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Name: Alyndra Andrea Beliare
Age: 11
Birthday: February 29th
Gender: Female - She/Her/Hers
Species: Avera - OC Bird People Race
Category: Student
Class: Middle School
Grade: 6

Appearance Description: Eye color, skin color, clothing style, hair, height, weight, etc. No specific length; however much you need. Pictures are allowed, but please put a short description as well. Can use bullet points.
Skin Color - Tanned
Wing Color - Silver
Eye Color - Purple
Hair - Short hair which is Silver
Height - 3 Feet 11 Inches
Weight - 40 Pounds
Clothing Style - Doesn't really have a clothing style perse since her entire life she was had extremely old and run down clothes no better than draping a small hessian bag over her and since her wings are nearly fully grown now atleast for her size

Personality Description:
+ Friendly: She always tries to see the good in others and will be welcoming somewhat.
+ Protective: if you've gained her trust she will protect you even if your older than her
+ Generous: is always sharing her stuff with other people and tends to put herself second on occasions
+ Energetic: Pretty much always on the move fidgeting in her seat and absolutely loves getting outside for Break or even Gymnastics
- Shy: She will probably never be the centre of attention since she hates it cause of being teased by others at a younger age cause of her belief's
- Nervous: She is always shaking lightly and is extremely uncomfortable in area's with a large crowd
- Low Self Esteem: due to just getting her wings and always been called a freak she can't see anything good about herself
- Obsessive: everything has to be done in a certain order she will arrange her plate into sections

Active Abilities:
- Alyndra can control wind to a certain degree nothing to major but she can create a small breeze and manipulate the wind with extra effects like warm up the air or make it smell faintly of flowers

Prophecy - She has no control over this but it requires her to be in contact with the person or being who the prophecy is about if one does come it will knock her out for a day or 2 so she tends to avoid physical contact with people. The prophecies come as Visions to Alyndra and they also force her to tell the person the vision if they believe her they can change what happens but they would need outside help since they only show the Outcome not how they came to be. the time frame for the visions is always random sometimes they might happen in the next hour or it could be like 100 Years in the future.

Quick Heartbeat - Due to her heart beating quicker than a humans she can put on a quick burst of speed which leaves her exhausted. Afterwards she needs to rest for a couple of days or she will be at risk of collapsing.

Passive Abilities:
- Around Puberty there species gets lovely White/ Silver or Black wings which combined with there hollow bones allows them to fly with abit of run up or off a perch

Extended Lifespan - Due to blessings bestowed upon the race by Wind Elementals they live longer than a human and generally pass on at around 200 Years of age

Exceptional Eye Sight - due to being physiologically like a bird they have heightened eyesight they can see double the distance of a normal human

Above Average Strength - due to the flight muscles in there backs they have about double the strength of an average human there age

Aerial Mobility - Depending on there age and how long they've had there wings for determines there mobility in the air (Average Mobility)

Hollow Bones - Due to her unique physiology resembling a birds her bones are somewhat hollow. Which makes her bones more susceptible to break or fracture and generally takes longer for them to heal since they don't have as much marrow as a human

She was born into an Avera Clan a short way north of Berlin Germany where she was given over to the Clan's Oracle for training to become the next Oracle. but due to an Impending attack by another clan she was sent to the human world since the main aim was her death to deny her clan there next Oracle. The current oracle placed her in a Basket out front of a Christian Orphanage where she was raised among the other children. who constantly bullied her since she had the look of a Romani. Nothing really happened physically it was mostly emotional exclusion and teasing but to her she wished they would have hit or something that way she would have felt included at least a little. It wasn't until she had turned 9 years old which anything major happened one of the Boys snuck into the room where she was all alone since none of the other girls wanted to sleep with her. He planned on shaking her awake and giving her the worst scare possible but just as he touched her bare shoulders she shuddered and had a Vision of the young boy in front of a car and he got run over. She told him the vision as her power dictated and fell into a coma which lasted 3 Days the Nun's sent her to the local hospital but nothing they did could revive her, till one day she just woke and up and asked to go back to the orphanage the nuns came and picked her up.

the next day the young boy was playing outside and his soccer ball went onto the road he ran out to get it and was hit by a car which was going down the street. The boy was rushed to the hospital in hysterics mostly cause he remembered Alyndra had told him that he would be hit by a car he accused her of Witchcraft as she looked like a romani after that everyone was afraid of her including the nun's. Most of the time she was left to her own devices till one day she was extremely itchy on her back during the night it continued for a couple of days but due to basically being given food and some water she didn't see anyone and couldn't look at her back she was wondering why. Till one day she went to the Toilet and saw in the mirror her skin looked like feathers and there were small wings coming out of her back. one of the Nuns came in at that time and saw the wings and said Demon in German she then rushed out and the Head Sister came in packed up Alyndra's pitiful belongings and said get out we will have no demon spawn in this holy house.

she had no idea what to do the only other place she knew in the city was the hospital but she didn't know any of the doctors. Alyndra then remembered there was a small forest north of the city since the Nuns had taken them there once and she remembered she had got into trouble for running off since she found a Blackberry patch she raced off there when she heard someone yell out but she kept on running till she got to the Wood and found that patch of Blackberries she had found before. she sat down and started carefully picking some and settled down she got out her old Raincoat to sleep in and went to sleep. The next morning a youngish looking man was watching her she slowly backed away since he looked scary she offered him some. He shook his head and Introduced himself as Adalwolf Silvester I'm a representative for a school for gifted people and creatures. Alyndra said "im not a demon" Ada said you might be but there's nothing wrong with being a demon just be yourself and everything will be alright.

Resources: Not much she has a Dorm room and a couple sets of uniforms and some street clothes which were made for her due to her wings making it hard to wear normal clothes

Additional Information: Newly arrived and Adalwolf is used with permission from Kadakism
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