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Name: Alain Strega
Age: 21
Birthday: October 11
Gender: male
Species: Werewolf(Rougarou)
Class: College
Grade: first year
College Major: Culinary

Appearance Description: Alain sports neck length dark hair and golden eyes. His skin is tanned from spending a good bit of time in the sun. Alain is 5'11" with a fit well muscled build. He prefers practical clothes over more expensive clothes. That said, he does clean up pretty nice.

As a human, Alain stands at 5'11", when he shifts into his wolf form he gains another five feet, putting him at almost eleven feet tall. As a Rougarou Alain sports glowing blue eyes and black fur and is very much built for power and speed. His limbs become elongated to the point that he can just as easily move on two legs as he can on four.

Personality Description: Alain is a pretty friendly and laid back sort of guy. He enjoys spending time with his family, and friends. His personal hobby is cooking, which he devotes a good bit of his time towards. While not officially the alpha of his pack, Alain does possess the status and markings of an alpha. He's loyal to a fault with regards to the pack, however he's rather reluctant as a leader. This doesn't stop him from asserting himself when necessary.

Active Abilities:

Alain can shift between human and wolf forms at will. On nights of the full moon, Alain shifts involuntarily at sundown, and will remain in his wolf form for the duration of the night.

Alpha Howl: Alain's howl, in his wolf form are capable of rallying, emboldening and coordinating his pack over a three mile radius. For enemies and threats to the pack these vocal patterns will trigger a paralyzing fear in the targets.

Bite of the Rougarou: Alain is capable of turning humans into rougarous. The affected individual will spend the next 100 days turning into a rougarou on nights of the full moon. The effects of the bite will fade away if they tell someone that they were bitten, reverting them to their status of human.

Passive Abilities:
As a human Alain has peak human physical abilities. His wolf form can lift around four tons and has been clocked running at roughly 60 mph. His wolf form also sports claws that can tear through steel with relative ease and equally strong fangs.
Alain’s senses of hearing and smell are on par with real world wolves.

Alpha Status: Alain has alpha status within his pack and pings as such to other wolves.

Healing: Alain does possess low level accelerated healing, allowing them to heal from minor injuries within a few minutes and recover from more severe injuries over the course of a few days. He is unable to regenerate a severed limb, however if the limb is still in tact it can be reattached and full functionality can be regained over a couple weeks.

Weaknesses: Rougarou still shares weaknesses to silver and wolfsbane as many other breeds of Werewolves have. Where silver burns their flesh, wolfsbane(depending on how it's administered can have a wide variety of lethal/weakening effects. Aside from the common methods of silver and wolfsbane, fire is also another weakness they possess. Aside from an instinctive aversion their flesh burns rather easily

Resources: Works as a cook at a local restaurant, lives in an apartment with his girlfriend.

Biography: The Strega family is a rather wealthy family based in New Orleans and rumored to have black market ties. The exact nature of their business is secretly supplying supernatural beings with necessities that they otherwise wouldn’t find out in the “normie” world including the sale of human flesh, souls, and other questionable goods. While members of the family are all generally aware of the supernatural world, not all of them are born with the family gene. In fact the Rougarou gene got passed onto Alain’s uncle and not his father, however Alain managed to inherit the gene anyway. He was trained in the basics of utilizing his abilities from a young age up until he was about to enter high school.
His parents elected to ship him off to school on Manta Carlos to complete high school and college in order to give him a taste of an “ideal” supernatural society.
Since the death of magic, the Strega pack has mostly packed up and moved out to the farmlands of Manta Carlos. Alain is now staring down the barrel of eventually taking up his position as the new alpha in his pack as his uncle's status slowly wanes away.

Additional Information:
-Brother of Zoe Strega
First release
Last update
October 11
he, him
college second year
Prep cook
Image Credits
Image made using this doll maker by 実験体
Werewolf art used with permission of M1keN

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