at the start. After activating it she can't activate her tattoo's for an entire day. she will also physically feel weak for a week longer if she exerts herself. When activated on her body it gives her 5 foot Black wings scales on her body and claws on her feet and hands along with a flame breath

All Seeing Eye - doesn't come off at all but when activated it will glow purple and enhance Ana's eyesight for 10 Secs for every 2 seconds she pours into it while enhanced she can see Triple the distance a normal human can. and when it wears off she will go blind for an equal amount of time as it was active and during that time she can't activate any of her tattoo's.

Passive Abilities:
Magic Body - her Entire body is made up of magic which sustains her and mimics human organs, skeletal system and muscles. she still needs to eat though and her body will convert the nutrients into magic to sustain her. Injuries heal at the standard human rate and if majorly injured she still will need hospital care. Medicine is processed the same as food it will be changed into healing magic

Magic Drain Weakness - due to all the magical experiments she's done on her body. She is practically a being of pure magic. So if she is affected by magic drain from someone it is doubly effective. Even a light drain is potentially life threatening if its only for a moment she will feel slightly nauseous. Then after 10 Seconds she will be unconscious if it continues after that she will go into a coma. Then need a massive infusion of magic to come back if that doesn't happen quickly she will die.

Destruction & Death Magic weakness - as her magic is aligned with creation and life any powers fuelled by destruction or death are especially dangerous to her she will take double damage from them

Null Magic Zone weakness - if she is in a Null zone magic the same effects as Magic drain happen but at double speed

- Born into a family coven who believed mundane methods should be employed before magic
- after her own powers awakened they started teaching her simple charms and potions but nothing to major and told to only use as the last resort
- secretly studied deeper magic than what her family taught
- eventually was found out they tried to bind her powers but she had already amassed more power than they could imagine but luckily for them she left
- was eventually found by the scouts and invited to Starlight
- during her tests to determine her studying level she aced anything regarding magic but epically failed anything regarding the normal reality
- did multiple magical experiments upon her body including Enchanted Tattoo's and infusing her body with magic to the point she is a living magical being

Steady supplemental income from giving her friends piercings and tattoo's, Lives at the school dorms, a ritual athame and tattooist kit

Additional Information: Is there anything else to take note of?
First release
Last update
Hybrid Human/Elemental (Magic)
December 14th
College - Sophomore
Field of Study
Magic - Summoning & Conjuration
Arena Fighter
Image Credits
Nanameka Picrew Creator by Tororo for the ICC and Character portrait

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